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Creating an Idiocracy

Updated on May 24, 2021

Understanding Education

Education is a great leveler.

If the term 'merit' gains currency, who your parents are, where you come from, your economic/racial/ethnic/religious status ceases to define your place in society.

If Education is free and school placement is based on ability, barriers break down.
The child who scores the highest gains a place in the top rated institution, the child
who scores badly is sent to a less prestigious and academically demanding facility.

Whether one's father is Prime Minister or Plumber, one's mother an aristocrat or
artisan, has no bearing on one's opportunities.

And Barriers break down.


Children are encouraged, maybe pressured into High Academic achievement.

When the test is merit and merit alone, children know that the harder they work, the higher they score the greater the rewards.

The fact their mother cleans the toilet in the house a classmate occupies, has no bearing on who gets into that prestigious school.

This 'invasion' of the 'common people' into what had been the Private Preserves of the elite has been more strenuously opposed than an invading army.

Only in nations which have just stepped onto the development escalator is this kind of education permitted. And then, only long enough to create a local 'elite' which will bar the door to prevent other 'outsiders' from gaining place.

Real Politics

In the United States, as a result of the Soviet Union's 'threat' the need for a highly
educated population was mandatory. School was not a holding tank, it was
'basic training' in the Cold War.

There was no pandering to the sentiments of those who might feel unhappy
being placed in 'Dunce Class'. Those in 'Bright Class' needed to be protected
and separated from the lower I.Q.

In Cold War days, teachers would push children as far as they could go, and
America had to insure that education was free, text books and materials had
to be provided free.

Tertiary education was, if not free, festooned with scholarships and economic
aid to insure that a brilliant mind wasn't lost due to the inability of the parents to pay.

This was the United States up until the 1980s. This was true for many other
countries in the world which, for their own reasons, focused on education, making schools free, giving text books (or having rental agreements) and opening Universities.

This led to the rise of a group of people who were not as easily led as the lumpen.


When privileged positions are taken by 'Outsiders', and the opinions of 'commoners' could not be suppressed, the Establishment is threatened.

The Educated 'commoner' could not be given a slogan to chant or lie.

The Educated Commoner could ridicule the slogan, prove the lie.

For this Nobody was just as educated, if not more so than the once Elite.

If, for example, a government wants to suppress data concerning cheap renewable energy sources because the majority of multi-billionaires are deeply invested in petroleum, this can not be accomplished with an educated population.

Educated people who know they are intelligent investigate.
They are as easy to herd as cats.

Contra; If one has a large population concerned with sex/intoxicants/sports/junk
food it doesn't require much effort to suppress information.


In 1970 the American Government was vociferously denying it had entered
Cambodia. The kids in the street, however, had gotten information from Japanese newspapers (as well as other nations).

The Kids demonstrating in the streets knew more about culture, foreign affairs, and America's international involvements than 'allowed'.

And they were talking, and people were listening.

This terrified the Elite.

This threatened their wealth, their power base, their control.
The kids in the street had to be shut up.
They had to be suppressed.

The easiest method to quiet the Protesters was to feed them sex and drugs
to distract.

The next step was to prevent a new crop of Protesters. This was done by actively dumbing down the population.

If the population can be dumbed down to the extent that they do not have the mental capacity to reason, they can not confront the Elite.

If survival is so strenuous that even those who can read and comprehend are so stressed that feeding themselves takes up most of their energy they won't care very much about what Big Business is doing.

The 'New' Schools - 1

During the 50s - 60s school began at the age of 5 with a voluntary 'Kindergarten'.

Between birth and 5 a child had a unique childhood. They had absolute freedom.

Usually raised by a stay at home Mommy who tried to amuse them when they were bored, children learned how to do things on their own.

Children engaged in random play and activities.

Mommy might buy them clay or paint sets or colouring books or puzzles and they
learned to do things for themselves. They learned to think for themselves,

This had to be changed, for this created individuals.

