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Cuba: Illuminati Island

Updated on February 1, 2015

October 2014: British Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire in Cuba Celebrating New US-Cuba Ties

Foreign Office comments on renewed US-Cuba ties. Who is running the show?
Foreign Office comments on renewed US-Cuba ties. Who is running the show? | Source

U.S. to Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing a Last Trace of Cold War Hostility, NY TIMES, December 17, 2014

The PR machine was turned on in full force in December 2014, and the media once again performed with the amazing synchronicity of an opera show. It is another show, Cuba 1959 Part Deux.

Today a majority of the American public distrusts the media, it is necessary to look at this issue outside of the Think Tanks, Lobby Groups, PR agencies, and White House propaganda machines, pretending to inform the public. As recently as January 2015, Russian spies were caught in NY, working as "journalists". Nothing is what it seems anymore.

The money manipulators have been planning this scheme in Cuba for years. It is a win/win for the crooks and the cabals. The politicians, and the media are beholden to the banks, and we are all being conned. "There are no accidents in politics" Joseph Kennedy 1960.

Cuba debt, often inert, moves on political winds ~Reuters, Dec 2014

Let's look at what isn't being reported. Nobody should have any doubt that criminal elements are in charge.

Cuba is an island nation 90 miles off the United States coastline. Since 1961, the Castro regime has been used to assist foreign revolutionary groups in attempts of toppling world capitalism, backing the establishment of Marxist governments in nations such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Grenada, and also sending Cuban troops to aid leftist fighters in the Middle East and Africa, in the Yom Kippur War, Ethio-Somali War, and Angolan Civil War.

Following the Soviet Union's dissolution in 1991, Castro led Cuba into its economic "Special Period", before forging alliances in the Latin American Pink Tide – namely with Hugo Chávez's Venezuela – and joining the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas in 2006.

Everyone has quickly forgotten that Cuba is still listed as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and with good reason. Despite the rhetoric of normalized relations, there hasn't even been a formal attempt to remove Cuba from the list. That would expose a lot of ugly truths that don't fit the White House narrative.

Why China, not Cuba? Cuba is not the equivalent of China to the US. Cuba's history, proximity, and longstanding symbiotic relationship with the US, can't be paralleled with China in any way. Just consider that approximately 10% of Cuba's population lives within the city limits of South Florida today.

But, let's be honest. China needed the money, and too many industries were willing to take advantage of their slave labor. Today, it is Cuba that needs the money. Since the embargo is only with the US, they want American tourist and investment dollars.

Whatever happens, the Cuban people deserve the truth. Apparently, no one is willing to admit that Communism, slavery imposed by government, has once again failed.

2010: WikiLeaks: Cuba 'to be insolvent within three years'

It is interesting to see who throws Castro a lifeline, when the opportunity for change within Cuba has been a long time coming.

According to the Telegraph article written December 2010, it is the Chinese government that is bothered by Cuba's slow reforms, and lack of debt payment.

A newly released confidential U.S. diplomatic cable predicted Cuba's economic situation could become "fatal" within two to three years, and detailed concerns from other countries' diplomats – including China – that the communist-run country has been slow to adopt reforms. ~Telegraph Dec 2010


This Time Let's Be Honest, Cuba is in a Crisis

The truth is that Cuba, and the secretive Paris Club or Club de Paris, are currently haggling over billions of dollars of aid debt, incurred since at least 2000. Representatives from the Paris Club have been traveling to Cuba for years.

"Previous negotiations broke off in 2000 and obstacles remain to reviving serious talks, said the diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly."

When countries are in default of their loans, The Paris Club and The London Club are intended to negotiate, possibly reduce, and help facilitate loan payments. The only problem is they have no guidelines, rules, or restrictions. Cuba doesn't show up as a "debtor nation" listed on their website.

It would be very odd that the US, a member nation of the Paris Club, would be providing loans to Communist Cuba. The lack of website data, doesn't negate the fact that Cuba has been given a lot of money by Western nations for years.

A 2010 study from the University of Miami, reports the following:

A decade ago the influential British journal, The Economist described Cuba’s foreign debt -- then estimated at $12 billion – as “slippery, shapeless and slow to be repaid”

(1). Today, the approximately $72 billion in foreign debts and claims against the Cuban government (Table I) amount to an unbearable burden and surreal sum to repay for a country with an economic output barely one-fifth the size of Greece’s own bankrupt economy, and an unemployment rate far higher than Europe’s worst, Spain (Table II). Yet Cuba’s silent crisis has received virtually no media attention in the U.S. or Europe by comparison with the EU’s debt debacle, even though the predominantly European members of the Paris Club collectively hold over $30 billion in Cuban debt, virtually all of it in default or arrears.

(2) Separately, Havana owes the Russian Federation some $27 billion in outstanding trade credits and loans granted by the Soviet Union and now claimed by Russia. While Russia has refused to forgive its Soviet-era debts it has, nonetheless, extended more than $1 billion in new government-guaranteed financing for trade with Cuba since the 1990s.

Foreign creditors want their money and President Obama is facilitating the process while ensuring that Cuba's government maintains status quo. They need American dollars, and the pretense indicates that world leaders aren't willing to demand that Cuba allow democratically elected leaders. They aren't willing to acknowledge that the current leadership in Cuba has engaged in criminal activity.

Apparently it pays to be a dictator, according to Forbes in 2006, Castro's personal net worth went from $500 million to $900 Billion in a year.

The European Union (EU), despite pretense to the contrary had formally renewed ties, and lifted sanctions against Cuba in 2008.

A leaked memo in 2009, noted that democratic nations were ignoring human rights abuses in Cuba because of "economic motives".

The cable, transmitted in November 2009 and signed by Jonathan D. Farrar, the top American diplomat in Cuba, hinted that there were economic motives behind the accommodating approach. But if so, the cable concluded, these countries were not getting much of a payoff. NY TIMES 2010

Another secretive agreement between the Caribbean and EU took place in 2012. Few people in the Caribbean are likely to have ever heard of the Joint Caribbean EU Partnership Strategy. Agreed on November 19, 2012, it establishes a new political framework for all future cooperation between Europe and the entire Caribbean region.

CARIFORUM includes 14 of the 15 members of CARICOM plus Cuba and the Dominican Republic

At some point between 2003 and 2010 the US provided Cuba over 1.8 Billion USD

According to the University of Miami report, Cuba owed the US 1.871 billion USD In 2010.

A 2003 US State Department report indicated that Cuba did not owe any money to the US.

Fact Sheet
Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
Washington, DC
July 24, 2003


EUROPE: $10.9 billion. Paris Club creditors (Source: Banco Central de Cuba.) In 1986, Cuba suspended payments of the debt. Despite on-going negotiations, Cuba has yet to service its debt to the Club since issuing a moratorium in 1987.

Eastern Europe: $2.2 billion.

Russia: Estimated at roughly $20 billion.

Canada: $73 million (Excludes short and medium-term commercial debts to Canadian suppliers.)

Japan: $1.7 billion (Japan is Cuba’s principal creditor, excluding the former Soviet Union.)

China: $400 million.

In July 2014, Putin announced Russia would write off 90% of Cuban debt. It was never reported what the conditions would be.

Cuba is one of Russia’s leading partners in the region” with which “we closely coordinate our foreign policy,” Putin said in an interview with Itar-Tass and Prensa Latina yesterday.

