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Crime and Death in Meadow Brook Acres

Updated on July 30, 2017

Secluded and deadly Meadow Brook Acres

The Park of Death

Meadow Brook acres located right outside of Woodside Delaware had been a presence for many years. People of all ages seem to remember it as a place that is known for drug dealing, shootings, prostitution and murders.

This article will be stating statistics or real crimes that have occurred at Meadow Brook Acres, right off the news reels. There have been many more then I have been able to list in this article and there has been more then one life lost in what I now refer to as "The park of Death"

When you go looking for Meadow Brook Acres it is difficult to find, for it is only identified by a little sign that is bent, and you can barely see it.

This seems to serve the people who have made this a crime ridden area well, and also assisting them is the neglect of over grown trees and shrubbery, which appears to shield activity for the public eye.

I have heard from many people that people have gone into that park, never to return to society, except in a forensic science van.

Women at Meadow Brook Acres Shot 11/27/2008

Troopers with the Delaware State Police arrested a Felton-area pair I'm connection with a shooting that put a Woodside-area women in the hospital.

The pair was identified as Jordon Myer 19, of Harrington and Shane Henry 17. of Felton. Police received word of a shooting of 7:10pm on November 2008. Witnesses said several shots were fired from a dark colored Scion as it was driven past the home located in the unit block of Draper Circle, Meadow Brook Acres.

The gunman allegedly was standing in the sun roof of the car with an assault rifle during the first shooting. During the second pass going past the home where a hand gun was used, a 34 year old women was hit during the second incident, requiring her evacuation to Christiana Hospital. The bullet shattered both bones in her lower left leg.

9/9/2010 Delaware State Police arrest four Meadow Brook Acre residents on drug charges

Delaware State Police arrested four Woodside-area residents on a variety of drug and related charges. The suspects were taken into custody September 9, 2010, at a home in the unit block of Lambert Drive, Meadow Brook Acres.

Troopers raided the home, concluding a year long covert drug operation that included the investigation of crack cocaine and marijuana being sold from the residence. Officers seized 28.4 grams of marijuana, a quantity of Alazopram pills, drug paraphernalia and $591 in cash.

All four were jailed in default of secured bond.

11/11/2011 Three Teens Sought in Woodside Shooting

State Police are searching for three 17 year old aspects wanted in connection with a shooting the morning of March 19, that left a camden teenager in critical condition.

Shortly after 12:15 am March 19, troopers and medics responded to a report of a shooting the the Meadow Brook Acres development near Woodside and found the victim, a 15 year old boy, in the unit block of North Draper Circle.

The victim was taken to Bay Health Kent General Hospital with gunshot wounds to his ling, neck, head and arm. He was later transferred to Christiana Hospital in Newark and listed in critical condition.

According to police, detectives currently do not know what prompted the shooting. Witnesses told detectives that one of the three suspects displayed a hand gun during an altercation with the victim and pulled the trigger, but the weapon misfired. As the victim fled, he was shot in the back and reportedly took cover behind a tree.

The three suspects chased the victim, found him huddling on the ground and shot him three more times, once in the head, once in the neck and once in the arm.

The suspects fled the area of Milchop and Stevenson Drive to an unknown destination. The victim was able to make it to an acquaintance's resident who called 911 at 12:15 am.

10/11/2011 Magnolia Man charged in robbery/exposure incident

Delaware State Police Detectives had arrested a 23 year old Magnolia man after he exposed himself to and then robbed a Magnolia women early in September.

Detectives advised that the incident occurred at approximately 10:40 amon Saturday Sept 3, as the 52 year ol victim was standing in the area of Milksop Land and Walnut Shade Road, in the Meadow Brook Acres Mobile Home Park in Magnolia.

The victim was the approached by a male subject on a bicycle who proceeded to expose himself her. The suspect then was then able to obtain the victims purse before fleeing on the bike a westbound direction. The victim was suffered a minor injury to her mouth, however she refused treatment.

On Sunday October 9m a Delaware State Trooper on routine patrol observed a subject matching the description of the robbery suspect, riding a bike in the area of Meadowbrook acres. The suspect after being positively identified a the suspect was arrested for robbery 1st and indecent exposure 2nd. He was arraigned at Kent County common pleas and committed to the Department of corrections for lack of $$3,100 bail.

