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Could Apologizing be so bad?

Updated on December 3, 2015

Apology is necessary

It is said that: " err is human, to forgive is divine". As humans, committing various levels of blunder forms part of our lives. It makes us humans. We may be remorseful about our own actions as well as other actions we failed take.

Today, recent issue between Turkey and Russia has taken the center stage. It all over the news, about the shooting down of a Russian fighter plane by Turkey. As it stands, it is so clear the rules of engagement with regards to using a country's air space is nothing to joke about. It is rather unfortunate our Russian friends took Turkey for granted. Russian showed gross disrespect towards Turkey by using their air space without seeking their consent or approval. Somebody owes the other an apology, most certainly.

However, recent development indicates Russia is rather seeking apology from Turkey for shooting down their plane. The question is: "Who started it?" and "Why is Russia seemingly acting innocent?". I personally support the Turkish government for their bold stand. Turkey is demanding apology from the Russian government but Putin seem not so bothered about the whole situation. For Russians to think that Turkey is at fault, is totally uncalled-for.

Turkey claims to have sent a warning to the Russian plane on as many as ten occasions. I think Turkey was considerate enough to warn the Russian pilot ten times. Who in his right senses would ignore a ten-time warning? The Russians certainly took Turkey for granted and obviously disrespected them in their own air space.

As human, i do sympathize with the Russian pilot for losing his jet but sometimes the orders that come from superiors may not always be right.

In my own eye-view, Russia is certainly at fault and as such it is necessary the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, sends an apology to the Turkish government for violating their air space policy.

Honestly, Mr. Putin has such a gargantuan ego and it would be a surprise to see him apologize (even though it's the right thing to do). I don't think apologizing would be so bad. What do you think?


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