This is all about money and influence. The sharks are circling around the coveted prey 90 miles off of American shores. Once again innocent Cubans don't stand a chance against the corrupt politicians and the bankers that line their coiffeurs.

"Big investors are betting on regime change in Cuba" ~CNBC 2012

As many as ten hedge funds in London have amassed positions in Cuba's long-unpaid debt, according to a market maker who has served as middleman on the trade. Of the ten, two in particular hold the greatest concentration, as does one private individual, a separate source said.

(apparently there are people who get very rich when embargo is lifted)

When the U.S. embargo against Vietnam was lifted in 1993, Vietnamese debt appreciated 500% in five years. In Yugoslavia, after Milosevic was deposed and the embargo lifted, the country's debt skyrocketed almost immediately in September of 2000.

Private Billionaires Have Been Secretly Investing in Cuba for Years

One example of private capitalists preying on Cuban exclusive commodities is the former Mossad Spy, and Israeli politician, who is wanted by the FBI, Rafi Eitan, owner of Farms and other "ventures" in Cuba.

"The Miramar Trade Center (MTC) is the brainchild of Inmobiliaria Monte Barreto S.A., a joint venture between Cuban state agency Cubalse S.A. and Grupo BM, an Israeli entity headed by former Mossad spy chief Rafi Eitan.There is Something Stinky in Cuba ~2006

Castro brothers, the devout advocates of the Palestinian cause, say one thing and befriend another.

Fidel Castro to light Menorah Cuban leader, Israeli Minister Rafi Eitan to inaugurate huge Israeli symbol in central Havana square in memory of Holocaust victims ~YNET 2006

2010 Raul Castro Shamelessly Celebrates Hanukka in Havana


The CUBA Fund

Herzfeld Caribbean Basin (CUBA) Fund

"Defaulted Cuban Debt: Buyer Beware" ~2015

The CUBA:US Fund was created in 1992 by Thomas Herzfeld in Miami Beach.

Top CUBA Institutional Shareholders:

"Cuban Debt Buyer Beware"

Dec. 23, 2014 -- Cumberland Advisors CIO David Kotok and Bloomberg’s Katia Porzecanski examine United States and Cuba relations on asset claims. They speak with Bloomberg’s Trish Regan on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Another point not mentioned, Cuba under Castro has been associated with all elements of criminal activity. That includes drug trafficking, which has been well documented by our government.

"Cuba, Russia, Bulgaria are Using Drugs as Weapons to Destroy the Free World"

The Cuban in Charge of Trafficking Drugs in the 80's was Current Cuban "President" Raul Castro

Prior to Castro, Cuba was a Mafia favorite known for casinos, rum, and fun. Fidel Castro came to power and took criminal enterprise to another level.

Cuba and Cocaine, PBS 1991

Castro protested mafia corruption and then replaced them. In his quintessential Orwellian fashion, Castro denounced drugs while making Cuba a major hub of human and drug trafficking. The fact that Fidel Castro runs a major drug trafficking route through Cuba, as seen in the videos, has been well documented, but scarcely published. Most people in South Florida and Latin America understand that Cuba has been as much a part of the criminal world, as the gangsters in Central America and Mexico. The American media didn't seem to find this of interest.

In September 2012, as unprecedented amounts of cheap, pure heroin flood world markets, Obama and Castro cynically announced cooperation against drug trafficking, while heroin addiction has become an epidemic among American children during President Obama's administration.

Cuba and US find common ground in war on drugs, By Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, Camaguey Province, Cuba

In 2006, the "anti-imperialist" Fidel transferred his responsibilities to his brother Raúl Castro, who assumed power in 2008, as if Cuba was a monarchy, and the world press didn't even blink.

The book, Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network – Published September 10, 2010 by Dean Henderson, provides extensive research explaining the ties of modern Oligarchs and the criminal world.

"Big Oil pulls back the covers to expose an ancient cabal of global oligarchs whose control over the global economy is based on hegemony over the planet's three most valuable commodities: oil, guns and drugs combined with ownership of the world's central banks. "

Iran's Hassan Khomeini in Cuba to Protest America

Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, as he leads more than 1.2 million Cubans in the largest anti-U.S. protest in four decades of hostilities, July 26, 2001.
Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, as he leads more than 1.2 million Cubans in the largest anti-U.S. protest in four decades of hostilities, July 26, 2001. | Source

American Media Ignores Narco Trafficking

There is no drug war, there isn't even any drug news. FARC is back, and trafficking in the Americas, along with the Islamic Revolutionary Terrorists.

For years, Cuba's apologists have debunked U.S. warnings of Havana's sponsorship of terror. It withers in the face of news that Cuba has just set up a Hezbollah base. Investor's Business Daily 2011

The Venezuelan Federal "government" has been involved in worldwide drug trafficking, and Cuba and FARC are still working together. How are these issues no longer newsworthy in American media?

Top Government Venezuelan Officials In Washington for Trafficking Investigation January 2015

FARC Terrorists Take Refuge in Cuba December 2014

Terrorists in Americas Back Yard

The Emerging Access of Venezuela and Iran 2009

2010 WikiLeaks, Obama meddling in Honduras Politics. Obama supported A known Narco Candidate in Honduras. Released cables make it clear that the U.S. knew Manuel Zelaya was a threat to democracy in Honduras.

The 2009 "coup d’état in Honduras was carried out with the acquiescence of the U.S. government at the time. In fact, the Millennium Challenge Corp., an independent U.S. foreign-aid agency chaired by the Secretary of State — Hillary Clinton at the time — continued to provide funding to the coup regime in the immediate aftermath of the putsch, even as the U.S. State Department indicated publicly that it had suspended assistance programs in Honduras."

Her Life Has Been Threatened for Telling the Truth

“This war on drug trafficking was never real.” Source: The Corruption Reaches the Highest Levels of Government
“This war on drug trafficking was never real.” Source: The Corruption Reaches the Highest Levels of Government | Source

The Problem Comes from the Top

Nobody should get the false impression that the Castro brothers, Mexico, or Latin America are the source of the problem. They are Narco nations, but they are being used to cover for the real criminals. Have no doubt that no major trafficking could happen today without government complicity, and those who helped install the treasonous regimes.

2014: Major Drug Trafficking Does Not Happen Without Government Complicity

Meet the journalist who accuses presidents of links to drug cartels, Anabel Hernandez (pictured above right with link to article) talks to Global Post to explain why Mexico’s government is more dangerous than its gangsters.

Narco Nations Everywhere

March 2014 Globalists and Gangs Back Marxist Mass-murderer in El Salvador As The New American magazine has documented extensively, the region (Central America) is already dominated by a closely knit network of foreign-backed socialist tyrants.

These contemporary news headlines are an indication that the criminals are charge, while Cuba's criminal activity is shielded by their iron curtain.

2011: Obama DOJ Gave Cartel Enough Guns to Arm a Marine Regiment

2011: SEC Ignores Rampant Money Laundering. "How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs."

2011: BERNANKE and The Fed’s $29 Trillion Secret Bail-out of Wall Street

2012: Drug shipments off of Africa have "significantly increased since 2009"

Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production


"God, please save us from the evil ones," he said, as the congregation of around two dozen women and a handful of men repeated after him.'

