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Crimes in High Places

Updated on July 14, 2019

Stinky is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, July 14, 2019. Our new friend, Stinky, is at the stove preparing Southern Comfort French Toast for our breakfast. I will add to the meal by mixing up a batch of Mediterranean Martinis. I know it's early for martinis, but it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Stinky has been following the Jeffrey Epstein story for quite a long time. He is amazed that Mr. Epstein was arrested given all the prominent people he interacted with all these years. For those of you who have been out of the country for a few years, let me acquaint you with Epstein. He is a pedophile with bundles of money. He seems to have known almost everyone in business, entertainment and politics. Many of them have been invited to his private island over the years where it is alleged his guests would hunt young girls like prey. The story is disgusting. The fact that it has gone on for so long is even worse.

Stinky would like to talk about this nightmare over breakfast. If you are interested, please come over and take a seat at the table. Stinky and I will be awaiting your arrival.

Too Hot To Handle

Thanks so much for coming to breakfast this morning. With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein comes the news that many people in high places are running for cover. Mr. Epstein is said to have a little black book that may provide the names of people we have probably all heard of. They all must be shaking in their boots as I write this, because if justice is truly served, and their names are revealed, our nation may finally get rid of pedophiles in the highest echelons of government, entertainment and business. Epstein is charged with running a huge child-sex network. Bill Clinton has had close ties with Epstein over the years. It has been reported that he visited Epstein's private island over twenty-six times over the years. The island was hardly a state secret. On a recent trip to St. John in the Caribbean I heard about Epstein's island on a boat trip. In truth, I already knew about it, but many on the boat had not. The young man giving a guided tour wanted to talk about Epstein and Bill Clinton, but he could only go so far over the microphone. The island was common knowledge in the Caribbean for a long time. Authorities had to know about it as well, but Epstein was left untouched by the law. He had a brief stint in jail in 2008, but it was a mere slap on the wrist. He served 13 months "in custody with work release" as part of a plea deal.

His arrest now comes as a surprise. If he walks away largely untouched again, we might as well throw up our hands and realize that there really is no such thing as justice in this country. The nation is feeling that way right now given all we have learned about the Clintons, the Deep State, the FBI and the State Department. We are in the midst of a grave crisis. Our elected officials are breaking the law. Our elected officials are advising illegals how to avoid detection. They are aiding and abetting criminals. Last I heard, that was a criminal offense. Child trafficking and sexual abuse are criminal acts, as well. Where are the handcuffs?


Who Me?

Many of the girls recruited by Epstein came from disadvantaged backgrounds. They had no voice. They had no power. They had no means of escape. To think that this nation elected Bill Clinton to lead the country makes me sick. He was elected despite all the allegations of sexual misconduct. The voters didn't care. They still don't care, because Hilary still has people crying over her defeat by Donald Trump. Is this who we are as a nation? Can the high and mighty get away with despicable acts solely because they have money and power. I would say the answer is a resounding"yes". I won't believe otherwise until Epstein and all those who willingly abused young girls are brought to justice. I am quite sure that the Clinton's are right now trying to figure out how to bleach bit those 26 trips to pedophile island. The same is true of others who have been named. Some of those named are quite shocking. Others aren't the least bit surprising at all. It's best to wait and see how this plays out. If Epstein walks, then the pedophiles win, whoever and wherever they are.

If justice is not served in this case, then there is no justice at all. Let's hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If this case is left unresolved, a huge chunk of who we are as a nation will be destroyed. There will be no way back, ever.

Stinky's Song

Stink bugs are relentless

So are pedophiles

We need a good spray

To make them go away!


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