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Countering Extremist Groups

Updated on October 26, 2016


Some extremist groups have succeeded in undermining our liberties and freedom. Here are some ideas to challenge the extreme groups such as the ACLU.

-July 2015

Countering Groups

The silent majority must start to make noise. It has been too complacent in recent years. The various activist groups have been very successful in getting their agenda passed or ruled in favor by courts. They are well funded and use distortion to get their message across. They are also good at using the legal system to silence groups that they disagree. How do we challenge them?

The Media

We all know by now that the main street media has a liberal bias. They have injected themselves into every election cycle lately. The prime example is that of Candy Crowley at the presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in 2012. She took the side of Obama in the debate over the Benghazi scandal. It is a scandal because the administration created a false narrative on the event and them try to cover it up. This is the classic definition of a scandal. The media tried to cover for the Obama administration on this. They have influenced the outcome of an election. That crosses the line of being an objective reporter.

Some Suggestions to Counter Media Bias

The internet has broken the strangle hold the main street media has on "News." There are many more avenues for the people to get their news today. Also, people now have a voice as well. There are blogs and online publishing sites that cater to anyone who has an opinion. Here is my list of things we can do to stop media bias.

  • Reply to media online articles that are biased by posting comments.
  • Email the author of any articles that are inaccurate to correct the record.
  • Submit opinions to newspapers and magazines - letter to the editor.


I hope to encourage more people to get involved. The survival of our democracy depends on an educated public and an unbiased media as a watchdog on government. The activist groups are undermining these basic concepts. They use their power to distort and influence negatively against people that they disagree. The first Amendment is in place to protect free speech. These groups are using the law in a perverted way to shut down free speech and the free exchange of ideas.


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