2012: New York Times. "More than 660,000 Americans used heroin in 2012, the federal government says, double the number of five years earlier."

In 2012, it was reported that 6 corporations, owned 90% of American media.

Rockefeller, Uruguay President, Jose Mujica, and Soros meet in NY 2013, to Discuss Drug Legalization

Mujica, a 78-year-old former leftist guerrilla who spent years in jail
Mujica, a 78-year-old former leftist guerrilla who spent years in jail | Source

2013: Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

2013: HSBC SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR: true to its banking roots -The Original, Drug Cartel

Banking Giant HSBC 'A Criminal Enterprise' Whistle blower explains.

2014: ISIS and the Mexican Drug Cartels Teaming Up

2014: Heroin Becomes Cheaper and More Available July 2014

2014: BBC "The horrific toll of America's heroin 'epidemic"America's Heroin Epidemic"

July 2014 Guardian - The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control at least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US, says whistleblower William Binney – that's a 'totalitarian mentality'

Since 1961: Innocent Human Beings Throwing Themselves in Shark Infested Water, to Escape Their Own Government

Circa 1798

"The aim of the Order is now more fully told him. It is, in one sentence, "to make of the human race, without any distinction of nation, condition, or profession, one ......"

Proofs of a Conspiracy, published in the year 1798, pg 58

The goal of Illuminati has been to eliminate existing forms of government, religions around the world, and establish a New World Order, with all nations under "Illuminati" control.

Since Fidel Castro came into power, HUMAN BEINGS have been throwing themselves into shark infested waters to escape their nation, and the world media silence has been deafening.

In 2012, unnoticed reports were announced of relaxed rules regarding travel to Cuba, US Federal Government under the Obama administration, had already awarded select licenses for companies to travel to Cuba a year earlier. This is an excerpt from one of those recipients:

As you may know, you can once again travel to the Caribbean island of Cuba on U.S. government authorized educational and cultural trips. My company, Cuba Educational Travel, happens to be one of the few entities awarded a U.S. Treasury Department license (CT-2012-294261-1) to arrange these fruitful exchanges.

Special tourist licenses to Cuba were awarded by the Obama administration to select crony capitalists as if they were a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth during the 16th century. How is that constitutional?

A British BBC promotional video of Cuba from 2013 doesn't mention that the production they put together on the island of Cuba could not have been done without government authorization. Reporters aren't free, and neither are the people. Imports and "trends" don't happen without government approval. There is a watch group in every neighborhood, and even family can't be trusted in most communist nations.

The BBC "news" video is just one example of the distorted reality that is presented about Cuba to the world.

The information about Cuba that follows, is unlike what you have heard before, and it is all a TRUE story. Everything is referenced because it originates from the source. Truth is a real commodity these days. Cuba should matter to all of us because if that nation, and the world, could be duped so easily, we are all vulnerable. There is the possibility that we are all living a false notion of freedom, under manchurian sock puppet rulers that are beholden to something other than the people. There is a possibility that we could be Cuba some day. Venezuelans NEVER thought it could happen to them, it did.

In the 1700's, after the French Revolution, two major books were published that documented an organization known as Illuminati, specifically the Bavarian Illuminati, which had been formally founded in 1776 in Germany.

Books such as Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, by Abbe Barruel, and Proofs of a Conspiracy, by Jim Robinson, were historically accurate and among the most read books of the time, why are they absent from history text books? There is actually a lot of history that is never told. Centuries of history has been glossed over or omitted from American history text books.

The Jacobin movement responsible for the French Revolution was the origin of the current communist movement, that never really went away. The two books outline the goals of Illuminati to infiltrate Freemason organizations and use them to create a New World Order, promising equality and fraternity for all, but actually amounted to slavery by eliminating most of the population, as well as traditional religions and forms of government.

Those books are documented HERE, with links to the sources. If we look at any of the numerous revolutions that have taken place since the Illuminati foundation in 1776, and what taken place up to now, we can see the tentacles of Illuminati influence and realize that nothing happened organically.

The ultimate intention of Illuminati and the New Order, is one Godless society, under their FEUDALISTIC control. Which is by definition, is slavery.

In this case we look at Cuba. What we find can best be described as Illuminati Island.

According to Wikipedia, in 2013 Cuba had a population of 11.1 Million People. We also know that over 1 Million people have fled to the US since Castro's Revolution. That represents approximately 10% of the Cuban population escaping "paradise", not to mention the diaspora around the world. Most escapes are via makeshift boats, in shark infested waters.

1994: The Tugboat Massacre

In case anyone has been misled into denial that leaving Cuba requires escaping for Cubans, thanks to PR agencies pretending to be media, the "Tugboat Massacre" is one example what happens when Cuban boats are caught leaving.

On July 13, 1994, 72 Cuban men, women, and children, attempted to leave the island of Cuba and were attacked by government ships bombarding the tugboat with high pressure water hoses. They did this despite the pleas of mothers begging for mercy for their children, and despite the wailing of babies. Most of the people onboard were left to drowned at sea, those captured were executed.

Why are they so desperate to leave? They aren't starving like the people of India after the British Opium imposed famines, or the people in Africa. Cubans live in a natural paradise. They are risking their lives because they want freedom. Freedom is a right all human beings deserve.

Unlike what we are taught in American textbooks, slavery was a worldwide phenomenon, dating back to 18th Century BC, that was not confined to any region or race. In the Americas, it was an imported practice, brought mostly from the British, Dutch and Portuguese traders. In America, captive native indians were likely slaves, and even poor whites were brought as indentured servants to pay for their passage to the New World. Slavery didn't start or end during the American civil war, and exists to this day.

The biggest tragedy ignored about Cuba is that it is a slave nation. Millions of Cuban people have been forced out of their own country, and have willingly abandoned loved family, to have freedom. The exodus of people who were so desperate, they risked their own lives, and the lives of their loved ones to escape "paradise," are a symptom of the gulag nation. This exodus continues today.

October 9th, 2014: In Rickety Boats, Cuban Migrants Again Flee to U.S., by FRANCES ROBLES, NY Times

Leonardo Heredia, a 24-year-old Cuban baker, for example, tried and failed to reach the shores of Florida eight times.

Last week, he and 21 friends from his Havana neighborhood gathered the combined know-how from their respective botched migrations and made a boat using a Toyota motor, scrap stainless steel and plastic foam. Guided by a pocket-size Garmin GPS, they finally made it to Florida on Mr. Heredia’s ninth attempt.

“Things that were bad in Cuba are now worse,” Mr. Heredia said. “If there was more money in Cuba to pay for the trips, everyone would go.”

In the book Cuba in Revolution - Escape From a Lost Paradise, by Miguel A. Faria, there are authentic insights from Cubans that we could all benefit from.

Even the reviews from the book, Cuba in Revolution, provide insight into the deceptions that helped turn the Island paradise into a prison. It is a hidden history that we should all be aware of.

“Dr. Miguel Faria has shown two things that strike me as essential for Americans to understand. One, gun registration was the tool for Castro to disarm the people of Cuba prior to committing genocide. Two, be careful lest we get what we say we want. The people of Cuba wanted to get rid of the dictator Batista. They did, and then got Castro. I hope that Americans will be more careful about who they support for making needed changes in our government.” —Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

“Dr. Faria demolishes the wall of myths constructed by the political left to protect its own romantic delusions against the reality of Fidel Castro’s murderous and inhumane regime. There is no excuse for the U.S. to attack distant Afghanistan while tolerating a tyrant 90 miles from its coast.” —Paul Craig Roberts, Nationally-Syndicated Columnist

The world needs to know more about what really happened in Cuba. We need to be honest about what is happening today.

