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Creative Disbelief and Biblical Knowledge Defeat Mental-Invasion

Updated on November 2, 2010

Creative Disbelief/ God Belief Stops Mental Invasion

These days, our minds are continually bombarded by subliminally-based ideas. Each of our minds is being sculpted into whatever our new Utopia thinks is right for you. Notice the BLANDNESS of the society as a whole, the absence of natural human emotional expression, the docility of people in general. This is why!

Try focusing on what it is you are thinking about and see if you are in complete control of where your thoughts are going. If you find it difficult to think in certain ways or pushed to think certain things and YOUR EARS ARE RINGING, this is due to something external attempting to direct you. I'm wrestling with it right now as I write this.......ears ringing, disturbing thoughts, mistakes I have to prevent. On several occassions, when my mind was weakened due to stress, it felt like this "external phenomenon" was trying to kill me ON THE INSIDE and take over the "driver's seat" or "soul" part of my mind.

When faced with a "hostile takeover" attempt, you will have to either disrupt the Binaural Beats that are making your ears ring with VERY LOUD MUSIC. If you don't have music, you'll need to find ANYTHING to believe in other than the messages your brain is receiving. This sort of brainwashing is designed to find what it is you believe in, destroy it and REPLACE it with an entirely different personality/set of beliefs. The key is that most people usually believe in ONE thing, so if this belief falls - so does the individual personality. 

I've found that by constantly creating NEW REALITIES to believe in, you make it virtually impossible to be un-seated from the locus of control within yourself. The average person usually has one definition of constantly making new belief structures, you make whoever/whatever is messing with you have to start all over and try to find "what makes you tick" and then "break" you.  

Realities to focus on constantly changing: who you think you are, how you believe the universe is put together, the way you perceive God or not perceive. These guys are looking to "find your number" and then access you just like a hacker accesses someone else's computer. One solution is to change this "number" as often as you possibly can. "They" have even referred to me as a "computer which changes it's access code every day". In actuality, I have had to change it hundreds of times just to make it through a hard day at work.

These people think in terms of BLACK AND WHITE: either you are "good" or "evil". If you violate Biblical codes, this Voodoo-like organization will descend upon you like some kind of curse. If and when they do this, you better get ready to re-arrange how you think so as to create an impenetrable shield to these mind-usurping attempts. They also have problems with people who are very open and undefined in their world-views.  Pretend NOT to know the jist of obscene thoughts.  It used to be "cool" to understand obscene jokes, now it is a curse that is used to torture us.  You have to possess a "Will to Innocence"........this will help fight them off. Biblically, this is supported by the Biblical quote:  "Unless ye be as little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven".   

They cannot physically-harm you, but they can MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU ARE "ABOUT TO DIE". Many people break under the pressure of facing their own death.........and in so doing DIE ON THE INSIDE. I think THIS is what the Bible meant when it said "He who saves his life will lose it and he who loses his life will save it." You cannot be afraid of death or these suckers will "own" you - probably even WORSE than being a Zombie.

I thought that I was going to die for sure on 2 occassions and in another, I was made to feel as though a horrible, black creature was trying to "take my soul". I've always prided myself on being unafraid of death.........because if death doesn't hold you back, what really can? After the "Invasion Attempt", I've learned that even death would be better than that - so my fear of death no longer exists at all. You must possess the element of SACRIFICE to drive off this attempt to butcher you on the inside. In other words YOU'D RATHER DIE THAN COOPERATE. 

If you've been "Invaded", youv'e simply been FOOLED. The belief that NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR SOUL is good. They haven't taken anything from you that you cannot take back. It's better to be insane than "owned" in my experience, so incorporate some "intentional madness". All you are doing here is believing that one thing is it's opposite. Is it logical - no it isn't, but does it make it hard to "lose your soul" - YES! These "programmers" cannot re-structure a mind that REFUSES TO THINK STRUCTURALLY. This is how a fool who believes that he is indestructible can survive what a more highly-intelligent, logical person WON'T. Again, the Bible says that the "Simple Ones" (perhaps the mentally-substandard or "crazy" people) should be followed in order to survive.

The more INTENTIONALLY ATYPICAL your thoughts are - the harder it will be to take over that special place inside you that makes you who you are. I have faith that the "invaded people" can take back their mental-freedom whenever they put their minds to it. Being as only God can consistently save a mind from being usurped, it probably would require His help to escape the pull of this organization that "possesses" it's members.  Note that these people feel "forsaken" by God because they have been internally - "broken". 

Last, but not least: Call upon God within your mind if you feel the barrage of bad thoughts is too much for you to handle. It works for me EVERY TIME I do it. I was just mentally attacked, and as long as I prayed I remained perfectly calm and free of unwanted thoughts. I actually felt GREAT even though a "storm" of horrible thoughts was upon me. I just want whoever is reading this to know that I am pretty imperfect and it STILL WORKS. The Bible says "He who calls upon the name of God will be saved". Try this and you might get a taste of Heaven itself IN THOSE MOMENTS you ordinarily would be on the verge of losing your mind! I did. 


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 7 years ago

      It's the Absolute truth. Whenever my mind was threatened by whatever-this-is, God has saved me. I'm starting to come around. The more pure I am, the more help I receive. Sins make me unable to see the perfection of the "Matrix of God". It's so subtle, so easy to forget in this world.

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Good hub, I really like the very last paragraph, up and useful