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Fear, the False Evidence Appearing Real.

Updated on February 11, 2017


Could Fear be False?

The Fear of the unknown can appear so real and overwhelming that sometimes we may take a back seat on things we are passionate about. Even on life changing project like career, love, pleasure, traveling, hobbies, you name it!

The English dictionary sees Fear as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. Whether the threat is real or imagined.

Fear could be the opposite of courage. Courage in itself is not the absence of fear but the zeal to face it. One may wonder – what does everyone think of Fear? Does it mean the same to everybody or does every person react to fear the same way?

Some people see fear as their greatest companion and comforter. They sleep, dine, walk with it, converse with it and basically, it runs their lives for them. They coat themselves with all kind of excuses under the sun. Innately, sacred of what might happened when they take a step outside their comfort zone.

A child taking first step

There is no doubt that fear is in us all starting from the first minute we were born. Leaving the comfort tummy zone of our mothers to a strange environment different from what we were used to for nine months.

Even the act of taking the first step and never look back. Because our lives have automatically taken another form forever, from crawling to walking.

What a big leap!

That is what courage does, the kids take the first step then wobble and fall down. Then try again and again until they master the act of balancing and walking.

This is to show that fear has no respect for age and size, it is present even in the mind of the little ones. Few occasions some may encounter hindrance in form of injury while learning how to walk, but this does not deter them from having another go.


Unfortunately, for the Cave-man, who refuses to venture out of his cave in other to experience the outside world, with all the beauties and stories he has heard. Only had the courage to pay a visit while on his sick bed, later said he wished he had been bold enough to do so much earlier.

For many this could be their fate for the ential life. The inability to take charge of their destiny at the right time. These set of individuals are mostly after a comfort zone and once they find one they don't wish to utter the cycle. Forgetting that life is supposed to be in stages.

There are things you shed as one ages. Taking on some new challenges comes with growing up. They are so scared that they just don't bother doing a new thing until it is practically too late to do so. And all societies have these peculiar set of people.

Opportunity always pass by these types of individuals. They hardly recognise one and even when they do procrastination is mostly their downfall.

Most times, fear is a thing of the mind, and for the fact that we are animals, we are design to be afraid. But courage too is never too far from us at all time. Always beckoning at us to give it a try.

Fear could also be liken to a disease we don’t have, which we think we do until we pay a visit to the doctor, only to find out that we are perfectly okay.

As they saying goes yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, even though today is here and that is why it is called present. The fear of the future cannot be underestimated on the basis that, to some people that fear is happening now. They are scared of the tomorrow for so many reasons, either obvious to everyone or best known to them.

Infact, judging from what is happening around the world, such as, pockets of killings popping up in Europe, America, middle East, Africa, plus hashtag political instability, not to mention diseases, starvation, the economy, natural disaster, terrorist organisations doing their thing, so on and so forth. These are enough fear indicators for one to ponder on the faith of tomorrow?

Contrarily, there is no gainsaying that there are no Good Fears! Off course there are. Survival instincts, the one that wakes up when we happen to be in any forms of danger. It makes your hairs stand up at the back of your neck. The kind that immediately threatens your physical survival but also gives you superhuman strength in dealing with such danger.

Such fear is beautiful in the sense that it preserves our lives like in the case of an accident, visiting the doctor when there are some health issue bothering us, even crossing the road. It’s rooted in our animal instinct of pure and absolute protection of ourselves and others.

On the other hand, we could see it as an indicator signalling a possible danger in other to be careful.

Generally, fear is natural as much as we have healthy ones, so also we have unhealthy ones. Even the bravest animal does entertain some fear too. Perhaps, the ability to distinguish between them gives us a better stand to deal with them on daily bases.

Haven’t said that, this is where risk comes in. Like the child who wobbles and fall while mastering the act of walking but never gave up. Taking risk propels us to the next level of achievement and satisfaction.

Evenwhileso, endeavour to look before you leap!



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