The Revolutionary Hat on Cuba's Coat of Arms Designed 1848

Note the Iconic Mullet (Star) of Cuba's Revolution

Something on this Cuban Coat of Arms, created in 1848, doesn't belong there.

The red wool Jacobin hat, which became a fashion icon in the French Revolution, would normally have no use on the tropical island. The Cuban Revolution was glorified, sanitized, and honored in the same fashion of the French Revolution. Both the French Revolution, and the Cuban Revolution, were deceptively imposed upon the nations by foreign interests.

The iconic star in Castro's hat (pictured right) has origins in Anglo Saxon Europe. Under the system of cadency in use in England and Ireland since the late 15th century, a third son bears a mullet (unpierced) as a difference.

This is exactly what the early authors of the Illuminati conspiracy have warned the world about. They documented the fact that the French Revolution was planned for a long time, and although the French Revolution failed in its' ultimate goals, there were plans for this "New World Order" around the world. They clearly documented that a covert take over of nations, by elite and powerful people, to create an enslaved Godless society, had been planned by aristocrats in Bavaria, Germany since 1776.

They planned to enslave the world. It sounds so outrageous, that accusations were easily turned into something mythical. The fact is that conspiracies exist. That’s why we have laws against them.

If two persons agree together to commit a crime, they’re engaging in a conspiracy, and that happens all the time.

It wouldn’t be necessary to make this point except that the mainstream media has done its best to make everyone who thinks there has been a conspiracy is a "Conspiracy theorist" and made to sound like a kook. I had that impression myself, despite many times being aware of mass deception. The very term “conspiracy theorist” has been made pejorative in a similar way to "Papist" and "Zionist". Secretive plotting, collusion, intrigue, connivance, machination, collaboration; treason are a very real aspect of our society.

Another very real aspect of our society is slavery. It has existed since the beginning of time, and exists to this day.

July 15, 2013: Slavery is a $32bn industry so why aren't we following the money trail Guardian Newspaper UK

Human trafficking generates huge profits, but legislation falls short on confiscating the cash and prosecuting ringleaders

September 8, 2014: Brazil Pays Cuba Over $1 Billion for Human Trafficking

Since 2013, the Castro regime has collected over $700 million from the Brazilian government for its trafficking of medical doctors.

What do you think?

Do You Believe Castro Came to Power on His Own?

See results

1861 New York Times Article: Secret Order Has Plans to Establish a Slave Nation Headed by a Monarchy in Cuba and Mexico

Prior to the Spanish American war, and the Civil War in 1861, The York Times published a fascinating article about a covert secretive group, planning on attacking Mexico, Cuba etc. to establish an independent monarchy, banning Catholics from office, and maintaining the use of slaves. They were called "Knights of the Golden Circle"

"The Secret of the Order, however, has been betrayed during the intestine strife raised by disunion in Kentucky, and the revelation exposes a plot which, for audacity, ability and wickedness, has rarely been surpassed in the long history of conspiracy.

The object of the Order may be briefly stated. It is nothing less than to raise an army of 16,000 men for the conquest of Mexico, and the establishment in that vast territory of a strongly organized monarchy, resting on a basis of slave institutions."....

Moreover, after the conquest of Mexico, he is to contend for the exclusion of every Roman Catholic from office and from the priesthood, and to support a system of passports enforced by the penalty of death.

Knights of the Golden Circle

The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a pro-slavery secret society in the mid-nineteenth-century United States. The original objective of the KGC was to annex a golden circle of territories in Mexico (which would be divided into 25 slave states)
The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a pro-slavery secret society in the mid-nineteenth-century United States. The original objective of the KGC was to annex a golden circle of territories in Mexico (which would be divided into 25 slave states) | Source

1850's KGC:Envisioned a Southern Empire in Caribbean and Central America

Knights of the Golden Circle

Masonic-inspired Southern Rights secret organization: The Knights of the Golden Circle, referenced in Nicholas Cage’s movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, was a real secret society that envisioned the creation of a vast slave-based Southern Empire in Central America and the Caribbean.

In the 1850s, the filibuster William Walker had conquered Nicaragua, The Directory had tried to acquire Cuba from Spain, and Gov. John Quitman of Mississippi resigned after backing Narciso López’s failed attempt to conquer Cuba:

The primary economic and political goal of this organization was to create a prosperous, slave-holding Southern Empire extending in the shape of a circle from their proposed capital at Havana, Cuba, through the southern states of the United States, Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. The plan also called for the acquisition of Mexico which was then to be divided into fifteen new slave-holding states which would shift the balance of power in Congress in favor of slavery.

Facing the Gulf of Mexico, these new states would form a large crescent. The robust economy the KGC hoped to create would be fueled by cotton, sugar, tobacco, rice, coffee, indigo, and mining. These seven industries would employ slave labor.”

Britain's Atlantic Slave Trade Route

It seems there were plans for Cuba's conquest and formation of a slave nation over a century before Castro came to power. Going back to the beginning we see how the pieces of the puzzle come together. "There are no accidents in politics" Joseph Kennedy 1960

It is well known that Cuba was a part of the slave trade in the Americas. Many forget that slavery was an imported practice from Europe, and it's greatest trader was Great Britain using the triangular trading system for the transatlantic slave trade. The Royal African Trade Company was a British Royal charter, that operated as a legal monopoly in Africa from the late 17th to early 19th centuries, carrying slaves, cash crops, and manufactured goods between West Africa, Caribbean or American colonies and the European colonial powers, with the northern colonies of British North America, especially New England. Before that, Captain John Hawkins made the first known English slaving voyage to Africa, in 1562, in the reign of Elizabeth 1.

The use of African slaves was fundamental to growing colonial cash crops, which were exported to Europe. European goods, in turn, were used to purchase African slaves, which were then brought on the sea lane west from Africa to the Americas, the so-called Middle Passage.

Historian, Professor David Richardson, has calculated that British ships carried 3.4 million or more enslaved Africans to the Americas.

The slave trade industry was only surpassed by the opium forced on the Chinese, and cultivated in India with feudalistic Indian labor, by the British East India Trading Company.

Historic Truths About Slavery and Drugs

Another interesting fact not found in the history books is the Catholic church's opposition to slavery. The church made three major, public condemnations of slavery.

By the 16th century, Britain's Royal Merchants were well established in the slave and opium trades. Both practices had been banned by the Catholic church. Although it seems most nations, even the British subjects, never really knew the extent of the Royal Crown's illicit activities. What followed the second Papal mandate against slavery in 1537, was a separation from the Catholic church known as Protestant Reformation in Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavian monarchies.

The much maligned, and historically distorted "Spanish Inquisition" was actually in response to the slavery that was part of the Moorish culture, along with some of the Jews that lived among them. Women in what is now Spain, were being abducted as slaves. The response to the abductions and slavery was to expel the cultures that had no regard for Papal mandates, and engaged in the white slave trade, unless they converted. Iberia was always a culturally diverse part of Europe, unlike the Anglo Saxon nations in northern Europe. Recently, secular historians have recognized the fact that European Christians were also victims of slavery as documented in Catholic church history.

