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Does Your Local Government Have a Credit Card Policy?

Updated on May 5, 2011

Some local governments issue credit cards to their government officials and employees for official business. But are there any policies regarding the use of these cards? If an employee or official goes out to lunch or even out of town with the government issued credit card, are they held accountable for the spending? As a taxpayer these questions are very important.

Look What Happened in One Georgia County

Recently a small Georgia newspaper, the Summerville News did an investigation into the credit card spending habits of Chattooga County's officials and employees. It was found that officials and employees had dined out at places like Hooter's and Outback Steakhouse on taxpayers' money. 

An acceptable tip is generally 15 to 20%. But it was found that some tips were as high as 63%. On top of that, a $30 tip was left at a local pizzeria!

Local officials are now looking into their credit card policies.

Is This Happening With Your Tax Dollars?

Are your local officials and employees being held accountable with your tax dollars? It's something worth checking into. It's also a story your local paper will be interested in.


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