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Could 2012 be the End?

Updated on November 13, 2012

By now most people have heard of the "end of the world" prophecy from the Mayans concerning December 21st, 2012. Discounted by any lack of proof, and based on the ending of the Mayan calendar, people still have theories about what could happen on this date. Theories range from mass destruction, asteroid impact, Niburu, war, return of Christ, alien invasion/disclosure and a variety of other weird scenarios.

I wish to put forth one scenario, based on potential fact, based on one interpretation of the Mayan calendar. Because of the way the Mayans created their calendars, and measured time, the ending of the calendar is also referred to as the ending of an age. Potentially, that is what is coming. America is facing an internal crisis the likes of which have not been seen before. Perhaps the end of an age is indeed the end of the Age of America. Facing a fiscal cliff, economic disaster, a divided population, and trouble overseas, America is no longer in the position to be the power it was.

The recent election which re-elected President Obama was not only close, but divisive. With less then 1% difference in the popular vote(I do not include the electoral because it is a sham in my opinion) it shows America is clearly divided. This time, it doesn't matter who was elected, because the situation is so extreme neither candidate can adequately solve the problem. The problem is years of overspending, over borrowing, war, lack of job creation, a faulty tax system, overseas jobs, low education standards, poor insurance, and multiple failed bailouts. Add to this the rapidly increasing national debt, China's rise as an economic power and the recipe for disaster is in the oven and waiting to bake.

Since the election, wealthy Americans have been selling stock and real estate in preparations for tax increases. Depending on how many stocks and for which companies, and how fast they are liquidated this could cause an extreme crash in the stock market. Small companies could go under or face layoffs/cutbacks due to their loss of investments.

Small companies and the coal industry have either already began layoffs, or are planning to halt expansions with a view to layoffs if needed. Adding more people to the unemployment line, drawing more federal benefits.

The coming healthcare law which is set to take place in 2013 has more companies calling for layoffs and reducing hours for some employees to part-time status to reduce what they have to pay out in benefits. Some are doing it for greed, others to simply stay in business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. No matter what decision are made in Washington to address the fiscal cliff, it would be a best a stop gap measure, at worst a complete and utter disaster. Combine all these problems together, and America looks to be coming to an end of an era. The only things that will help is a pulling together of every American, every politician to do what is best for the country, even if they put their political careers on the line.


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