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Creativity And Lying

Updated on August 10, 2010

Creativity And Lying

 It seems creativity and lying somehow go hand in hand. But of course to some degree it would. But only if the person telling the lie is rather at good at it meaning he/she remembers the lie told.
It takes stamina and brainpower to keep up with ones lies and keep adding to the lie making it interesting. What other reason would there be to lie.
Of course we all know of the main reasons. The biggest being we don't want to get in trouble for something. For instance a cheating spouse will lie and the reason is obvious. A child will lie out of fear of punishment. But some people lie because they like to. They like the attention.- I have an uncle that fits into this category. He lies because he gets attention and lots of laughs. Some of his lies(or tall tales as some people refer to them) were told to make himself look better. He will constantly tell lies to make his daughter look better and make it appear she makes more money or has more power in her job than she actually does. Now he lies about his granddaughter for the same obvious reasons. He wants to make it look as if no one is smarter, makes more money or has more power in their jobs or is a better person than his daughter or granddaughter. His granddaughter is only 17 but according to him she is the smartest girl in her class and there's no doubt she's a smart and talented girl but trying to make her look smarter and better than anyone else is simply unrealistic and in my opinion is bad manners to teach a child to think he/she is better than another. But unfortunately she has been taught this.

Why these absurd lies I don't understand. They don't make him look better than another. It shows what little regard he has for other people. One, that he thinks people are stupid enough to believe the lies and two teaching a child to think himself better than another is not a good showing moral character.

Of course it takes creativity to weave a lie whether that lie be to get laughs, hide a person's true self, hide something else that he doesn't want others to know about or just wants to look big and powerful.
I have a friend(I've talked about this person on the blog) that lives in less than favorable conditions with no running water and no indoor plumbing. For obvious reasons she doesn't divulge where she lives out of fear someone will come over and she will have to invite them in. She is embarrassed and ashamed of how she lives but can't do anything about it currently so she lives this way until maybe she can do better. For her this means lying about where she lives. Which has lead to more lies when new friends have wanted to come over.
As is often the case one lie leads to another and another. Because after the first, if one catches the second a third has to be told to cover the outed one and if one is quick on his feet and creative he might even be able to get away with the lie.

I have a friend who truly believes that knowing too much about a person can lead to his ruination so he lies if he thinks someone is getting too close for comfort.
My dad would omit but would lie if he felt the situation warranted it. In his case it had to do with the financial element. Most people of any substantial wealth or has anything worth anything will lie. Some go to great lengths to cover their assets so other people can't find them. Having wealth puts these people at greater risk of lawsuits and thieves.
It is not uncommon for people of wealth to put their assets into trusts to avoid the risk of great loss should a lawsuit happen. There are people out there who do nothing else except file lawsuits. Some even make a living at it. Anyone with any financial wealth is a target. So it makes sense for people with money to put it into trusts. You don't have to be wealthy however to put your money into a trust. Anyone with anything to lose should strongly consider a trust. If a lawsuit should occur everything you own is up for grabs. Your home, other property, bank accounts, vehicles(if owned outright), anything you own. It could be your purebred prized poodle. You might think no one would want that, what could they do with it? If it can be sold they want it. Lawsuit chasers I call them.
That's just one reason to be guarded, even lie. When it comes to your finances it's never too cautious to be secretive.
Now when it comes to lying to your spouse about an extramarital affair now that's another story. There's never a good reason for lying about that. Of course a cheater, especially one who owns a great deal worth something will lie and the reason is obvious, he/she doesn't want to risk losing it.
In many ways it all boils down to money but in some cases that's not the motivating factor. A man can who owns nothing may fear if his wife finds out about an affair she will take the kids and try and make sure he's virtually cut off from his children. She may even try to turn the children against their father out of revenge.

There are people who lie to take advantage of people such was the case with my father and the man who I refer to as a con man as that was what he is. Con men and manipulators will lie to extort money out of their victim. They will lie to make that person believe there is no one else to help them in a time of need except them. They brainwash them if they can. Most of all they make it their life's work to lie so they can get financial gain from it. There are those kinds of liars and they are in my opinion the worst kind.
We all know of churches who lie to their congregation for monetary gain. They brainwash them to keep them tied to that one church. There are many people who will not agree with my thinking but it's the truth whether anyone wants to face it or not. I'm not saying all churches lie and brainwash but some do.
Being able to know when someone is lying is paramount to avoid being ripped off or taken advantage of.

People lie for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's warranted and other times it's not. Most of the time it's not.


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 7 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      You're a very smart woman- well, a very smart person. I've read a few works now and I've enjoyed all of them.