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Democrat Vice President Joe Biden Gaffes. Crazy VP

Updated on July 25, 2013

The Media Likes Joe Biden

What is the vp of it?

Vice President Joe Biden has been around for decades, and from my point of view he seemed to just blend in with the other politicians. I honestly can't remember off the top of my head one single thing that he has either said or done that has stood out; good or bad.

When he was on the ticket as Obama's VP, I just figured that Biden had been around for a long time and would probably be a good choice for someone like Obama who has practically no experience. Suddenly, Biden is standing out to me. Joe Biden is no DickCheney! He got my attention shortly after he said of President Obama, "he's smarter than I thought he was." I tried to imagine what would happen if a republican has said something like that, and wondered about its meaning. Did he think Obama was not that smart, and then realized was brighter than he imagined and an incident changed his mind?

He has got to be the craziest guy ever to hold such a high office. In fact Joe Biden's bumblings are prima facie evidence of media bias.

There is no way that a Republican could look drunk half of the time, miss count a three letter word, or belligerently get in the face of reporters without being strung up for it.

I remember when Dan Quayle told a student to put an E on the end of potato. All the "news" stations couldn't replay the incident enough, and the newscasters would have discussions about how this man is obviously stupid and should be working in a factory somewhere. Adding an E to a word is nothing in the overall picture of things! Educated people make minor mistakes like that all the time. Every time I turn on the television I hear minor grammar mistakes from Obama and just about everyone else, it is not evidence of a low IQ. However, the things that Joe Biden does on a regular basis are down right peculiar, to say the least, and if Mitt Romney had made just one Biden goof, he would not be able to run for anything. SIDE NOTE: potato is spelled with an E at the end in proper English, I am European and therefore I learned to add an E at the end too, American's adjusted the spelling of many words, usually eliminating the letter Q and E. Quayle never lived that simple difference down, but! he was a republican, and perfection is expected of him.

Joe Biden could have been on of The Three Stooges, but somehow become Democratic Vice President instead. They say that a vice president is a representation of the president, and a good choice in a VP signifies a competent leader. When Romney chose Ryan as his VP, he got a bump in the polls because Paul Ryan has proven himself to run circles around Obama and his cronies when it comes to having a real plan for medicare. The democrats are at such a loss now that all they can do is resort to lies about republicans wanting to kill old people. Not to really pick on the democratic party because that is typically how democrats win.

Republicans win based on facts and strong plans for the future, and democrats win when they spin a lot of tales that generate fear about republicans wanting to take over women's ovaries, kill old people, have a love affair with the rich, or wanting dirty air and water.

Biden Gaffes

Here are a few Biden moments, It would take 100 hubs to show them all. Not only has Biden said quirky things, but he attempts to scare the public, for example, his feeble attempt at brainwashing the public into thinking that the Tea Party is composed of terrorists.

All of my very liberal friends who watch NBC or MSNBC have never seen these clips before, and were baffled when I said that Biden has made a fool of himself so many times. I guess ignorance is bliss! Can you imagine what would happen if Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, or Newt Gingrich had done just one of these things? We would not be able to escape the constant replaying, conversations and TV shows dedicated to using this as evidence that he is incompetent and must resign.

Not Such a Gaffe

Biden Plagerist


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    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Haha. That is a good one! I never thought of that. It really is amazing how crazy he is, but as I said, even crazier that its hardly ever mentioned.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Skarlet - I have a theory about why Biden was picked as Obama's VP. It was to insure that nothing ever happens to Obama. Just a theory though. He's a buffoon, even more of one than Obama is.

      The Frog