To get rid of individuals, the State put increased burdens on families to obliterate
the stay at home mommy and as the real plum, get rid of the freedom of childhood by creating the 'Pre-Primary'.

Kill the freedom of childhood by taking kids as young as two into these 'schools'
in the first level of stupification.

With diapers being worn to Kindergarten, (as parents can't be bothered toilet
training their children), the 'Pre-Primary' makes the child who has control of his bowel and bladder feel a freak.

This is intentional.

As it has been proven, (and of course, currently suppressed) children are taught
how to control their impulses by toilet training.

It isn't just that they don't empty their bowels as soon as they feel the pressure, it is that they become conscious of themselves, aware they have the power to control themselves, and this nascent ability, gained at or before one year of age (as was common pre paper diapers) sets the foundation.

Today, children are encouraged to wallow in their own filth to let their impulses
rule them. This, of course, is a direct path to failure. And it is the first crucial step
in creating an Idiocracy.

In Pre-Primary schools children are taught to conform.
They lose their individuality.

Those who may be autistic can sit in the corner, those who are too active can be drugged. The majority of children are acculturated to become a cornflake; one of many exactly the same type of person.

Previously, (going back to the period 1950 - 1970) children lived their lives without
conformity. Some played all day and explored their surroundings, some lived tied
to their stay at home mother's life. The experiences were myriad and the cultural/ ethnic roots were imbued.

Kindergartens had been begun to teach a five year old how to conform to the
classroom setting to prepare them for first grade.

Pre-Primaries go far deeper. It is not teaching a child how to behave in school it is brainwashing.

The 'New' Schools - 2

Previously, streaming was mandatory. Brighter children were quickly channelled away from the 'dunce'.

Dunce children were kept in their modified environments.

Those in 'Bright' class who showed genius were often transferred to special schools
for the Gifted.

Those who were 'dunce' were channelled into trades so as not to waste a class room place on a child who can not perform.

Today, streaming is virtually taboo.

The child with the lowest ability sets the tone, and tests are discouraged so as to prevent the duller children from feeling inferior.

Hence the brighter child is punished.

Bored, the bright child will be considered having 'attention deficit' disorders and drugged. School becomes not a place to learn but a free for all.

Teachers, unable to discipline, cease to teach. The disruptive child rules the
class and the teacher tries to survive.

Lessons are modified and less information is given.

Testing is discouraged as the child who scores 33% will feel upset when
others get 99%.

Universities become prohibitively expensive while also demanding high grades.
The child who attended the average High School will not have the grades hence not
having the cash is secondary.

Third and fourth rate colleges take in these persons and equip them for functioning at the levels which previously required no qualifications.

Hence, in the 60s the guy who managed the factory had, perhaps, graduated
High School.

In the 2000s he has some kind of a 'degree'.

In the Ruling Class

Private schools and Home Schooling had a resurgence in the 1980s when it became clear that what was being passed as 'education' was stupification.

The wealthy ensured their children attended prestigious classrooms with others of their class.

Those who could not get into these institutions opt for homeschooling, many creating their own schools with the use of the Internet.

The child who is educated in this fashion will have the necessary grades to enter the better Universities and gain the better positions.

The majority of children, deliberately stupified, will plod along unaware that the die was cast the day they were born.

The Reality of 2000

People are stupider today then they were in the 1960s. A glance at a syllabus, or even the language of the Times Newspaper proves this.

The intellectual ability that existed in the 60s/70s among those who protested the War in Viet Nam, who demanded Civil Rights has been eroded.

Turning to popular music of the day, the language and allusions can not be understood by the average High School student today who needs the double digit repitition of the 'rap artiste'.

A pointless war raged in Iraq and where were the protest?

A ridiculous incursion into Afghanistan is almost ignored.

Idiotic economic policies of the Bush years, with 'sub-prime mortgages', (loaning money to people who have no way of paying it back for houses at inflated values) while suppressing information about renewable energy and pushing Big Oil at ever rising prices as more jobs moved overseas, left an America more akin to the 1930s than 1970s.

This is the result of the Idiocracy


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