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Croatian Generals Set Free?

Updated on November 18, 2012

The deeds of those who are innocent!

Once again, justice failed!

Two days ago, two Croatian generals- general Ante Gotovina, and general Markac, have been set free from the International War Tribunal in Hague.

Ante Gotovina, and Mr. Markac have been accused for severe war-crimes like:

  • Violating "rules of a war"
  • Killing innocent, unarmed people - over 100.000
  • Making ethnic cleaning of Serbs, over 80.000 of them had been forced to go "back" to Serbia
  • Stealing and taking "material-well" in the civil war during period 1991-1996
  • Making profit from the war, making them war-profiters

  • and 3 more points of "indictment" for both

With the 2/3 of judges that voted FOR setting up free two generals - ICY set free Croatian Generals that are obviously guilty on "command basis"

- While whole Croatia is euphoric by the realease of their "heres" the public in Serbia is devastated and disappointed by the decision of ICY.

Innocent pictures

The picture after Croatian army crossed trough Vukovar, place where majority of Serbs USED to live.
The picture after Croatian army crossed trough Vukovar, place where majority of Serbs USED to live.

The "heroes"

The the shameful decision of International in Hague, which Serbia co-operated on the top-level; arrested the "heroes of Serbia" - the General Mladic and Hadzic just few months ago.

- The General Mladic and Hadzic, were accused for the same crimes as the same crimes as the two released generals from Croatia were. Most of representatives of Hague Tribunal, especially the first judge, who said officially that "decision is a shame of International Law and Justice".

Double arsines?

- The public of whole World, is now pointing out on the words of Serbian public that court, tribunal in Hague, is a "politically oriented" institution - not the justice and law institution that should promote the same ones. The institution of Hague Tribunal, has now confirmed what has been a "public question" in whole Balkan region: "are the only war-crimes done by the Serbs"?

-The prime-minister of Serbia, Mr. Dacic - the person that is doing negotiations with Pristine in same time, told to the local press that cooperation with Hague has been "locked-down on to technical level". He added: "If we could deliver, all our generals - that were "celebrated" here as a heroes, and many of them - no doubt will be convicted, I don't see why would we even hope that someone else will be convicted for war crimes, or crime against humanity.

- The Government of Croatia, after news of two generals being released, immidiately sent a government air-jet to pick them up. The president, himself and vice-president greeted the decision of Hague, while some of the judges in the same court are "disgusted and have no feelings of justice..".

The question

- The question that International Court for War Crime "exists only for Serbs" and the skepticism of their integrity has extremely increased, not just in Serbia - but in whole World.

Euro-skepticism mixed with the questioning of the integrity and "being neutral" is an dangerous mix. The "New Time for Serbia" is under a huge question now. The fact that the Albanian lider of para-military forces, Ramush Haradinai is also in Hague, accused for some of the worst crimes against humanity, mixed with the "releasing sentence for Gotovina and Markac" can be devastating for the future of Serbia. The raising nationalism, the raising of population that is against any EU or euro-atlantic integrations has been under huge question.

Why have we arrested all "accused ones" from the side of International Court ? What is the pointing of delivering General Mladic - who is "celebrated" in Serbia as a "hero", when the same criminals, the same type of "generals" are released from ANY charges at the same court?
Should court decide to set free Mr. Mladic and Goran Hadzic too? I, personally, don't see the point of being "captured" there, when the same ones - the same type of people - are being released and being accepted EUPHORICALLY in their country.


Gotovina and Markac
Gotovina and Markac | Source
The judges. The main judge, the one in the middle- was against the opinion of the rest. "I have no feeling of justice being satisfied..."
The judges. The main judge, the one in the middle- was against the opinion of the rest. "I have no feeling of justice being satisfied..." | Source


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    • misstoughcookie97 profile image


      6 years ago from Melbourne

      Gotovina and Markac did what they had to to get their land back. They are heroes and prevented more fighting for the rest of the Yugoslav countries. They were not the first to fight, the Serbs began and the Croats just fought back. Quite a few people seem to forget that part. Who cares now. Two heroes are free and where they should be.


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