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The Corruption of Anarchy V

Updated on February 20, 2013

The ten thousand feet theory. I have reflected back on the 3rd version of this subject and realized that when we talk about self-control and to be able to elevate the mind in order to make the right decisions and or judgments, I did not provide a recipe. Corruption of Anarchy 3 had the following final note: Elevate the mind, talk to yourself, look at every situation from above and you will certainly get closer and closer to an Anarchists thought process which I guarantee, does not generate chaos!

Ok, when I say elevate the mind, I literally say that I must get to ten thousand feet. What this means is that no matter the issue, the situation, the paradox… should “elevate” to get an idea of the whole landscape….as when physically lost, one would search for higher ground to be able to survey the land and find ones direction. When mentally lost, confused or undecided, the same practice should work….there a few steps to keep in mind. When physically lost, and a higher ground is reached, and a survey of the land is accomplished, that information is then processed based on what results you would want. For example, is it water you seek, shelter, a northerly direction…..all of the above?? The same applies when elevating your mind to ten thousand feet…you assess the issue with a grand vision of everything and everyone around you, although you have a result in mind, many times it is best to remove yourself from the issue and concentrate on the solution which will be best ….keeping in mind that some decisions may not be popular. Taking your mind to ten thousand feet is an exercise which has benefitted me tremendously; the challenge is indeed in slowing down your thoughts and organizing them prior to going to ten thousand feet. The reason this is a challenge is because when we are faced with an issue, a problem or a paradox – our minds initial reaction is with emotion, whether it’s anger, sadness, happiness rage or whatever…..when the emotion is triggered it is very difficult to slow down the mind and for sure there is no organization……this is a challenge because the greatest benefit of elevating to ten thousand feet is when you are faced with an on the spot decision, or when someone has pissed you off to the point where anger rules the mind which will very likely trigger a bad decision. So, NOT EASY, but each one should figure out how to be able to control the mind when faced with an emotional trigger….could be a breathing technique, removing yourself from the spot for a few minutes, count to 10….whatever….I normally go into a silence mode for a minute gathering, organizing and slowing my mind down prior to going to ten thousand feet to assess “the damage”. This practice will most likely help you make better decisions and even make you look like someone in control to your peers and family. We all know, have been, or are the “short fuse” personality, the type of person that blows up, screams, offends or just flat out storms off when something is said which does not meet their beliefs or whatever….that person usually comes off as crazy, lunatic, no patience etc etc etc….you know! Having the ability to slow your mind and organize thoughts is a benefit to yourself not onto others. If you are able to elevate your mind, you may be able to try in teaching it but don’t expect results for people around you, this is for self-growth and understanding. Now, back to the “recipe” – The truth is, there is no recipe – no one is the same – you find what the best way to honor the Anarchist movement is and go with it….the results of having a better controlled mind is the right step in the direction of the evolution of the human mind, which would be required across the board if there is ever any chance of achieving an Anarchist Society. As I see it today, Anarchy will continue to be a legend; people are not thinking by themselves and are swallowing digested information in every direction I look, which means it’s convenient not to elevate to ten thousand feet.

Now, hopefully Corruption of Anarchy 3 may be simpler to grasp on the thought process of a true Anarchist. I will end this scribbling with the same closing statements as CA3 - Elevate the mind, talk to yourself, look at every situation from above and you will certainly get closer and closer to an Anarchists thought process which I guarantee, does not generate chaos!


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