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Criminal: A Social Poetic Dialogue About Society

Updated on January 13, 2012

: The difference between you and me is

I don’t consider myself nor do I consider you

Yet you consider me to be a criminal

This must be a burden to bear

Considering that your world is filled

With so many such as myself

So many that you have

Never taken time

To get to know


: I must stand guard

I do not consider you a criminal

You consider yourself to be

That’s why you’re always in trouble

In fact I love you to death

You do things criminals do

You stay in places that they stay

Therefore you must be

Therefore I despise you


: I am a criminal

You have made me that way

I hate you for it

You close doors upon me

I crawl through window

You starve me I steal bread

You owe me for unpaid debts

I will earn your title

I accept your pain

I raise you mine


: Every day I see your kind

I know you are a criminal

A criminal locked away


: Such a shame

Deception is no crime




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