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Bullies Target Gays/Crimes Against Women and Girls up by 120 Percent

Updated on April 13, 2016

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Read about a self reliant woman who moves to Oregon to work in the forests of the Wallowa Mts where she does timber inventory for the forest service with a group of mismatched foresters who live in their tents.
Read about a self reliant woman who moves to Oregon to work in the forests of the Wallowa Mts where she does timber inventory for the forest service with a group of mismatched foresters who live in their tents. | Source

Hate Crimes toward Women and GIrls Increases by 120 percent / Where does such rage come from?

There is a worldwide epidemic of hate crimes and abuses toward women and children, the likes that has never been seen before. This reflects toward the men who are doing the abusing and speaks loudly about how society ignores one of the worlds worst crimes.

The increase in the number of abuse and abducted children is also on the rise. Women all over the world are uniting to stop this negative abuse and to call for the feminization of the world by empowering women and girls. It is proven that when women and girls are empowered the society in which they live becomes enriched.

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Deep in the Wallow Mountains in Eastern Oregon a group of foresters do timber stand inventory in some of the most rugged terrain near the notorious Hells Canyon. Eve a free-spirited, counterculture woman earns her title, "queen of the comeback"
Deep in the Wallow Mountains in Eastern Oregon a group of foresters do timber stand inventory in some of the most rugged terrain near the notorious Hells Canyon. Eve a free-spirited, counterculture woman earns her title, "queen of the comeback" | Source

Women around the world unite against crimes against women and girls

Many world organizations, our United Nations and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State are working hard to stop the violence against women by empowering women and girls in all cultures. Being proactive and not coming from the perspective of being a victim is the path to truly helping women and girls through education and employment opportunities.

Hillary Clinton proclaims that human rights are womens rights and has spend most of her adult life in trying to break through that glass ceiling, to enable women to represent in all areas of government to hope for the change that so many women who grew up during the sexual revolution of the sixties and the seventies.

Sign the petition below to show your support for the International Violence Against Women's Act. Urge your Congressperson to vote for this act. This is a combined effort of international aid programs, and foreign policy efforts.

Violence Against Women in Undeveloped Countries like Haiti and DarFur

After Haiti's earthquake Violence against women and girls and those vulnerable to exploitation and abuse as they try to survive and protect their families. Many families are displaced and living in camps with unacceptable conditions and lack of medical care and fresh water and food. On top of that women are being raped and abused by men in their communities.

In DarFur Africa women and girls are raped and abused do to the wars going on in their regions. People like Hillary Clinton is fighting for women everywhere so that they are raised out of poverty and are able to support themselves. Helping by donating to the many causes of women around the world is very important.

Women in the United States have to think about women in the rest of the world where unacceptable conditions exists for hundreds of thousands of women. We must not forget our sisters who are so much more oppressed and dis-empowered. American women must not forget those not as fortunate to have laws and a system of government that allow women to have a voice.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Empowers Women and Girls Worldwide

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the International Conference on Population and Development

Read more about how women around the world are coming together to ensure that women and girls everywhere are empowered.

Hillary Rodham Clinton our Secretary of State spoke at the 15th anniversary of the International conference on population and development In Cairo. She represented millions of women around the world who are seeking the empowerment of girls and women in every country. The follow is from her speech given in Cairo on January 8, 2010.

Women and girls bear the burdens of regional and global crises, whether it's an economic downturn or climate change or political instability. They still are the majority of the world's poor, unschooled, unhealthy and underfed. Women are rarely the cause of violent consequences but they are the ones who bear the consequences of such conflicts.

With the decline of the worlds resources attention must be given to try to decline the world's population which would take the burden off the world's dwindling resources. Hillary acknowledged all the thousands of people who came together to declare with one voice that reproductive health care is critical to the health of women everywhere, which is essential to the prosperity and opportunity of all, to the stability of families and communities.

There is a direct connection between a woman's ability to plan her family, space her pregnancies, and give birth safely, and her ability to get an education, work outside the home, support her family and participate fully in the life of her community.

Women and girls worldwide are subject to abuses which in some cultures are tolerated. Small girls are turning to prostitution to support themselves,there is slave trade of young girls and some cultures still practice clortis mutilation. Having access to contraceptives is also a dire need with the HIV/AIDS which is now morphing into a women's disease and increasingly younger and younger women in many, many poor countries are infected.

Women becoming empowered worldwide is a strong movement. Some may believe that the feminist movement during the sixties and seventies did enough, but now is the time to get equal rights and access to health care and contraceptives worldwide to empower women to have more choices in their lives.

It has been proven that giving women and girls more education and ability to work and have influence in government and their communities also raises their community and country.

In societies where women's rights and roles are denied, girls are forbidden from attending school or they pay a very heavy price to try to do so. Few have the right to decide whether or when to get married, or become mothers. Poverty, political oppression and even violent extremism often follow.


Bullies Target Gays and Lesbians/Rutgers University Bullied Student Commits Suicide

There has been a rash of suicides by young teens and university students after they were harassed and bullied during school and on the Internet. It is a trend of mean spirited hate speech bigots that continue to harass and threaten students. Some of the suicides were young children in grade school.

