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Crimes and Punishment

Updated on October 18, 2009


Our government spends billions of tax dollars every year on housing who they deem as criminals, and billions more on investigating, trying, or arresting said criminals on these offenses. Much of these expenses could be avoided if we were tougher with penalties that warrant it, and did away with what are considered to be crimes but shouldn't. We are supposed to live in a free country but it doesn't seem to be all that free anymore. I understand why a lot of these freedoms are taken away. Its because we have too many mentally and morally disturbed (to say the least), ignorant individuals who take advantage of the system. A good way to stop that, is by changing the laws and how they are punishable. Simplify the whole system by making a set of laws that apply to everyone throughout the country. With no loop holes or variable conditions. Everyone is raised knowing right from wrong and there should be no exceptions. If done correctly, it would also eliminate the need for lawyers. So that the rich or famous don't get off on lighter sentences than the less fortunate who can't afford it. Which would also lessen the chances of corruption among those who judge us.

Here is what I'm talking about. In a "FREE" country what you do to yourself or your life should be your choice. Prostitution as a crime is absurd. And its legal in some areas but not others? If a woman or a man choose to sell themselves for sex who are we to say they shouldn't be able to. Its their bodies. And those who are the ones paying for it, know and willingly take those risks. What about our drug laws. Everyone knows the risks associated with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. They do so of their own free will. In my experiences, users go looking for it. Not the other way around. The only punishable crimes associated with drugs should be those committed against others. Like theft or robbery in order to afford their habit. Imagine how many tax dollars would be saved if prostitution, and all drugs were legal. Not to mention taxed as a profession or consumer product. You would have taxable import and export, retail, farming industries,etc. Or even treatment facilities. And much more productive employment opportunities than the repetitive cycle of pursuing and arresting people that really aren't hurting anyone but maybe themselves. This would also lessen the violence associated with the arrest attempts and bystanders in the crossfire.

Now here is where a lot of people are going to freak out, with my opinions on punishments of real crimes. Molestation and sexual exploitation of children, rape (of anyone), and murder, should all be punishable by death. However, if you were to kill someone for one of those offenses committed against you or your family, that should be considered justifiable. No death row, and no wasteful housing of people with no chance of rehabilitation. Its ridiculous to think its possible in the first place. Especially in a prison setting. The only thing that does, is breed more crime. And no lethal injection, gas chamber, or electric chair. Bullets are much less expensive. There should be no marked graves or funerals for them either. They don't deserve it. Instead there should just be huge trenches dug, line them up, and execute them. Fill in the hole and forgotten about. Not only would this save a great amount of money, but a huge deterrent for others considering these crimes as well. No one seems to want to take responsibility for their actions anymore. They all want to blame someone or something else.

Which leaves crimes like robbery, theft, vandalism, and things of that nature. Those should be punished by prison time. And I agree with them having to work for the cost of their accommodations as well. As I said before about crimes that warrant a death sentence, they should be the ones digging the trenches. Also farming their own foods and other fundamental tasks to rebuild responsibility and self worth. Instead of our current prison outlook of forcing inmates to submit by way of humiliation and degradation. And to live like less than poorly treated animals. You may not agree with some or all of my opinions that I've made here, but something needs to be done and no one is stepping up.


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