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Creationism is True!

Updated on February 18, 2014

Science Confirms Creationism

Despite constant claims that creationism is a bunch of nonsense and that the biblical creation account is meant to be taken as poetry (not history), science has proven that certain aspects of the bible are indisputably true. This might sound like the ravings of an ignorant creationist, but let us observe several of the conclusions from science that confirm the biblical creation account.

The World That Then Was

1. Creation is a supernatural event.

Whether a person wants to believe that this involves a divine being or not is irrelevant. The First Law of thermodynamics states that energy/matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This automatically tells a person that nothing can be created from nothing. If that is not bad enough, the Second Law of thermodynamics states that every orderly system trends toward disorder. Every scientific model would have to defy these two Laws in order to operate properly. The solution: a Creator.

2. Creation of the atmosphere

According to the scientific model, the atmosphere was formed in the primordial stages of the earth's existence. The earth was a ball of molten rock from which water vapor rose into space and rained back down. The vapor that evaporated into space eventually formed the atmosphere and the earth was eventually flooded. In the bible, it is revealed that the waters of earth were separated into the waters above and the waters below. In both cases a separation occurred between the waters upon the earth and the waters above the earth.

3. The world was once under water

There is tremendous evidence that the world was once covered in water. Most people are familiar with the story of Noah's Ark in the book of Genesis, but how many people make the connection between Noah's Ark and the whale fossils discovered 5,000 feet above sea level? The Andes display this phenomenon very clearly. The only thing left to do is ask, "How did these fossils get here?" The answer is obvious.

4. Natural Selection

True, Darwin and Christians are not best friends but Darwin contributed to an incredible find that actually helped later Creationists to understand where all of the species of animals came from. It used to be believed, by bible believing Christians, that each species was created separately by God. When Darwin entered the picture, he revealed that each "kind" of animal has the ability to adapt to its environment in remarkable ways. In his day he did not realize the intricacies of his discovery. Today we are able to observe the variety of creatures upon the earth and understand that their is not a fixity of species. Nonetheless, the bible reveals that each creature can reproduce after its own kind. Darwin's extrapolation on genetic variability, known as macroevolution, supposes that all life originated from one common ancestor. Nothing has ever been observed to prove such a notion and this is also from where the majority of the creation/evolution debate stems.

5. The image of God

It was once thought that mankind in its infancy was primitive and had little more thought capacity than a modern ape. One of the greatest examples of this misconception is in relation to what we call "Neanderthals." There is a long story behind why Neanderthals were once thought to be primitive and stupid, but today it has been proven that they were actually highly intelligent creatures/humans. Most scientists today make a distinction between modern day humans and Neanderthals, but creationists believe that they were nothing more than another variety of human. Because the myth of the ignorant Neanderthal has been debunked so thoroughly it is easy to find articles regarding their remarkable ingenuity. If evolution were true, when did mankind begin to acquire its advanced intellectual abilities? The Bible has a simple explanation: Men and women were created in the image of God.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      4 years ago from now on

      Preacher Bill! Welcome to hub pages! I like what you have to say as a start and hope you will keep writing intersting Hub Pages. This topic is one I avoid writing on because the discussion, especially with atheists becomes a never ending battle that frankly can never be won by either side as there was no one there to observe creation (unless you believe as we do that the creator is the best witness one could have, but of course that won't fly with an atheist).

      What is a better discussion which can easily be won by anyone with any atheist anywhere any time is that it factually takes way more "faith" to believe there is no Creator, or to "believe" in evolution for that matter, than to believe the Bible. True science, probability statistics, the Bible and in most instances even common sense proves it takes more faith to believe in an evolutionary godless creation. By this reasoning one can actually define atheism as a faith since it is factless and can only be believed by an enormous exercise of faith dwarfing the faith needed to believe in the Bible.

      True Christianity is the evidence of God reaching down to man, whereas religions could be catorgorized as man reaching up to God. To be an atheist you have to make yourself god and presume you have all the answers which is deception.

      Our friend JimMiles, if you read his work, is understandably bitter from a 20 year experience in a cult which sadly has tainted him to the extent that he has given up on Christianity. His mistake is to paint real Christianity with the deceptions of his experience. Satan has devised incipid and myriad ways and schemes to lead people away from God and what truth seekers who have been entrapped or attacked by him need to do is always remember that you must believe that God is, that he is a rewarder of those who seek him and he will reveal himself to you. "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him ~ Hebrews 11:6."

      Deny that he exists and spend your life here on earth and in eternity there after LOST.

    • preacherbill174 profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Seng 

      4 years ago

      I appreciate the post Jim, and your interest in my topic. Let me comment on the observations you made in this post:

      1.I did not misapply the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. I also was not referring to the evolution of life, but the evolution of the universe. Matter came from somewhere and the 2nd Law does not allow for something orderly to come from chaos and the 1st does not allow for matter to emerge from nothing. Regarding life, some people argue that earth is an open system, therefore the 2nd Law does not apply. I think that argument is irrelevant whether it is or isn't for the sake that you are still expecting living to evolve from inanimate material...we still have a problem.

      2. You missed the point of what I was saying. The ancients were quite brilliant if they devised a story that explains the formation of the ocean and the atmosphere. My point is that someone knew something and I think God revealed this to mankind.

      3. You are absolutely right, the NY Times article does not refer to a flood. But it refers to whale fossils in the mountains. Scientists "believe" that they got their because they "think" that the mountains rose up out of the water with the fossils inside. They did not observe this and they will not observe this happening in the future. They believe that whale corpses sank to the bottom of the ocean and were then covered up by dirt from the bottom of the ocean, thus fossilizing its remains. I would say that this is unlikely, if not impossible because fossilization requires rapid burial. The flood detailed in the Bible that covered the earth better explains how the fossils got there.

      4. There is no evidence for macroevolution. It has never been observed. You might have "faith" that macroevolution happened based on your interpretation of the evidence, but science (as it is commonly understood) is demonstrable. Saying that it is observed in the geologic column is not true. People interpret what they see in the geologic column as evolution, but many aspects of the geologic column are horribly misrepresented. When I see "the column" I see a catastrophic flood. No scientist has ever observed macroevolution and never will.

      5. I'm not sure what you are stating here. The article I presented to support my point mentions the misrepresentation of the Neanderthals intellect in decades past. Neanderthals had all of the capacities for thought and reason as modern humans. My point is that my view of Neanderthals, as being humans, as well as the Bible's perspective on humanity is more supported by the evidence than an evolutionary perspective. The evolutionary perspective should be something to the extent that humans started off as savage, instinctual beasts, with no capacity for language or rational thought. This is NOT what the evidence shows.


      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear more from you in future posts!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      1. You've misapplied thermodynamics:

      2. A simple assertion of similarity between a scientific explanation of atmospheric formation and ancient mythology is not evidence in favor of the myth.

      3.The NY Times article about whale fossils on mountains is NOT reported there as evidence of a flood. "You're entitled to your own opinions; you're not entitled to your own facts."

      4. You don't get to claim that there is no evidence for macroevolution just because you choose not to see it, or report it:

      5.Again, you take a smithsonian report about the mysteries of Neanderthal disappearance, wave your religion wand, and presto! it becomes evidence of creation. You do not present evidence, you create it ex nihilo. This is fallacious.


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