A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before. Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Palgrave Macmillan).

It is rarely noted that the Anglo Saxon nations had a hostile relationship with Jews for centuries before the Spanish inquisition. In 1290, King Edward I of England issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. Three hundred and fifty years later, the situation was reconsidered. It was only reconsidered to lure wealthy Jews, particularly those expelled from Spain.

In 1527, during the height of the (protestant) Reformation, opium is reintroduced into European medical literature by Paracelsus, a practitioner of the Occult, as Laudanum. These black pills or "Stones of Immortality" were made of opium were introduced and commonly used in Royal circles.

In 1762, the British army led by George Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle captured Havana as part of the Seven Years' War with France. During the year-long occupation of Cuba (Spain regained the island in 1763 by exchange of Florida with the British), the British colonists expanded the plantation system on the island and imported 4000 African slaves as laborers, nearly 10% of all the slaves imported to the island during the previous 250 years.

By the 19th century in Europe, use of Laudanum, cocaine, and even arsenic were used recreationally by Victorian era aristocrats and writers. source: Victorian Drug Use

Society had changed drastically during the period of Enlightenment, where man and science replaced God.

Another NY Times Article from September 27, 1854, shows the depths of depravity of mankind, and that truth is stranger than fiction.

An African Slave Trader, NY Times 1854

Britain Took Advantage of the Cover of War to Invade Cuba in 1762

The Battle of Havana (1762) was a military action from March to August 1762, as part of the Seven Years' War. British forces besieged and captured the city of Havana and occupied Cuba.

1763: Under Treaty of Paris Cuba was returned to Spain.

1789: The origin of communism is presented in the Jacobin movement of the French Revolution.

"The Jacobin of 1793 has become the communist of our day." Karl Marx 1848

"and it was distinguished for its left-wing, revolutionary politics." Wikipedia

1793: The Haitian revolution (1791-1804) which started as a slave revolt sent over 30,000 white Haitians to Cuba.

The French founded a colony on the western side of the Haiti (originally called Saint Domingue) in 1697. The Spanish claimed the eastern side of the island. By the eighteenth century, France's colony was the most profitable sugar producer in the New World, thanks to the use of slaves. In 1791, the slaves revolted and the rebels fought the French, the Spanish, and each other for control of the island.

1794: After another slave revolt that year, the British ostensibly taken over the island. By 1798, the British had withdrawn primarily because of the devastating effects of yellow fever. France then took control of the entire island.

1823: The Monroe Doctrine was first stated by the fifth American President James Monroe during the State of the Union Address to Congress. The Monroe Doctrine was inspired by the Napoleonic Wars, and the concern that European Monarchies were attempting to re-establish dominion over newly independent nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Monroe Doctrine stated that the free American continents are not to be subject to future colonization by European powers.

1902: Cuba becomes independent but the Platt Amendment keeps Cuba under US protection which retains the right to intervene in internal affairs of Cuba Tomas Estrada Palma elected president.

1906-1909: President Estrada resigns and the US occupies Cuban territory following a rebellion led by Jose Miguel Gomez.

1909: Jose Miguel Gomez elected Cuban president

1912: Black protests against discrimination and US forces return to Cuba.

1919: The world's first concentration camps were established in Communist Russia. (Slave Labor)

1920: The Red Scare: The first concerns of communism in America were known as the Red Scare. The concerns were over the effects of radical political agitation in American society using covert infiltration to promote communism and anarchism using covert infiltration of organizations such as the American labor movement, media, and clubs.

1924: Gerado Machado establishes a dictatorship in Cuba.

1925: Socialist Party founded leading to Cuban Communist. It was later renamed the "Communist Revolutionary Union". The party supported Gerardo Machado and Fulgencio Batista, joining his first government in 1940 with one minister without portfolio, and was initially critical of Fidel Castro. After the electoral victory of the Partido Auténtico in the 1944 elections, the party went into decline, and eventually adopted the name "Popular Socialist Party" for electoral reasons.

Today, the Communist Party of Cuba (Spanish: Partido Comunista de Cuba, PCC) is the only political party permitted to rule in the Republic of Cuba, but others are allowed to exist. It is a communist party of the Marxist-Leninist model. The Cuban constitution ascribes the role of the Party to be the "leading force of society and of the state". As of April 2011, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba is Raúl Castro, the President of Cuba, younger brother of the previous First Secretary and President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and the Second Secretary is José Ramón Machado Ventura.

Catholic Church Banned Freemasonry 1738

1733: Masonic Lodge founded by Englishman Charles Sackville, in Florence, Italy,

1736: Inquisition investigated a Masonic Lodge in Florence, Italy, which it condemned in June 1737.

1738: Pope Clement XII, born in Florence, issued In Eminenti Apostolatus, the first papal prohibition on Freemasonry.

Masonic Symbols Mixed with Voodoo


Freemasonry which Originated in England, Spread Along the Atlantic Trade Route

Cuba's freemasonry is protected by the communist regime.

The British Triangular Trade Route also spread Freemasonry in the Caribbean. Masonic ideas were noted in Cuba from about 1763 onwards. Under Spanish rule Masonic lodges were considered anti-religious, and outlawed. Later, during the island’s brief occupation by Britain, the activities of English and Irish military lodges provided the foundations for the development of a Cuban charter.

1715: The earliest known American lodges were in Pennsylvania. The Collector for the port of Pennsylvania, John Moore, wrote of attending lodges there in 1715, two years before the formation of the first Grand Lodge in London.

1776: The plot to infiltrate Freemason lodges, and use their good reputations, was planned.

With this, we know that early Freemasons in the Americas were free from the sadistic oaths that changed the fraternal order into a tool for covert revolutionary take over of nations.

1791: Masonic lodges were well established during the Haitian Revolution. Masonry was so ingrained into local culture that the all-black revolutionary government inherited the Craft amongst their other spoils of war.Thousands of French colonists fled the uprising, escaping a widespread massacre of white slavers to land at ports such as Trinidad in the south of Cuba.

1804: Joseph Cerneau was a French-Haitian freemason, escaping Haiti, who founded Cuba’s first lodge, the Cuban Theological Virtue Temple in Havana.

Rather than the secrecy that so often surrounds masonry in other parts of the world, Cuban lodges take place in town centers, decorated in bright colors. They permit female membership, and "brethren" favor relaxed attire over the traditional suits and ties.

Germany tried to install a puppet regime on another island in 1887

President James Monroe’s 1823 annual message to Congress contained the Monroe Doctrine, which warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.

Buried in a routine annual message delivered to Congress by President James Monroe in December 1823, the doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs. The doctrine was conceived to meet major concerns of the moment, but it soon became a watchword of U.S. policy in the Western Hemisphere.

The Monroe Doctrine was invoked in 1865 when the U.S. government exerted diplomatic and military pressure in support of the Mexican President Benito Juárez. This support enabled Juárez to lead a successful revolt against the Emperor Maximilian, who had been placed on the throne by the French government.

The Monroe Doctrine came up again in 1887, during a now forgotten "Samoan crisis" which also revealed that European monarchies were after island territories well into the 19th century.

