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Cosmetic Surgeon uses Patient Fat to Fire Up his SUV

Updated on August 20, 2016

Spring 2011

It was spring time, 2011 around April to be more exact. A Dr. Craig Alan Bittner called my office here at The Compliance Doctor whereby; he requested that we assist him and his office at becoming accredited. It the state of California it is unlawful for any physician to engage in surgeries that require any form of anesthesia other than local and nerve block anesthesia. Dr. Bittner wished to become accredited to provide his patients with conscious sedation and possible up to General Anesthesia for his cosmetic procedures like liposuction. I know personally, a lot of patients prefer to have more anesthesia and thus, this could go great lengths to achieving more sales for Dr. Bitnner by enabling patients to be put to sleep for their procedures.



Male Breasts, Lipo-suctioned before and after


When I arrived at Dr. Bittner's office that same afternoon, I noticed an odd smell in the air. Knowing that with all the offices and surgery centers I have become to know, I had never known this smell before. It was most odd to define and to explain. Still, I proceeded with the meeting. Dr. Bittner called me into his office within fifteen minutes or so after I arrived. I always appreciate the timely appointments and the unnecessary delays that were once a much bigger problem than today.

Once I sat down with him in his office, it became apparent that the doctor was working with an odd sense of urgency. Knowing what I know today, it was because of some patient complaints and possible board interactions that had him very disturbed and his anxiousness in getting accredited was so obvious. I did not diffuse the conversation by telling him that it could occur quickly just because it cannot be done. There are an array of things that we must do and most of which becomes an office cultural change to be exact.


Have you ever walked into a health care facility and the smell was most odd to your senses?

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I get the smell now!

Like most doctors, Dr. Bittner wanted to take me on a tour of his facility. Gladly, I welcomed the suggestion and so glad that I did. Once we walked back to his surgical area, I noticed this large biohazardous waste vats. There were at total of seven of them, and the stinch from the area that they all resided in was a bit unbearable. My questions to Dr. Bittner were expected I am sure. First of all doctor, "what are in these smelly vats?" His response was full of informative information to include his excitment about using the fat removed from his patients to convert to biofuel to ignite his SUV and his girlfriend's SUV. Though I was intriqued regarding the fuel alternative, my next question was, "do you have signed consent forms from these patients allowing you to use their fat for this purpose?" He replied with an absolute "no, I do not!" He then was shocked to my response when I informed him that he should have had these in place and that this error on his part is such a large portion of his ability to not become an accredited facility. I appreciated his time, and I graciously exited the surgery center. You could see the frustrateed look on his face, I smiled.

Dr. Bittner did use fat to fire up his SUV.

I later found out that he did, in fact, figure out the perfect recipe for converting human fat into biodiesel for the automobile that he and his girlfriend drove. Both SUVs, both large fuel consumers, impressive indeed. But along with this article, I also learned that he was allowing unlicensed people perform liposuction to his patients. Secondary to recent lawsuits, the paper editor published this article. You can read the article here.

Patients have the right to refuse fat to fuel conversions.

No patient has to become victim to such acts of green gentrification. Matter of fact, Patients have more than just this right, but should be aware of the others rights she/he has:

  1. The right to know of any financial benefit the surgeon has to any new technique being used, to any instrument he/she may have invented, to any pharmacy drug or treatment that he/she has designed, chemically or otherwise.
  2. The right to know if the surgeon does or does not have any active malpractice insurance. If he/she does not, it is more than likely because of high premiums which, would stem from overuse or high payouts.
  3. The right to play a significant role in the decision making of the treatment used.
  4. The right to request another surgeon take charge in your case for treatment, maybe because of a gut feeling you might be having. Trust your gut, and request a new physician. It could save your life.

California Medical Board and Three other States Revoke his License!

The state of California took immediate action against this surgeon's license. He later surrendered the license upon his fleeing to South America, IL, NY, and Penn State also took immediate action by revoking or not renewing his current license. This offense of allowing unlicensed staff to perform surgical procedures is a serious crime, felony. Now, the felon resides still in South America to this very day, based on my reliable sources. Check out the other states revokes here.


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