7/8/2012 Husband and Wife arrested for selling drugs

On Monday July 8, 2012, at approximately 10:57pm the Kent County Governors Task Force, responded to a resident of the 300 block of Lambert Drive In Meadow Brook Acres on a crime stoppers tip that Daniel W Reedy Jr. was there. Reedy who was on Level 1 probation was wanted for violation of probation. Upon arrival at the residence, Daniel Reedy answered the door, and was taken into custody without incident.

9/15/2014- Women Choked in home invasion

An intruder chocked a women in her bedroom during a home invasion early Monday east of Woodside, State Police said.

The attack occurred about 1:30 a.m i the 100 block of Flint Drive in the Meadow Brook Acres sub-division.

The 27 year old victim and her 5 year old daughter had been asleep together in a bedroom when the women was abruptly woken up by an unknown make choking her, Master Cpl. Gary Fournier said.

The women fought with the intruder until her daughter woke and the the intruder fled, Fournier said.

The women was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries and released. Her daughter was not hurt.

Fournier said the attacker was about 6 feet tall. He wore a dark colored baseball cap and a sweatshirt.

True Crimes Right From The Delaware State Police News Reels

This article states true crimes right from the Delaware State News Reels. The last entry is what inspired this article. For the next crime is about the murder of my own beloved son Richard L Jacobs Jr, who was murdered in cold blood, brutally, sitting in a car, unarmed and unaware. Shot twelve times in the head and upper torso.

I know he was not the first one to die in Meadow Brook Acres, but I certainly hope and pray he was the last fatality.

Richard Jacobs Murdered in Meadow Brook Acres

Delaware State Police report that their Homicide Unit detectives continues to investigate the death of a man shot, and was found to be dead sitting inside of his car in Magnolia.

The investigation began Friday March 27, 2015, at approximately 11:20 pm, after Troopers were called to the unit block of Grays Lane in the Meadow Brook Acres devilment in Magnolia De., for the report of shots fired upon their arrivals. Troopers located a male subject in the drivers seat of a 1998 Ford Escort.

The make victim later, later identified as Richard L Jacobs Jr. of Dover, was transferred to the office of Forensic Science where an autopsy was performed.

The manner of death has been ruled a homicide with the cause of death being multiple gunshot woulds to the body.

Meadow Brook Acres Still dangerous in2017.

I have listed some of the incidents on the Delaware State News Reels, leading up to and ending with the one of the death of my beloved son Richard L. Jacobs Jr. I had been told my other people, (for Meadow Brook Acres has been there for many years.) And it also had been a source of crime, and murder, drugs, shooting, and numerous crimes over a period of years covering a long span of time.

I have been told by many people as well as the State Police, that my beautiful son was not the first one that was murdered in this valley of death, protected by the neglect of over grown trees and shrubbery. But I hoping that perhaps he will be the last one that will loose his life there.

I have decided not to list the crimes reported by the State Police after my son's death, but there of course still have been violent crimes.

I hope no one ever looses their way, and stops in the park of death for directions, or goes innocently looking for someone, and hopefully no one ever goes in there after the sun sets.

I know the State Police has had mounted horse back troopers on horses ride through there, but the crime still persists.

It has been many years that crime have persisted in this area, I wonder if it is something that will ever be able to be changed.

One thing I do know it will never bring back my beautiful son and best friend. Rick fought on the front lines of Desert Storm, for your freedom and for mine, and was awarded bronze stars for his service.

He did not deserve to be butchered to death by a man who has no conscience and no no soul and now hides like a coward to avoid punishment.

Dedicated to Richard L Jacobs Jr

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of my beautiful wonderful son, Richard L Jacobs Jr. He was a wonderful son, a great husband and a loving step father. He was also our very best friend. To know Richard was to love him. How could this happen to someone so kind and caring, and generous.

He will never be forgotten.

Our love to you, from Mom and Greg


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      Not 3 weeks ago

      That place just gets worse every year! They need to fumigate and bomb those cock roaches out that call themselves drug dealers! I'd tear down the whole neighborhood and rebuild it, kids shouldn't have to live like that.