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Crazy Or Gangstalking

Updated on December 1, 2014

While browsing the internet eating my breakfast I found an interesting article on gang stalking. One that is quite a bit more in depth than others I’ve found. There is a lot of information out there but very little on what to do if you are a victim(targeted individual) and this article does give some good advice if you are a victim.

As most who read my blog know my husband has went through what can only be classified as stalking but by more than one person and as with most we have no idea who started or why. He thinks it has something to do with his boss at his former workplace namely because he won unemployment. I’m not so sure. He’s also an outspoken proponent against organized religion which in the area we live is not so good because it’s a highly religious, church going community. He’s also outspoken when it comes to politics and the police.

It’s hard to know who could have started the vendetta which is all it can be classified as or for what reason. As with most cases of gang stalking the victim rarely if ever finds out who is responsible for starting it. If the victim is lucky he/she might be able to find out one or two of the players which in turn may get rid of them but there will be more to come.

The whole premise behind gang stalking is to completely discredit the victim and make him look crazy and to, if possible, drive him crazy. Even drive him to suicide but most definitely alienate him from coworkers, neighbors, friends, even family and tear apart his relationship with a spouse or significant other. This leaves the victim completely alone and more vulnerable without any support. Because the stalkers have made sure the victim looks insane which truthfully that’s the way it looks.

As most know who read my blog I've written about gang stalking before due to the fact that my husband has/is going through it. In fact, since I first wrote this article a couple of weeks ago we left to go on a short day trip about an hour and half away. He posted on his facebook that we were going and where,. I cautioned him against this but he said he wanted to test something. He took down the mileage of his car before leaving and again when he got back and found the car did indeed have more mileage on it than when we left. Granted only a mile. He was adamant that he did not make a mistake and in fact told me what the mileage was before we left. So it had been driven a mile. That means someone did go inside our house after we left and the purpose of driving the car only a mile would be just to mess with us. There was no real intent to drive it. The intent was to let us know that someone had driven it.

Since it was only a mile the purpose could only be to make him think he's crazy or let him know someone drove it while we were gone.

That's the whole purpose behind gang stalking. To make the victim look crazy, think he's going crazy and let him know someone is stalking him but there is nothing he can do because the crime is perpertrated by many people rather than one and when the victim goes to the police they either think he's mentally unstable or the police are either in on it or know about it. This makes it very difficult for a targeted individual to pursue his case.

Gang stalking is an ugly crime, just as much as so as one on one stalking except one on one victims are better able to gather information and evidence that lead to the capture and prosecution of their pursuers. One on one stalkers don't care about getting a gang in on it to minimize their risk of capture. They are simply obsessed, mentally insane or know what their doing and don't think they can be caught.

Without a doubt gang stalking is a vicious crime that should not be tolerated but the only way that is going to happen is when people stand up when they know what's going on and out the criminals involved and not get involved in the first place.

I don't care what a person has done, no one deserves to be tortured(and that's what it is, a systematic torture on a daily basis) and driven insane and in some cases victims are driven to suicide. If the victim has committed a crime there are laws to handle it and there is this little thing called karma. If the law doesn't take care of it karma will.


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