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Cross Dresser, Spy, Messiah | One Man Who Wanted To Save The World

Updated on July 28, 2009

David Shayler | Delores Kane

One could say that David Shayler is hardly the best poster boy for the cross dressing community, but he is definitely one of the most high profile and perhaps influential. He also happens to be one of the few people who has spoken out against British intelligence agencies, though the price which he has paid for doing so appears to be a heavy one.

In the late 1990's, Shayler, an MI5 operative, leaked information to national British newspapers and claimed that British intelligence services had prior knowledge of Embassy bombings and other terrorist activities which took place in the 90's, yet had done nothing to stop them. He also claimed that MI6 tried to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi in a plot which was botched and ended up killing not Gaddafi, but several Libyan civilians. Who did they pay to carry this attack out? None other than current public enemy number one, Al-Qa'ida. Interesting how so many of the Western world's enemies were once paid allies, isn't it?

Shayler fled Britain along with his then girlfriend, Annie Machon, a day before the publication of this information and lived in exile in France for two years before voluntarily returning to Britain where he was charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act. Shalyer's defense was that the Official Secrets Act was incompatible with the Human Rights Act. Shayler was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Shayler now lives as a woman named 'Delores Kane' in Surrey, and claims that he is the Messiah. Those close to him believe that he has suffered a mental breakdown, David claims that he is not ill in any way, rather he is simply following the truth as revealed to him. He is unconditional love, and it is this unconditional love which is facilitating his changing of the world, and the continuing victory of his favorite football club, Middelsbrough.

Simply making the claim that one is Messiah is enough to make oneself an outcast, so even if you were the Messiah, saying that you were would not be the way to go. Shayler lost his partner, fellow ex-MI5 agent Annie Machon, due to his claims that he is the Messiah, and also due to his continued excessive use of hallucinogenic substances. Interestingly enough, his cross dressing seemed not to have been a contributing factor, which suggests either that Shayler did not engage in the practice during their relationship, or that she was, as the young people say 'cool with it.' According to news sources, Shayler has been a cross dresser since his teenage years, so one imagines that Annie would have made Delores' acquaintance at some point in their relationship.

Shayler believes that Jesus himself was a cross dresser, (a point which ties in nicely with my own article, Jesus wore a dress' and is quoted as saying: "I don't give a **** what other people think of me. A bloke in a frock is whole lot less offensive than blowing up innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan."

And that, is the crux of it really. David Shayler, although almost universally despised for his actions and irrepressible smugness is one of the few people who has spoken out against the corruption which we all know exists within the intelligence agencies attached to major governments.

It's now common knowledge that the Iraq war was an illegal one, that hundreds of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi civilians, including women and children have been killed in the years after 9/11 and that in the USA especially, the political system has been so thoroughly invaded by the war machine that attempts to separate the two are looking increasingly futile. We know this, yet the public has taken little to no action on their own behalf. There is no outrage at the torture and oppression which takes place in their name. There is no action, only meek compliance and a wish to remain safe and comfortable in the IKEA cells allowed by the powers that be.

The most bitter pill for Shayler to swallow must surely be the fact that the world already knows the truth – and the world doesn't care.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Well, it is a possibility. There do seem to be established mental illnesses that cause one to think that he or she is god. Is that a delusion that can be induced? Possibly. You're right, the potential ramifications of this are quite astounding.

    • profile image

      agent 8 years ago

      I cabn bet you money shayler is being forced to do this by intelligence agencies. It's just too ridiculous to go from a respected 911 truther patriot whistleblower to a cross dressing messiah type. Unbelievable. This is how these agencies spoil the name of a movement that free us from our Bankster financiers.. God help us

    • Mary Mac profile image

      Mary Mac 8 years ago from Victoria Australia

      You certainly look better a woman than you looked as a man.

    • profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago

      He certainly looks nice in his mini skirt and high heels. They show off his legs very well.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I'm not entirely sure what David Shayler uses in the way of breast forms...

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      this is one crazy story! i love that it is true too!

      also those breasts are quite interesting... they look real in an unattractive way.

    • profile image

      Cantsay 8 years ago

      I wonder what he uses for breasts? Have you done a hub on fake breasts? They finish off any cross-dressing wardrobe :P