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Cremes And Pies.

Updated on November 3, 2014

For Voters And President Obama.

This is the first time that politicians, and especially, the media, are not talking about the issues common in every election, either a midterm or a general elections; and they are,
1. The economy.
2. Unemployment.
3. National Security.
4. Immigration.
5. Healthcare.

Why the voters are not being bombarded with them by the mainstream media, or the Republican politicians not promoting them with costly commercials on TV and radio, is that almost all of them are in good shape, so to speak;with the exception of Immigration, which will be handled after the midterm election.

It, Immigration, may interfere with the present political campaigns going on, as both parties, Democratic and Republican, will not want the Hispanic or Latino vote to have any kind of impact on the election. Both parties need it very badly, as a minority vote can sway the ballot one way or another, and they (parties) will do anything to prevent that from happening.

The economy is doing pretty well, with a forth quarter growth of 4.2%, which is very impressive by any summation. Wall Street, which is usually used as a gauge for economic improvement is also very quiet, but extremely "happy", with the Dow averaging more than $17000 points daily. In other words, the world Markets keep moving slowly, but up
and up, in support of Corporate and International business and trade, both at home and overseas.

It (economy) goes hand in hand with Unemployment, which is now leveling below 6%, as the private sector is racking up employment figures, amounting to the hiring of 10 million or so people in the last few years.

ISIS, the militant group, is causing the Obama administration to get involved in another war in the Middle East; but on the orders of President Obama, as Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, the situation there is becoming "a manageable problem", using only airstrikes and military advisers to augment the Iraqi security forces, which are fighting the ISIS militants, face to face on the ground.

The conflict has expanded to Syria; and the Obama administration is arming and training the Free Syria fighters, who are in a civil war against Assad, the beleaguered Syrian leader.

It, conflict, now seems to be trilateral, with the Iraqi forces and the Free Syria army on one side against both Assad, who is currently fighting a civil war, and also another war with ISIS at the same time, The Iraqi security forces and the Free Syria fighters have to face Assad's army and ISIS; making it a three way war, and all of that going on simultaneously.

The urge to send U.S. ground troops to Iraq hasn't been taken off the table as part of Obama's military strategy, and it is being considered by the president, on the recommendation of his National Security advisers and the U.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff in the future. Therefore, momentarily, "there are no boots on the ground" in the war deployed
by the U.S.

As ISIS being a vicious and violent entity, it will find a way to down at least three helicopters, carrying 20 to 30 U.S. troops each on the very outset, and that can ignite so much public fury and outcry of grave proportions in the country. The blame of that will be squarely placed at the doorstep of the White House. So, the president is right to hold that idea back or at bay for the time being.

The administration is also dealing with Iran on a nuclear deal that will not permit the making of a bomb by Iran, to the dismay and detriment of Israel, and for that matter, the whole world. That comes under National Security, as well as foreign policy, both of which are subject to the Obama doctrine, of peaceful relations with all nations, conversant with the U.N.O. Charter; and also culminating to an environment of peace in the nation itself.

A comprehensive Immigration laws are being planned by the administration before the end of the year, as those (laws) too are putting most members of the U.S. Congress on edge, for securing the borders, both north and south, which is very critical, to ensure that not just illegal aliens, but also potential terrorists, may not be able to cross over into mainland America and commit such havoc as the 9/11, attacks in 2001.

With the Ebola disease that has devastated parts of West Africa, the president has sent troops and other vital aid to nip the outbreak in the bud at its source in that area, so that it would not spread to America. Here at home, he has appointed a Czar to take full control of the potential epidemic that was developing, when a Liberian emigrant entered the U.S. last month with the deadly virus.

The Liberia man infected two nurses with the Ebola virus. He died, but the nurses became well; all as a result of the effective precautions the government took; and no American citizen has died even as yet from EBOLA..

So, why have the politicians and the media stopped discussing the real issues as enumerated above? That must be what the voters will be looking at before casting their vote on Tuesday.

There has been no terror attack on mainland U.S.A, and the country is at peace with its neighbors, Canada and Mexico, as well as the rest of the world.

Though, Obama isn't on the ballot; his record, however, is; and it is a proud one, as far as many Americans are concerned; with low unemployment, cautious economic optimism, safety and security at home, health crisis (Ebola) and healthcare itself in firm hands; and the list goes on.

The wonder of it all is that they are not bad policies, and therefore, on the whole, not a lousy record for the Democrats to run on.

Generally speaking, all Democrats, in Congress and out, have helped in contributing to those policies.

Of course, there have been some things that have not worked out as expected; and much of that has to do with the stiff opposition by the Republican leadership in the U.S. Congress; but on the balance, his administration has not completely disappointed the people of America.




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