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Cruz may have funded Melania Trump advertisement in Utah

Updated on March 26, 2016

Today, politicians will do anything to get the upper hand on their rivals in an election. With each candidate in the Republican field doing everything they can to reach the 1237 delegates necessary, it was just a matter of time when one was going start a feud. Enter Ted Cruz. The senator from Texas currently trails the front-runner by almost 300 delegates and is slowly running out of time to pass Donald Trump in delegate count. In an attempt to turn the tables on the real estate mogul and build some momentum, it was crucial for Cruz to do really well in the primaries on Tuesday night in Arizona and Utah. While Trump took all of Arizona’s 58 delegates, the Cruz campaign understood that they needed to pass the 50% threshold in Utah in order to get all 40 delegates. As a result, something had to be done to ensure Ted Cruz could take these delegates away from Trump to prevent him from winning the nomination outright and instead force a contested convention.


Days before Utah held its caucus on March 22nd, the independent anti-Trump Super PAC Make America Awesome ran an ad with Melania Trump posing almost nude from a 2000 GQ photo spread, stating that voters should come out and support Ted Cruz. While Ted Cruz was not endorsed by this super PAC, he did not denounce the controversial advertisement until the next day. Donald Trump was clearly not in a happy mood and responded on Twitter stating that he would “spill the beans” on Ted’s wife if he wasn’t careful. This prompted a back and forth verbal assault between the two candidates and made tensions within the Republican Party even worse. While the actions of each candidate are questionable, it is still important to investigate the anti-Trump Super PAC that made this advertisement in the first place.


When Carly Fiorina was still in the race, Keep the Promise I – one of four separate committees backing Cruz, gave $500,000 to CARLY for America, the political action committee supporting Carly Fiorina on June 18, 2015. This was approximately eight months before she dropped out of the race. While Super PACs are legally allowed to give money to other Super PACs, it is unusual for one of these groups to give money to an opponent, especially when the candidate it supports was still in the race at the time. So where on earth did that money go? As you can see in the disbursements section of the FEC report, the half a million dollars is listed under OTHER DISBURSEMENT. Will we ever know what that other disbursement was used for? Perhaps to start an anti-Trump organization? Strangely enough, several individuals online have pointed out an unusual detail in both CARLY for America and Make America Awesome’s websites. Their contact information is exactly the same: PO Box 26141, Alexandria VA 22313. According to the United States Postal Service, customers are allowed to add additional box users. However, if you are trying to hide your tracks, wouldn’t you use different PO boxes as they are two different businesses? If this claim turns out to be true, Ted Cruz funded the anti-Trump Super PAC that he claims he knows nothing about.


Ted Cruz has in fact stated that he had nothing to do with the Melania Trump advertisement. If this turns out to be false, the Texas senator could be in some hot water. In addition, on Tuesday March 8th, Ted Cruz operative Andrea McWilliams, a Texas-based lobbyist, told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that in light of former first lady Nancy Reagan’s death this week, “we should be looking at the first lady candidates, instead of just talking about the men.” She went on further eventually stating “If Donald trump is elected, Mrs. Trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude; the first first lady that’s the third wife [of the president]; and the first foreign-born first lady in this century.” She said, “by contrast,” Cruz’s wife Heidi would be “the first pro-life first lady. This early attack on Melania Trump could have been an early sign that the Cruz campaign was going to play dirty politics and shame the front-runner’s wife.

This investigation is all speculation given the timeline of events.


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