President Cleveland (1876-1900) reacted strongly when Germany tried to install a puppet monarch during the Samoan Revolution, called the Samoan crisis,1887-1889. The President dispatched three warships to Samoan waters, a bellicose action that eventually produced a tripartite protectorate over the islands signed by Germany, Britain, and the United States. After he left office, Cleveland criticized the agreement as an entangling alliance with European monarchies.

The rulers in Germany at the time were, Monarch – Wilhelm I, Kaiser (1871–1888) and Chancellor - Prince Otto von Bismarck (1871–1890).

There was a very obvious threat of European Imperialist attempts to impose monarchies in the America's, and around the world. The Monroe Doctrine ended those attempts and what followed were the distinct pattern of revolutions around the world which were similar to Cuba's, followed by installments of undemocratic governments where coup d'etat was successful, that continued well past the French Revolution of the 18th century. The Revolutions that took place around the world never mention the covert foreign influence has always been involved. The American Civil War is the best example of that covert influence and cover up.

As with the French Revolutions, Freemasonry was always a part of the scenery.

Hawain King David Kalākaua

The Merrie Monarch, was the last reigning king of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. He reigned from February 12, 1874 until his death in San Francisco, California, on January 20, 1891.
The Merrie Monarch, was the last reigning king of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. He reigned from February 12, 1874 until his death in San Francisco, California, on January 20, 1891.

President Grover Cleveland

In his second term, the situation in Hawaii was said to have caught President Cleveland off guard. There are claims that President Cleveland was concerned that the previous Harrison administration (1773-1841), and American sugar planters on the islands had conspired during the Hawaiian revolution of 1893 to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy.

There was likely proof of a conspiracy, but the assertion that President William Henry Harrison, who was the first President ever to die in office, had served only 31 days. Harrison was not a likely conspirator. According to Wikipedia he died of "pneumonia."

President Harrison fell ill, vomited blackish material, and died July 9, 1850. (Kentucky authorities recently dug up Taylor's body looking for evidence of arsenic poisoning.) President Harrison was from the Anti-Masonic Party, which was very popular at the time, since there were many rumors of Freemason murders and conspiracies that involved treasonous collusion such as the William Morgan Scandal of 1826.

1949: Zachary Taylor became the 12th President of the US. and threatened to hang those "taken in rebellion against the Union'' in opposition to abolishing slavery. Less than 16 months into his presidency, Zachary Taylor died unexpectedly from a mysterious stomach ailment on July 9, 1850. The cause of death has been disputed to this date.

There has certainly been a historical pattern of revolutions around the world with undue influence by foreign entities, followed by installments of undemocratic governments, where successful. That patterncontinued well past the French Revolution of the 18th century. It seems that many nations such as Cuba and Hawaii were spared from European monarchies in the 19th century. In the 20th century, those same nations faced a renewed threat, this time it would be known as "communism".

Communism in Hawaii, the Obama Connection, Cliff Kincaid.

As with the French Revolutions, British Freemasonry was always a part of the scenery.

Age of Deceit and the New World Order: Jay Carr 1958

Pawns in the Game Written 1958 Calls Communism an Illuminati Luciferian Conspiracy

Pawns in the Game, written by Canadian naval officer and noted author, was published in 1954. Pawns in the Game was considered by Illuminati experts to be the most comprehensive research of history ever written.

William Guy Carr (1895-1959), was a noted author who had a distinguished career as a Canadian naval officer, including outstanding service during World War II. The book begins as follows:

"Here is a TRUE story of international intrigue, romance, corruption, graft, and political assassinations, the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of how different groups or atheistic-materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world. It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The international Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy."

National Archives contain the original speech from the author, who died shortly after writing his book.

The video (above right) contains a presentation of the material that describes how "the father of lies, is behind Communism.

The online book of is found HERE. Excerpts from Pawns of the Game are found HERE.

Knights of the Golden Circle

Britain Has Invaded 90% of the World


The idea that the elite and EU "Allies" are conspiring with despots seems impossible because American history text books are compromised

There are many important facts that have not been included in American history text books.

The British hostility towards neutral America, during the Napoleonic Wars, included kidnapping American Men as soldiers, confiscating and looting American ships at sea, which made the War of 1812 unavoidable for Americans. Britain provoked the US into war, and made every possible effort to recapture its' former colony. Canada remains a British colony to this date, but is referred to as a "commonwealth". Few people know that the British Monarchy currently keeps 53 nations as "commonwealth" countries. Those nations that are considered "realms" have the Queen as sovereign, which include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, much of Africa, and most of the Caribbean.

The Geneva Tribunal of 1874, provided historical documentation of the fact that the British were directly involved in The American Civil War, and supporting the Confederate South who wanted to maintain slavery. The British supplied the confederates with warships, and compensation for damages and death caused by those British ships was being disputed in a court in Switzerland.

We know today that the British Agents instigated the American South to leave the Union. They also armed, and funded, the Confederate South in the American Civil War that took place from 1861-1865. The British were NOT neutral during the American Civil War, they covertly created it.

The United States of America is just as vulnerable as Cuba was to undue foreign influence, and treasonous governments that were covertly installed by the powerful elite. Just consider the fact that the current American President Barack Hussein Obama’s Political Career Began With Castro-backed Terrorist.

The threat of being under the control of European Empires was a part of our American History, and somehow we forgot.

The History of the Civil War in America: Comprising a Full and ..., Volume 2  By John Stevens Cabot Abbott
The History of the Civil War in America: Comprising a Full and ..., Volume 2 By John Stevens Cabot Abbott | Source

1887 Confederate Bonds held in London

National Safe Deposit Company Ltd. for holding of confederate bonds, London, 1887; measures ca. 22 x 21 cm., one penny Source: 1887 and The British Stamp Tax was in Full Effect
National Safe Deposit Company Ltd. for holding of confederate bonds, London, 1887; measures ca. 22 x 21 cm., one penny Source: 1887 and The British Stamp Tax was in Full Effect | Source

Today we know that the Bank of England funded the Nazi's in WWII

1930: Bank of International Settlements was established, governing the worlds central banks. One phone call from these guys the Bank of England was transferring Gold Reserves into Hitler's account no questions asked.

1939: Nazi Germany invaded the Czech Republic.

The Bank of England transferred 2.6 Million Pounds worth of gold from the Czech account, to the German Gestapo within a month of the invasion.

1945: A treaty was forcefully signed between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, ceding Carpatho-Ukraine to the USSR. It wasn't the Soviet Union questioning the Czech's nations looted gold. The Soviet rule enabled the cover up.

1950: An investigation took place into Czech gold, transferred to Hitler's Gestapo. It was transferred to Germany despite a government freeze on the assets.

The Bank of England transferred Czech gold held in its vaults on behalf of the BIS to the German government despite the fact that the U.K. government had frozen Czech assets held in Britain.

"It was a long time coming, but the Bank of England on Tuesday posted online a history that details how the central bank cooperated with the Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements — known as the central banker’s central bank — to sell gold that Nazi Germany had stolen from Czechoslovakia in 1939." ~MarketWatch 2013

1997: Banco Central de Cuba, Cuba's Central Bank is established.

1959 Fundraiser for Fidel Castro NYC


Who Funded Castro?

