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Crorepati's MLA'S & Voters List Mess in Karnataka.

Updated on May 6, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


Karnataka marks its date with democracy on 05/05/2013

Candidates in the FRAY.

Party        No.of candidates

BJP               222

Congress          223

JD(S)             222

KJP               209

BSR Congress      150

RESULTS ON MAY 8th 2013. 

Number required to form GOVT is 113


Vote anytime between 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

More than 2.5 Lakh Pooling Officers on duty.

65,000 Electronic Voting Machines.

Total Voters 4.35 Crore.

2.22 Crore Male Voters.

2.13 Crore Female Voters.

Who wants to Vote, Can't Vote.

The Karnataka Assembly Elections are scheduled to be held on a single day on 5th of May,2013.Elections in Bangalore are a different ball game compared to the rest of the state.In testimony to this fact,the four major political parties-Cong,BJPJDS and KJP-are readying exclusive pool manifestos for Bangaloreans! This is the first time in the city's history that political parties are coming out with separate manifestos for Bangaloreans,who will get to send 28 MLA'S to Vidhana Soudha. Staying in Malleswaram I am looking at 9 key constituencies in our city.To know the candidates and their profile as published in public domain they are as under:

Malleswaram Constituency 1.

  1. Malleswaram Assembly Constituency. This has 7 wards.Aramane Nagara ( ward.35) Malleswaram ( ward 45 ), Rajmahal Guttahalli ( ward 64 ),Kadu Malleswara (ward 65) Subramanya Nagara ( ward 66 ) and Gayatri Nagara ( ward 76 ).
  2. Number of Voters - 1,73,534
  3. Sitting MLA - Dr.Ashwat Narayan.BJP.

Important Candidates in fray.

Name ( Age )

                       Party    Qualification        Assets.
Dr.Ashwath Narayan(45) BJP        MBBS           Rs.15.9 Crore 
B.K.Shivaram (60)      INC        BSc            Rs.3.9 Crore
Sweetha.(27)           JD(S)      M.Com          Rs.35.5 Lakh
Dr.Meenakshi Bharat(55)LSP        MD             Rs.8.1 Crore 
Kumar N (45)           KJP        SSLC           Rs.2.07 Crore 
B.T Lalitha Naik( 69)  WPI    Hindi Visharad     Rs.47.9 Lakh.

Rajaji Nagar Constituency - 2

This Assembly Constituency consists of 7 wards, Dayananda Nagar,Prakash Nagar,Rajaji Nagar,Basaveswar Nagar,Kamakshi Palya,Shivanagar and Sriramamandir.

Number of Voters - Over 2 Lakh

Sitting MLA - Suresh Kumar BJP.

Important Candidates in the fray


Name & Age       Party     Qualifications     Assets
R R Shiva Kumar(38)        IND      5th Pass         Rs.1,61,98,868
R Harisharadya(46)         BSRC     Graduate         Rs.1,02,84,663
R Manjula Naidu (49)       INC      PG               Rs.1,15,16,000
S Suresh Kumar             BJP      Graduate         Rs.2,64,51,449
S T Anand(46)              JDS      5th Pass         Rs.92,74,81,218
Shoba Krandlaje            KJP      PG               Rs.6,84,40,947 

Mahadevpura Constituency. 3

Mahadevpura covers Bellandur ward on outer ring road,Challaghatta till Carmelaram railway gate on the east and Marathahalli and Kadugodi ( Whitefield area ) Mahasadevpura is reserved scheduled Caste.

Number of Voters - 3,11,2366

Sitting MLA - Aravind Limbavali,BJP

Important Candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age         Party     Qualification       Assets
A C Srinivas(46)    INC         B.Com             Rs.86 Crore
Arvind Limbavali(46)BJP         Civil Engg        Rs.6.2 Crore
Mayur Patel(31)     SRC         Film Actor        Rs.2.8 Lakh
H Muniappa(47)      KJP         Business          Rs.64 Lakh
Govardan(38)        JD(S)       PG                Rs.1.3 Crore

Bommanahalli Constituency. 4

This Constituency consists of 9 wards. HSR Layout(174),Bommanahalli(175),Hongasandra (189),Mangammanapalya (190),Singasandra (191),Jaraganahalli ( 186),Puttenahalli ( 187),Bilikahalli ( 188 ) and Arekere (193 ).

Number of Voters - 2,61,085.

Sitting M L A - Satish Reddy BJP.

Important Candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age    Party    Qualification          Assets

Dr.Ashwin Mahesh(43)    LSP      Doctorate            Rs.1,23,12,172
M.Satish Reddy(41)      BJP      10th Pass            Rs.41,81,15,121
Nagabhushana.C(46)      INC      12th Pass            Rs.26,27,19,753
R.Sharaschandra(50)     JD(S)    Graduate             Rs.16,73,91,837
Ramesh Reddy.B (40)     KJP      12th Pass            Rs.3,56,12,500
Srinivas S.T ( 32)      BSRC      ------              Rs.93,85,400

C.V.Raman Nagar Constituency. 5

This is one of the fastest developing localities in the city.The assembly segment has 7 BBMP wards - HAL Airport,Jeevanbimanagar,Hoysalanagar,C V Raman Nagar,Benniganahalli and Konena Agrahara.

