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Councils in Panic Over No Brexit Deal!

Updated on August 1, 2018
Newspaper headline detailing the day the UK voted to leave the EU.
Newspaper headline detailing the day the UK voted to leave the EU. | Source

So the shenanigans will go on forever and a day. Did we do the right thing in voting to leave the EU? Of course, many leavers will say an unequivocal "Yes" whereas remainers will always be wondering what if history had been different and the vote had gone their way? There was not much in it 53% voted to leave and 48% voted to stay. Never the less as in accordance with all democratic votes the majority carries the day.

Some voters on both the remain and leave side are now questioning if their vote was based on false and malicious information.

It seems the European Union are not too happy with Theresa May's Brexit plan hammered out at Chequers (the Prime Ministerial retreat). The plan led to the resignation of Boris Johnson (Foreign Minister) and David Davis her Brexit Minister but they were quickly replaced. Dominic Raab became the new Brexit Minister and Jeremy Hunt left his Health Secretary role and became Foreign Minister. May's Brexit plan narrowly survived a vote in the Commons and if that wasn't enough the DUP her coalition partners are breathing down her neck on this.

Currently, all MP's are on holiday until the Autumn including Theresa May on one of her famous walking holidays. Some say she is walking away from her responsibilities whilst on vacation leaving the country to wallow at this perilous time in our history.

A report into what would happen if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal is having its publication delayed. A no deal Brexit is looking very likely with all the uncertainty that brings.

Councils up and down the country are preparing for what would happen (or not) in the light of a no deal Brexit. Many councils already with their budgets slashed from central government are expressing fear and incredulity at the fact this report has not yet been released.

Councils are expressing fear on how public services would be delivered in the wake of a no deal Brexit eventuality. How food and medicine would be available to the people and possibly social unrest.

This is an uncertain and worrying time in our history. If we leave the EU with no deal or indeed whatever form a Brexit deal takes someone, somewhere had better know what they are doing for all our sakes.

Rules for EU migrants in UK after Brexit.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid having a selfie with members of the public.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid having a selfie with members of the public. | Source

Much speculation has been written, talked about or broadcast on what rights EU citizens will have living in the UK after Brexit. The number of EU nationals coming to the UK appears to have dropped in the wake of the Brexit vote to leave. Many businesses in the UK are now expressing concern as they rely on EU workers to do jobs native Brits normally shy away from. These businesses are saying it will take years to train up Brits in some of these industries and that's if they can recruit them.

It has always been the case, immigrants, whether they came from Europe or elsewhere have done the jobs many Brits do not want to do. One reason why so many Brits voted to leave was that of many towns like Boston in England were attracting many Polish migrants. Immigration was a key aspect in the vote and free movement across the EU to the UK will end when the UK leaves. Most of the immigrants, however, do not come from the EU they come from the Commonwealth and other places around the world. Many of the UK's towns and cities do not look British any more because of this influx.

Many EU migrants, however, approximately 3.4 million do want to stay and live here. Many have now obtained good jobs, their kids go to UK schools and many of them do not (despite negative talk) come here seeking benefits.

Sajid Javid, British Home Secretary, (himself a descendant of Pakistani nationals) has laid out steps for EU citizens to take if they wish to remain here.

1) They need to obtain a digital application form.

2) There is a fee of £65.00 or £35.50 with those with children.

3) Obtain photos.

4) Deadline for doing all of this is 30 June 2021.

In the meantime, Mr Javid has tried to alleviate the worries of UK based EU citizens. Explaining that they do not have to do anything right now until 2020.


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