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Crack Cocaine Harm Reduction Techniques. Stay Safer Even If You Don't Quit.

Updated on December 19, 2016

It would be best if you could just stop, but you know that's not going to happen today anyway. Maybe harm reduction techniques make sense in the meantime?

You may want to stop someday, you may never want to stop (At least that's how you feel right now) but that doesn't mean you don't want to limit the damage done by your crack habit.

Here are some techniques and tips for using crack cocaine more safely (Harm reduction techniques)

  • Don't share your pipe. Hepatitis C can live in an amount of blood too small to be visible to the naked eye, and that virus can survive for a long time. Always use your own pipe, and since there are many different strains of Hep C (You can get more than one, and that's not good), it's not even safe to share a pipe between 2 Hep C positive smokers.
  • Try to use Pyrex pipes (Instead of cans, or copper or cheap glass).
  • Use a screen in your pipe (a hash pipe style screen). This will protect your lungs from some of the toxins and damage.
  • Know that your pipe is going to get hot and protect your lips by wrapping then pipe end in something (Paper or cardboard).

  • Eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids before starting to smoke.
  • Try to remember to pay your bills and take care of any responsibilities before you start smoking (Or at least try to limit your access to the money you need to do those things).
  • Have condoms on you. You never know what's going to happen once you start smoking.

Smoking crack is NOT GOOD FOR YOU, but then again, you already know that. If you still want (or feel like you must) smoke, try to limit the harm done.

It's also a great idea to pay a visit to any organization in your community that supports harm reduction principles. At the very least these places are a source for safer Pyrex pipes and condoms, but these are also places where you can get access to medical and counseling services if you need them, and where you can go if you face an immediate drug related problem. They are just good places to get yourself acquainted with if you plan on continuing to use crack.

The Harm Reduction Debate (Interesting Stuff...)


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    • Pierre Sledge profile image

      Pierre Sledge 3 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      This was a tough one for me as it hits very close to home. As a teenager, I watched my parents succumb to this terrible addiction. Wiping away the emotion, I can see the reality and point behind the post, and I agree. If you are going to take part, do as much as you can to limit the destruction. However, It is very hard for me to envision people being responsible and smoking crack.