Jane Valez Mitchell is claiming downright war on bullies and people who enjoy taunting other people just for fun and she is calling for people to stand up against bullies. Why these mean spirited people get enjoyment out of harassing and down right humiliating other people is beyond belief.

People everywhere are giving the stories of those being bullied who get to their wits end and choose to die rather than go to school one more day. This sad, sick trend must be stopped. It comes at a time where gays and lesbians are finally being more accepted and the government is standing behind their plea to do away with the military "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

Why people continue to live in the past and try to not accept other people's way of life. Why can't we treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Perhaps people need to realize that God accepts all of us and we are in this world to love each other. Even Lady ga ga who is a big supporter of gays and lesbians refers to herself as "Born this way" and is trying to give attention to the hate speech that is being directed to anyone who is different.

The student at Rutgers University who jumped to his death off an area bridge had been harassed by his roommate and his female friend who video taped the student during what he thought was a private moment and downloaded it to YouTube. He was so upset that he ended his life.  The two students will be charged with malicious intent or even manslaughter for their part in the attempt to humliate him.  Were they so bored that they thought this would be a good way to spend their time.

The world is becoming a cruel and mean place and we all need to look at how we treat other people and how we would like to be treated in return.  This bully issue is coming up time and again in as early as grade school.  When will this all end?

Support Legislation called the International Violence Against Women Act

Help Combat Violence Against Women And Girls

Targeting: The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House of Representatives Sponsored by:

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) is the first comprehensive piece of legislation in the United States aimed at ending violence against women and girls around the world.

It would improve our government's response when women are victims of sex trafficking and rape during war and would provide aid to women's groups on the ground working to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence. It would focus resources on prevention and ensure that dollars are used in the most effective ways possible. In some countries, it truly could mean the difference between life and death for a woman or girl.

We are asking that Members of Congress cosponsor this important piece of legislation.

Petition Text

Combat Violence Against Women And Girls

Dear Representative,

I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor the International Violence Against Women Act. Approximately one out of every three women globally has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Rates of domestic violence are reportedly as high as 70 percent in some countries. Violence committed predominantly against women takes many forms, including rape, female genital cutting, domestic violence, acid burning, dowry related deaths and other harmful practices. Violence against women is a global health crisis, human rights violation, and moral outrage that contributes to instability and insecurity throughout our world.

I am asking you, my Senator/Representative, to co-sponsor the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) and take action to end the abuse.

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) supports innovative programs that have been shown to be effective in decreasing acts of violence. It works to help survivors of physical and sexual abuse, hold perpetrators accountable and put in place campaigns that help prevent violence in the first place. Many of these programs help women and girls do things we so often take for granted: go to school, earn an income or get food for their families without fear of being raped or beaten. The I-VAWA will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing U.S. foreign policy to end violence against women and enhance our ability to stop the suffering.

In a world where tensions and violence within communities can jeopardize national and international security, it is critical that the United States take action to end atrocities committed against women and girls in their homes and in their communities, during times of peace and times of conflict.

The International Violence Against Women Act provides the United States with an opportunity to effectively address this problem and stop the violence around the world. Please make a difference in the lives of millions of women and girls and co-sponsor this important bill.

[Your name]

Hillary Clinton speech at International Conference on Population and Development/empowering women a girls worldwide

 Hilllary ends her speech by saying"I just want to urge that we do not grow weary.  I don't know about you, but sometimes it can seems a little bit hard to take.  It is also self-evident; it seems so obvious to the rest of us that this needs to be done, and we keep encountering obstacles of every shape and size.  But please, stay with us and let's try to create institutional and structural change that does not get wiped away when the political winds blow.

Let's try to create markets for women's goods and ways of funding them and educational and instructional programs along with our commitment to serve that will give women everywhere a chance to take their own lives and their own futures into their own hands."


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

      human rights dignity we all have to stand for all women world we thanks God spreed

    • profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago

      I've been harassed, terrorized, swore at whenever I walked down my own street, threatened by some elderly woman on the same street we lived on that she was going to call the police on us PLUS put dog feces on our front step right in front of some guy who was trimming trees next to her yard when all we were doing was walking down the street, not breaking ANY law at all & minding our own business! The neighbor in back of us was yelling & screaming at us when they had obviously trespassed on our property & we calling us Nuts and insisting we call a surveyor (which costs thousands od dollars) just because we didn't want them to dump a bunch of pine needles in our yard because we're in a draughts & the guy in back of us often has campfires in a firepit & it's been so windy lately!

      No one has ANY concern for our lives or the welfare, ESP. the police who often stalk us for no valid reason at all!

      Don't move to central CT! This place is super unsafe, ESP. for younger women

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Maybe women should rule the world..I am appalled by the amount of suicides among teens both boys and girls. I think life is harder today with all the liberal movements and acceptance. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking hub.

    • profile image

      dragonflycolor 2 years ago

      Violence against children is a horrific matter and I am with you in the fight to stop such atrocities against humanity. The evil in this world spreads like a disease and it must be stopped!

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