1945: The League of Nations turned into the United Nations. With the generous support of the Rockefeller family, headquarters were changed to New York, with additional main offices are situated in Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna.

The Rockefellers and their allies have, for at least fifty years, been carefully following a plan to use their economic power to gain political control of first America, and then the rest of the world. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” Congressman Larry P. McDonald, November 1975, from the introduction to a book titled The Rockefeller File.

The examples of duplicitous loyalties and covert alliances are endless.

Never mind the Czech gold the Nazis stole...The Bank for International Settlements actually financed Hitler’s war machine ~The Telegraph 2013

How six months before WWII Britain gave Hitler $9-million in gold (that belonged to another country) ~The National Post 2013

Who funded Castro?

In 1999, Wall Street CEO, Richard Grasso Travels to Colombia to Meet Raul Reyes Head of the Colombia FARC Cartel


Perhaps someday when the iron curtain rusts away we will know who funded Castro's rise to power. We do know who exploited it.

In late June 1999, numerous news services, including Associated Press, reported that Richard Grasso, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange flew to Colombia to meet with a spokesperson for Raul Reyes of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), the supposed "narco terrorists" with whom we are now at war.

Agencia de Noticias Nueva Colombia also reported Richard Grasso, president of the New York Stock Exchange, flying off to southern Colombia to meet with the currently assassinated Raúl Reyes.

Grasso was accompanied by Finance Minister Juan Camilo Restrepo and presidential commissioner for peace Victor Ricardo. The Argentine daily Clarin reported that Grasso was also accompanied by NYSE vice president Alain Murban and adviser James Esposito. The meeting took place inside the rebel-controlled peace zone in an area near the village of La Machacha, in southern Caqueta department… Local media said Grasso had asked to meet a representative of the FARC’s high command to discuss foreign investment and the future role of US businesses in Colombia.

FARC leaders have always used Cuba as a trafficking base, and Cuba serves as a mediator between FARC, Colombia government which feigns helplessness, and other criminal elements.

Grand Lodge of Cuba Established 1819 with the help of Albert Pike

Source written by Freemason "brethren". Freemasonry was banned by the Catholic Spanish government.
Source written by Freemason "brethren". Freemasonry was banned by the Catholic Spanish government. | Source

Today in Cuba, there are over 318 Masonic lodges which flourish openly. There have been reports that there are over 30,000 registered members Masonic members in Cuba, which is very high for the small island nation.

Various Afro-Cuban religions, Palo Congo, Yoruban Ocha, Abakua, and Haitian Vodú among the population of Haitian descent are mostly in eastern Cuba, with practices known as "santería" which is the only other organized group capable of competing with esoteric Freemasonry in terms of being reasonably free and unrestricted.

Grand Master Prince Edward


The largest international Masonic Lodge in Cuba is the United Grand Lodge. Grand Master Prince Edward has been the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England since he was first elected in 1967.

The long roster of foreign nations with loyalties to the United Grand Lodge of England is impressive and includes nations such as China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela. Colombia and the US stand out with having more than one Lodge. There are 5 separate Lodges in Colombia alone, and another 54 in the United States.

According to this Global Research report from 2011:

All US Masonic lodges are to this day warranted by the British Crown, whom they serve as a global intelligence and counterrevolutionary subversion network.

This recent article, Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police, January 14, 2014, Independent UK, provides insight as to how the well connected Freemasons, working in reputable public and private enterprises, provide cover for the criminal underworld.

Gangsters able to recruit police officers through secret society, says investigation for Scotland Yard

For more information on British royals long history of occult practices click HERE.

CFR, Trilateral Commission, Blackstone, etc. Fidel in 2001


If Media is Controlled, Are We Really Free?

Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), was founded in 1921, as a United States nonprofit, 4900 member organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. Its membership has included senior politicians, more than a dozen Secretaries of State, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

It's headquarters are located in New York City, with an additional office in Washington DC.

In the late 1930s, the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation began contributing large amounts of money to the Council. In 1938 they created various Committees on Foreign Relations throughout the country, funded by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation.

A research publication in 1977, Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations and United States Foreign Policy. Monthly Review Press ISBN 0-85345-393-4, documented the extensive reach this non governmental agency had within the Federal government.

The study found that of 502 government officials surveyed from 1945 to 1972, more than half were members of the Council. During the Eisenhower administration 40% of the top U.S. foreign policy officials were Council members (Eisenhower himself had been a council member); under Truman 42% of the top posts were filled by council members. During the Kennedy administration, this number rose to 51%, and finally peaked at 57% under the Johnson administration. The list of foreign council members is even more extensive.

A recent article in, The New American 2013, shows how CFR is still promoting communist goals in Latin America.

Exposure of Radical CFR Latin America Boss Offers Broad Insight Written by Alex Newman

1940: Sandalio Junco, a Communist labor leader who defected to Trotskyism, is murdered by Stalin Loyalists.

1941: Cuban government declares war on Germany, Japan, and Italy.

1943: Soviet embassy opened in Havana.

1942: According to documents archived in Foreign Relations of the United States Diplomatic Papers, during a meeting in Washington, President Roosevelt candidly told the Soviet foreign minister that "the United States, England and Russia, and perhaps China, should police the world and enforce disarmament [of all others] by inspection."

1945: The Yalta Conference, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin held a meeting to discuss the Post War World affairs.

April 1945: The end of World War II was finally in sight. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, recently elected to an unprecedented fourth term as president FDR, died unexpectedly. He was quickly buried and Vice President Harry S. Truman became President of the United States.

Eleonor Roosevelt Admits Warren Delano Made Money In Opium


1958: Castro Criminal Activity Also Reported in the Same Newspaper Page 1

Park City Daily News - Feb 26, 1958
Park City Daily News - Feb 26, 1958 | Source

Obama Not the First President to Engage Communist Nations

Both American leaders Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harry Truman, attempted to engage communist nations during their terms as US Presidents. In 1951, as "Red China" was expanding into Asia, US General McCarthur, who was in charge of NATO forces, threatened China. President Harry Truman responded by firing, or "relieving" General McCarthur of all of his posts.

Another interesting note is that Harry Truman entered the political scene with the support of Kansas City crime boss, Tom Pendergast. Roosevelt, who was also an associate of Pendergast, faced with endless reports of criminal activity involving the Kansas City Crime Boss, and he could not appear to interfere with further investigations which ended with a conviction of Tom Pendergast in 1939, for tax evasion.

The long reign of Kansas City political boss Thomas J. Pendergast came to an end in 1939, after an investigation led by Special Agent Rudolph Hartmann of the U.S. Department of the Treasury resulted in Pendergast's conviction for income tax evasion.

Also interesting is that the wealthy Roosevelt family made their fortunes in China, trafficking the British East Indian Opium, which was chartered by the British Monarchies. This is another interesting part of history rarely told.

President Roosevelt left the world a more dangerous place, with Freemason Vice President Harry Truman as President. Both men were responsible for the deaths of millions, by enabling Stalin, Mao, and the bombings in Japan. They had a lot in common. Roosevelt died an untimely death. Assassination theories came out immediately, but there was no autopsy, and we will may never know.

WWII had just ended and it was becoming increasingly apparent that, for all its losses, the big winner of that war had been the Soviet Union and world communism. Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill were allies. Today we know the "Allied Nations" were funding the enemy Nazi's via American Rockefeller banks, along with the Bank of England. For some strange reason Stalin was given most of Eastern Europe, and China was placed in the hands of the Communist regime.