Number of Voters - 2,40,000

Sitting MLA - S.Raghu .BJP

Important candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age                Party     Qualifications      Assets.
A.Ravi Kumar.(52)          KJP        10th Pass         Rs.13,51,750
J.Hemlatha Suresh Raj.(42) JD(S)      Graduate          Rs.44,41,830
M.H.Chandra Shekar(36)     BSRC       Graduate          Rs.2,50,000
P.Ramesh.(47)              INC        10th Pass         Rs,67,87,33,451
S.Raghu.(43)               BJP        Graduate          Rs.31,64,20,000

Jayanagar Constituency. 6

This Assembly constituency consists of 7 wards. Pattabiraman Nagar, Byrasandra,Jayanagar East, Gurrappanapalaya, JP Nagar, Sarakki and Shakambari Nagar.

Number of Voters - 1,86,911

Sitting M L A - B.N.Vijaya Kumar BJP

Important candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age             Party      Qualification       Assets.
B.N.Vijaya Kumar.(54)   BJP          Graduate          Rs.1,76,27,765
M.C.Venugopal.(52)      INC          Graduate          Rs.7,31,45,971
Rajesh.K.(39)           BSRC         12th Pass         Rs.14,30,000
Ravi Kumar V.(42)       KJP          12th Pass         Rs.11,51,000
Rohit Patel.(28)        LSP          Graduate          Rs.92,83,819
Sameenulla K.S.(50)     JD(S)        12th Pass         Rs.77,71,88,058


A part of Jayanagar area falls under thisward. Jayanagar 1st & 2nd Block, ,Jayanagar 3rd East Block, RBI Extension, RBI Colony and S.R.Krishnapaa Gardan, Other areas are Sudham Nagara, Dharmarayan Swamy Temple, Sunkenahalli, Visweswara Puram, Siddapura and Hombegowda Nagara.

Number of Voters - 2,08,128

Sitting M L A - Hema Chandra Sagar - BJP

Important candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age              Party     Qualifications      Assets.
Khamar Taj.(38)          KJP        10th Pass         Rs.23,90,000
M.C.Narayana Gowda.(61)  JD(S)         PG             Rs.5,10,66,114
R.V.Dorairaj.(55)        INC         Graduate         Rs.32,08,38,000
Uday B Garudachar.(53)   BJP         Graduate         Rs.78,75,80,431

BTM Lay Out Constituency.- 8

This Assembly constituency consists of 8 wards. Lakkasandra, Audugodi, Ejipura, Koromangala,Suddagunte Palya, Madivala, Jakkasandra and BTM Layout.

Number of Voters - 2,12,941

Sitting M L A - Ramalinga Reddy - Congress.

Important candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age       Party    Qualification      Assets.

Ramesh Reddy.(36)         JD(S)      Graduate        Rs.7,26,12,512
N.Sudhakar.(36)           BJP          ----          Rs.3,35,50,072
Ramalinga Reddy.(60)      INC        Graduate        Rs.35,93,70,681
Ravi Krishnareddy.(38)    LSP           PG           Rs.2,27,38,109
Srinivas.(38)             KJP        8th Pass        Rs.34,87,611   

Saravana Nagar Constituency. 9

This Assembly constituency consists of 8 wards. Nagavara, HBR Layout, Banaswadi, Kamanahalli,Kacharkanahalli,Kadogondanahalli, Lingarajpura, and Maruti Seva Nagar.

Number of Votes - 3,01796.

Sitting M L A - KJ.George - Congress.

Important candidates in the fray:-

Name & Age                 Party    Qualifications  Assets.
KJ.George.(63)             INC        12th Pass    Rs.31,54,89,179
Micheal B.Fernandes.(78)   KJP         Graduate    Rs.1,67,15,755
Padmanab Reddy.(49)        BJP         Graduate    Rs.3,96,00,218
Syed Mohid Altaf.(35)      JD(S)       PG          Rs.1,16,44,151

Number of Croropathis. Numberless Errors.

There are over 30 Crorepatis out of 46 Candidates.These people want Votes but they will not spend any money and help update the Voters List.The enthusiastic voters who want to Vote have their Voter ID Cards but their Names are missing,Many are reported with a title Late.Few are listed as female instead of Male.All this has happened due to poorly educated persons allowed to update the list and no help was given with proper staff.The authorities do not want this work to be done by a private party though there are people like INFOSIS who can do the job better.The number of people who will not be eligible to Vote will go up in thousands in all the 9 constituencies.The goofing up of electoral roll is 9 persons are found to have same EPIC number.There are Activists who have working free to check the rolls in Bangalore South.One Voter has been declared dead.The soft ware is developed not to prefix any title like Doctor,Professor,Smt or Sri but still it has crept in due to callousness.Efforts to make all employees of corporate company's in the city through online was rejected and hard copy's were asked to be submitted.Voter ID Cards ready to be handed over to Voters was kept locked in BBMP ward office No.22 with no one to distribute the ID cards making Voters wait for more than 8 hours.Caste and Corruption was the main issue during previous election.


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