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Criminal case opened into Domodedovo blast on terrorism charges

Updated on January 24, 2011

MOSCOW. Jan 24 - The Russian Investigative Committee has qualified Monday's explosion at Domodedovo airport as a terrorist act, Vladimir Markin of the Investigative Committee has told Interfax on Monday.

According to the committee, the blast occurred at 4:32 p.m. on Monday at the international departure area.Fragments of body of suspected suicide bomber, Arab-looking man aged 30 to 35 found at the airport.Health minister says that 35 people confirmed dead and over 152 injured after the attack.The power of the bomb was about 7 pounds of TNT.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin told reporters that Monday's bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, which claimed dozens of lives, "was most likely carried out by a suicide terrorist" and that "attempts are being made to identify him."

Moscow interregional Bureau of Investigation in the transport IC Russia fact of the explosion at the Domodedovo airport opened a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under article 205 of the Criminal Code (terrorist attack).

However, Russian security services have been forewarned about the possibility of terrorist attack at a Moscow airport, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement.

"The intelligence received information that in one of Moscow's airports, it may be a terrorist act. Police were looking for three suspects, but they seamlessly managed to get to the airport, keep track of the explosion, which made their accomplice, and leave the airport," - a spokesman said.

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow has opened a hotline on which the relatives of the victims in the explosion at the Domodedovo airport can learn about their admission.Information about which hospital delivered hit after the explosion, please call the hotline EMERCOM Moscow - 8 (495) 637-22-22.

Earlier, a hotline for relatives of the victims opened the Department of Health in Moscow - 8 (499) 251-14-55. Also to provide psychological assistance to victims and relatives of the victims and the victims of the phone EMERCOM - 8 (495) 626-37-07.



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    • profile image

      LiohaOner 6 years ago

      What you think, is this really terrorist attack?I think that it is a little weird that every time that there are going to take place elections in Russia there is one or more terrorism act.Maybe there are some "big" political games rigged behind all this?Russian web media say that governments were pre-alerted about this attack but no actions were taken.Do you believe that a country like Russia is not capable to prevent a terrorist enter the airport area?There are so many policemen in the area,there are metal detectors at every entrance of the Domodedovo.So how did the terrorist pass 7 pounds of TNT through all that security?Maybe he had some kind of assistance from the "inside"?