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Creative Ideas to Use and Save Water at School

Updated on April 7, 2018

Schools have large and diverse water needs. A school uses water in bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, sports fields, drinking fountains, science and cooking laboratories and many other places. Hence, a school must find out some creative ideas to save water. Here we mention some interesting steps that a high school can take to reduce their water consumption and put less pressure on the environment, in addition to reducing costs for taxpayers.


One of the simplest things a public school can do to conserve a large amount of water is to repair existing leaks. Leaks in pipes and toilets can waste huge amounts of water, starting with one drop every second. Spending time and money fixing the building's infrastructure could be all that is needed for the school to meet its conservation objectives and realize the substantial economic benefits.

Also, a rigid adherence to a “save water program” of periodic inspections of the building's systems, which is part of a maintenance checklist, will allow the problems to be quickly identified so that they can be cut at their roots.

High-efficiency accessories

If the repairs do not reach the desired objective, the next step should be the installation of high-efficiency appliances and accessories. Aerators in water sources can reduce water flow without reducing water pressure. High-efficiency dishwashers in the kitchen can also contribute to the significance of saving water. Also, low-flow toilets and showers in the locker rooms and bathrooms can do the trick

Timers are of great value as artifacts of saving water. Wash basins and showers that turn off automatically can prevent waste due to vandalism or carelessness.

Grass alternatives

A large percentage of water use of a high school goes to the sports fields of irrigation and other green areas. Schools can save water by removing grass where it is not necessary, such as in front of the building and other decorative landscape areas. The replacement of grass with native plants and land covers the need to save water, filling in other areas with mulch. This step can even improve the aesthetics of the school.

Schools that have financial resources should also consider the installation of artificial play surfaces. Despite the high cost, they require less maintenance than natural grass and do not need to be watered. They can also provide safety advantages for student-athletes by eliminating the inconsistencies that occur naturally on land and grass.

Swimming pools

Schools that house a pool face special challenges in water conservation. Investing in more efficient drainage and filtration systems, limiting the need for frequent refills, will pay for itself in the short term and will help the school achieve its conservation goals. It would be convenient to build independent water facilities in central locations, where they can be shared by several schools in the district. If possible, schools should try to partner with local public or private groups to make them available for student use, rather than investing in a pool that will use more water in the next few years.

Waterless cleansing products

Using natural, safe and skin friendly body cleansing liquids that don't require even a single drop of water can be one of the most economical and beneficial measures of saving water in schools. Waterless shampoo and waterless bath are the ones that school authorities can place in restrooms and changing rooms for hand wash and shower purpose. These Waterless shampoos and waterless Bath liquids are easily available in a pack of 100ml and are not quite expensive.


A good teaching at school is the ideal start to begin to stimulate among students, the importance of conserving water, knowledge that will take root in the minds of children and, will be transferred and shared in their homes.

© 2018 Chaitali Sengupta


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