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Could It Happen to You?

Updated on November 30, 2008


The pain of addiction isn't the only reason for the plight of the homeless, the low income or the grossly underpaid. I don't believe that it is due completely to choices. I have yet to meet anyone who says, "Hey I want to live in abject poverty. I want to be unable to secure even the most basic of needs for my loved ones."

In this time of change and new hope in America maybe its time for the voices of the silent to roar. I've lived in many cities that have had serious homelessness. I believe most of those state government used the term "homeless problem." How many time have you avoided making eye contact with someone asking for change? How many times have you made a rude comment, either under your breath or out loud? Yeah, real humanitarian of you.

How many times have you thought that this could never happen to you? Well, many as of late are finding out it can happen. All that you fear, can happen to you, even when you least expect it. Many Americans are one paycheck away from poverty, homelessness, or being bankrupt. Some of us may even know afew families that are struggling.

Obviously, our government, who believes today's miniumum wage can support a family of four (because that is what minimum wage was established for) can not be bothered to help those who need help, but can sure bail out companies that abused the financial system. Remember the news story about the financial "institution that was bailed out, but the company's board has living it up in the Bahamas? Gee and the government want to bail out more...with what money I guess just printing more is all we have to do. right? We are dropping bombs in Iraq that cost a million bucks ( a bullet is 12 cents). This is the only time in history that the economy has not profitted from a war...That should be a clue there folks.

We can drop bombs, worry about the hungry in other countries (which is perfectly ok), and lift off more NASA shuttles, but we can not be concerned with the hungry, the homeless and those in need of medical care in our own country. Whats wrong with solving the problems in our own country first before we try to make the rest of the world problem disappear? Why is it wrong to take care of our fellow countrymen? Is it not "Hollywood" enough. Families are being force out of their homes, I mean "displaced." They are being split up because there may not be enough room for all of them to be together. Where is their big "Hollywood Star Studded Telethon" to save the newest endangered spieces...the American Family.

So much going on in this country it makes a body proud. When is the time to stand up and be heard? Many come to this country still believing that the street are paved in gold...Well, many find out quickly we lied, some street aren't even paved. And we expect them to pave them for us.

But yes, it could happen to you, someone you love, and a complete stranger. Can you make a difference? I don't know...I believe many of us don't even give our loose change to someone who needs it a lot more than many of us do. Help bring back faith in the world the real reason that made America famous.

The Lyrics to "It Could Happen to You" by Blue Rodeo

They broke off the locks and they opened the doors

 Pushed out the windows and painted the floors

 Raised up the roof 'till it touched the sky

 Grew a little garden outside in the rust and sand

 Picked up the pieces that were left to die

 Brought this building back with a healing hand

  You're bound to move in on the double

 'Cause you leave your mark upon everything

 In your head those Liberty Bells still ring

 When you see trouble

  But we know that you don't even mean a thing you say

 So you brought in the army to do your job

 Of kicking in doors and swinging their clubs

 Back in the morning to watch

 Themselves on the news

 You're doing the bidding of the money man

  If it turns out right they'll call you 'friend'

 One little favor how could you really refuse

 Oh my heart is sinking

 Same old useless, worn out thinking

 You live your life in the court of kings

 Bow to the ruler and kiss the ring

 But we don't even understand a thing you say

  It could happen to you...

 Sometime when you least expect it

 It could happen to you...

 It could happen to you

 Done by the ones that you never suspected

 It could happen to you

 All your bills come due

 You really got to wonder what you did for

  Cause you don't need an army

 You brought it out once

 to move out the poor

  Well, Oh my heart is sinking

 I know you could bring it again

 You live your life in the court of kings

 The same old useless, worn out thinking

 Count your money as the raven sings

 But all your riches won't mean a thing someday

 Safe and sound when the wrecking ball swings

 Oh, It could happen to you

 Oh, It could happen to you

  Oh, It could happen to you

 Oh, It could happen to you

Blue Rodeo Performing "House of Dreams"


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  • St.James profile image

    St.James 8 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Thank you DjBryle Works... For your kind words and message

  • profile image

    DjBryle Works 8 years ago

    ANOTHER GREAT HUB! Anything could happen to anyone. One thing that keeps us going is entrusting what lies ahead to the most high, and learn to give what we hope to reap. God bless!