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Programmed to Oppose Even What We Don't Really Understand: A Satire

Updated on July 11, 2020
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay
Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

It's a true miracle when a man finally sees himself as his only opposition.

--Vernon Howard

Our Nature Doesn't Like Peace

It's kind of hard to pick the most typical among the variety of imaginary ideological and cultural "enemies" targeted by human ignorance.

So, let's start with political blind indoctrination. For a brief example, we like saying how communism was merely an experiment; but if you would care to listen to a scholar in political matters, he could tell you how capitalism and democracy, and everything going with it that we cherish as "normal" -- is also merely an experiment.

Namely, just because a political arrangement is "popular", it doesn't make it ideal. For one thing, we are dealing with imperfect humans, whose nature is bound to spoil anything that looks good on paper.

Partially still animals -- until some future leap of conscious evolution happily befalls us -- we have these animalistic traits of territoriality, arrogance, greed, need for an alpha-in-the-pack status, and a paranoia about potential predators.

Since we, evolutionally or otherwise, got endowed with our intelligent frontal lobe of brain, it is converting all that animalism into something "more acceptable", if not even dignifying.

So that territoriality became "patriotism"; need for power became leadership; arrogance became arm race with occasional wars, competition, political intimidation, economic terrorism; greed became a form of "success"; and paranoia over potential predators became the theme of this article -- or a massive need for constant opposition to something that we don't really understand.

Stemming out of those tendencies, we will always need doctrines and beliefs -- not so much to be enriched and enlightened by them, but to use them as tools against this or that other doctrine and belief.

As if programmed to keep in focus what we don't want instead of what we do want -- we just love opposing to something.

Take republicans and democrats. A common dude is just too happy to call himself one or the other, without really understanding what it is, and what makes the other an opponent. Few of you may know something beyond it, but an ordinary republican will define democrats as "socialists", "communists", without really having a clue what either of those means.

"They are idiots who want to destroy the country". -- that's what either camp will say about the other, while neither knows all the complexities of running a country. They are just happy parroting with some cliches, some learned phrases. As long as they can oppose -- it's good enough.

What makes it most ridiculous is their being oblivious to the fact that neither of the parties -- while in power-- ever made them more prosperous or happier human beings.

Image by Intographics from Pixabay
Image by Intographics from Pixabay

Which is it? Is man only a blunder of God? Or is God only a blunder of man?

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Gods Talking in Riddles

Let's pay a visit to the same phenomenon displayed in religion.

How could I ever forget those catholic coworkers who would point at a dude and say with a disgust: "Do you know that he is a Jehovah's witness?" Playing dumb, which proved many times to be a right diplomacy, I asked: "Who are really these Jehovah's witnesses?"

"They are nuts going from door to door and preaching". Of course, I wouldn't bother asking how is that a reason to despise the dude, and even less did I want to know more about that, or any other denomination. But that was supposed to define someone's faith -- just like "intention to ruin the country" is to be accepted as a definition of a democrat.

I never bothered to ask a catholic to define his catholicism -- as opposed to other Christian denominations. You know, they can quickly go quite descriptive while badmouthing other faith, but they don't know much about their own. A label will do.

Just like any Rep or Dem may glorify their country for its freedoms -- while not allowing each other a freedom of political expression -- so a religious dude will quote his holy book demanding love for all human beings, but somehow that will not include humans of other faith.

I know absolutely nothing about the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, but this I know that those differences are enough to shed some "religious blood". Which makes me wonder over all those denominations within the same basic faith -- why all those gods had to leave so much to interpretation?

While some scholars are sweating bullets over the true nature of universal intelligence -- because "something" of a superior intelligence had to be behind "all this" -- some ordinary folks will kill others without understanding anything beyond their run-of-the-mill religious stories.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't like, to drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.

-- Mark Twain

Eating Used to Be Simple

Isn't that an irony that folks of those global regions where food is most monotonous and simplest, are healthier and live longer than folks in most prosperous countries?

Everyone around here seems to be a biochemist and nutritionist, without a need for anything like a "PhD" behind their name. What makes their expertise quite unconvincing is the way they look. I mean, including even those sales people in health food stores, you don't see some particular signs of health on them.

Whether they claim to be vegans or keto-worshipers or anything in between -- unless they are at age when even dieting on junk food would make them look good -- their strict sticking to their diet doesn't do a proverbial shit for them.

When Christians badmouth Islam, it's basically same as when vegans badmouth meat-eaters. To see that verbal war in action, just go to you tube and hear about everything that's bad, if not deadly for you to be put in your mouth.

I understand people's devotion to their health which is quite plausible, but this need to criticize what we don't eat is just another example of people's paranoid intolerance for anything contrary to their beliefs. Since we all have our biological individuality, there is no one-fit-all dietary prescription -- other than some universally valid parameters of normalcy.

Like, regardless of our dietary preferences and needs, indulging with sugar, alcohol, smoking, drugs, or too much coffee simply isn't right for anybody. But other than that, some folks may thrive on veggies and fruits, whereas others have a biological constitution requiring meats and fats as their main foods.

Even within those groups, some may feel bad after eating certain meats, fruits, or whatever.

And, of course, let's not forget good old placebo and nocebo effects. One making us feel good because of our trust placed in a food -- not because it is really good for us; and the other food making us feel sick, even if nutritious, but because of our negative expectations from consuming them.

But, to bring it closer to the theme of this post, it's simply ridiculous for us to bitch about eating preferences while we don't really know much about our own or others' psycho-physical profile.

Image by Robyn Higgins from Pixabay
Image by Robyn Higgins from Pixabay

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pissed After Tired of Being Afraid

These days we could witness how more and more that fear of corona is converting into an anger at possible manipulators who started all this racket -- since fear and anger are merely two sides of the same coin called fight/flight survival mechanism.

Now, mind you, we honestly "know" nothing, and only some logical indicators might put our mind somewhat at peace in the whole matter.

Like, this irrefutable fact that the number of corona victims is far below the number of victims of any yearly flu season. So, since we didn't particularly fuss from one such season to another with concerns over our safety, we might as well take the similar attitude towards corona. I have written extensively about it in some other articles and won't repeat or paraphrase more than I have already done now.

The point pertaining to our subjects at hand is about people's replacing fear with anger, even though they don't know much about either the true nature of corona, or its "true originators and their possible agenda".

Some of us might even realize how -- since corona is not airborne -- those masks are not really serving any purpose, but are potentially hurting us. You see, scared people almost as a rule breathe in a shallow fashion, which doesn't provide a good supply of life giving oxygen to their brains, hearts and every cell of their body.

And then on top of it, that mask is further reducing the amount of oxygen received with each breath. Hey, I am not selling you some exotic medical crap, it's all a household knowledge.

Now, how does all that getting angry help. Well, truth be told, anger feels better than fear, but other than that, it still involves stress producing hormones which are lowering our immunity.

We truly are quite creative when it comes to supplying our fight/flight mechanism with new and new enemies to deal with.

So, as I am writing all this, I am hoping to raise your awareness at least a little bit about all this unnecessary opposing to things that we don't even understand enough to "know" what we are really opposing.

It's good to know that our mind is just playing some tricks on us, so we can get out of that emotional groove.

I've been trying to point out how our survival mechanism of fight-or-flight is making us addicts to inventing enemies and threats to the extent where we actually started believing in their existence.

Hey, folks, why not give our poor nerves a break. Think about it. No one is really after our precious asses. Remember -- every single year alarmists are talking about the "end of the world" -- and here we are, still kicking. Well, maybe "kicking" too much, what do you honestly say?

© 2020 Val Karas


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