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Crooked Hillary or Tyrannical Trump?

Updated on July 24, 2016



What is the message that Trump's nomination sends to the world and what choice does the American people have?

No Bells or Whistles

To vote for Hillary is to vote for a seasoned politician whom the FBI characterized as being "extremely careless." From past indications, it appears that Hillary Clinton has a problem with telling the truth. I watched her interview with Charlie Rose. Rose tried but he was unsuccessful in getting the former Secretary of State to admit that using a private server to handle sensitive emails was wrong. Instead of saying "Yes, Charlie, I was wrong," Clinton's response was to suggest that 300 competent people, other than herself, handled the emails. In the handling of these emails, these professionals, according to Clinton, detected no bells or whistles.

The Right Pedigree

Stately, refined, polished; yet, untrustworthy, old and redundant are but a few of the terms that people use to describe Hillary Clinton. If one has ever listened to Hillary speak then one must acknowledge that she is a very accomplished, knowledgeable and articulate woman. Along with that observation, one must concede that Hillary has an impressive political resume. But in a real sense, Hillary's accomplishments are the results of the times in which she lived and are in proportion to the advantages that a privileged life affords. You would expect nothing less of a former lawyer, a former Civil Rights advocate, a former First Lady of the State of Arkansas, the former First Lady of the United States, a former senator of the state of New York and the former Secretary of State of the United States.

Troubled Times

But turbulent times call for leaders who are visionaries; leaders who are adaptable and leaders who have their fingertip on the pulse of tomorrow. Hillary has no new visions. Her pedigree leaves little room for adaptability and as for gauging tomorrow, Hillary's fingertips have long since retracted to a place of security. Besides being a woman, there is nothing unique about Hillary Clinton's Presidential platform. In fact, her political ideologies are a composite view of the democratic positions held by President Bill Clinton, President Barak OBama and espoused by her aging democratic allies. Consequently, Hillary, along with her VP nominee, will broker no new deals for the turbulent times in which Americans live. Nor will Hillary's Presidency offer any equilibrium to the world as it searches to find its balance.

"Crooked Hillary or Tyrannical Trump"

In hindsight, the American people rejected several good candidates for the office of President. As we draw near to November, Americans are left with the choice to choose between "Crooked Hillary or Tyrannical Trump." In all honesty, there is no choice. No sensible person would vote for a man such as Donald Trump. And since Americans consider themselves to be completely sensible; one would think that Hillary would be assured a victory. But nothing is as it seems. What if on election day, Americans lose sight of reality and forget that Trump is a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a warmonger, a demagogue, a fabricator and a crafty simpleton; and cast their votes for Tyrannical Trump?


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