August 1945, the final stage of the Second World War, the United States under Harry Truman, dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The two bombings killed at least 129,000 people.

1948: Carlos Prio Socarras became Cuba’s president.

In the middle of the 20th century the two most important anti-Communists in the United States government were Secretary of the Navy and later Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, and Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy.

Both Forrestal and McCarthy had their reputations assassinated politically. Both Jim Forrestal and Joe McCarthy died untimely deaths in Bethesda Naval Hospital.

1949: The body of the first man generally regarded as the leading government official warning of the communist menace abroad and within the United States government, the nation’s first Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, was found on a third floor roof 13 floors below a 16th-floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He had been admitted to the hospital, apparently against his will, diagnosed as suffering from “operational fatigue” and kept in confinement in a room with security-screened windows on the 16th floor since April 2, some seven weeks before. The body had been discovered at 1:50 a.m., and the last edition of the May 22 New York Times reported the death as a suicide.

1952: General Fulgencio Batista staged a coup in Cuba and overthrew Socarras. There was an alleged attempt by Socarras to change the constitution in order to get reelected.

1953: McCarthy begins investigating communists in the US army.

1954: First Bilderberg Conference

The Geneva Conference establishes the partition of Vietnam into North and South.

Senator Joseph McCarthy is discredited, condemned for failing to prove claims of communist penetration and charges of subversion in high places.

1955: Assassination of Jose Antonio Remon, President of Panama.

1956: Nov 25 Fidel Castro, with some 80 insurgents including Raúl Castro, Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos set sail from Mexico for Cuba on the yacht Granma.

Assassination of Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua.

1957: Assassination of Carlos Castillo-Armas of Guatemala.

McCarthy dies at Bethesda, Naval Hospital. He was being treated for Hepatitis which usually has a low mortality rate.

McCarthy walked into the Bethesda Naval Hospital, well known as one man in America most hated by the Communists. And, like Forrestal, he left in a hearse, as a man whose valiant fight against Communism was ended forever.

Bilderberger meetings in St. Simon Island, Georgia, and Fiuggui, Italy.

University students mount an unsuccessful attack on the Presidential Palace in Havana.

1959: NY Times reporter Herbert Matthews, was among the legions of adoring media, who distorted Castro's true intentions. Matthews denied that Fidel Castro was communist to the world, saying:

"This is not a Communist Revolution in any sense of the term. Fidel Castro is not only not a Communist, he is decidedly anti-Communist." Herbert Matthews NY Times 1959

Matthews was a journalist who had taken sides in the Cuban revolution. And in this regard, he was a repeat offender: his coverage of the Spanish Civil War had been biased in favor of the Loyalists. And before that, he openly supported Mussolini in his conquest of Ethiopia.

Che Guevarra would later claim that American journalists such as Mathews were more important than military coups. That same year Castro's rise to power became official. Numerous books written in retrospect about the Cuban Revolution claim these journalists were actually KGB agents, or "agents of influence". It seems little has changed since the 18th century, and the "philosophes" are still manipulating the truth.

1959: The Cuban Revolution was official with the overthrow of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista’s regime by the 26th of July Movement and the establishment of a new Cuban government led by Fidel Castro.

Today, Cuba is a gulag nation 90 miles off the coast of the United States. Thousands of Cubans have thrown themselves in shark infested waters trying to escape the island while the world media applauds the Universal Healthcare provided by the Slave Master himself, Fidel Castro.

A century after Freemasons planned the take over of Cuba, after the Knights of the Golden Circle plotted to take over Mexico and Cuba to create slave nations under a monarchy, it was accomplished in 1959. The romanticized stories of Che Guevara, and Holy Fidel, were a deception that only Illuminati could contrive. A synopsis of Guevarra's personailty shows the elements of Robespierre and Marquis de Sade, the madmen of the French Revolution, who thrived on sadism and death.

The well referenced research in Rockefeller Archives, on "Transnational Medicine",The Rockefeller Foundation and Cuba, 1913-1950, by Jessica L. Allison, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Florida International University, makes it clear the Rockefeller's had a long history in Cuba.

1959: Christian Herter, US Secretary of State, and Fidel Castro

Herter was born in Paris, France,
Herter was born in Paris, France, | Source

Castro Regime was Recognized by NATO Nations in 1959

Christian Archibald Herter (March 28, 1895 – December 30, 1966) was nominated as US Secretary of State, by D. Eisenhower. The Secretary of State serves as advisor to the US President regarding Foreign Affairs.

Christian Herter was born in France, his parents were artists. He studied interior design at Harvard University, and became 59th governor of Massachusetts from 1953 to 1957, and then United States Secretary of State from 1959 to 1961.

Herter married the wealthy heiress Mary Caroline Pratt (1895–1980) in 1917. She was the daughter of Frederic B. Pratt, longtime head of the Pratt Institute and granddaughter of Standard Oil magnate and Rockefeller associate, Charles Pratt.

The declassified Dwight Eisenhower archives are very interesting.

In one declassified American Cable to Allen Dulles, re: Fidel Castro, January 8 1959, it states that (name blocked out) "is very pleased with Castro and the New Regime" and "providing advice to the new regime" and goes on to recommend "immediate recognition".

A Young Raul Castro, Preparing Victim for a Firing Squad


World Newspapers Had Synchronized Headlines that Labeled Fidel Castro "Cuba's Prime Minister"

Despite the fact that Fidel Castro was never elected, world media gave Castro the title of Prime Minister. In the front page news of SCHENECTADY GAZETTE, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 18,1959,

"Castro Calls for 'Just' Trade Pact With US",

GUEST FROM CUBA—Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro waves from the steps of the Capitol in Washington yesterday after conferring behind c l o s e d doors with congressional foreign policy leaders. His appearance on Capitol Hill drew flocks of tourists.

While Castro was treated like a hero, the following headline on the same page stated:

Genovese Sentenced to 15 Years in Dope Case

NEW YORK, April 17 (AP)—Vito Genovese, convicted with 14 others of conspiring to operate an international narcotics ring, was sentenced today to 16 years in prison and fined $20,000.

Ironically, Don Vito Genovese was a crime boss with reported ties to top politicians including Mussolini. This was also the era of Costello, Carlo Gambino, and even Lucky Luciano. They were top soldiers for a criminal network around the world that included Sam Giancana in Chicago and Meyer Lansky in Cuba.

It was later revealed that Meyer Lansky was working with the Federal Government to eliminate Vito Genovese.

Once the iron curtain came down on Cuba, the bosses no longer made headlines. Although drugs became more prevalent as the years passed, bosses no longer got arrested either. They became business men, and owners of banks. The Mexican and Central American gangsters took over the streets.

During the 80's American bankers committing white collar were prosecuted and sometimes jailed. Today the crimes within multinational banking institutions are pervasive and nobody gets prosecuted, much less goes to jail. William Black, a former bank regulator contrasted what happened during the savings and loan scandal of the 1980, and what is happening now.

Absence Of Criminal Referrals Post-Financial Crisis Suggests Collusion Among Regulators And Perps Written By: James West, September 19, 2013

William Black: "The savings and loan debacle was one-seventieth the size of the current crisis, both in terms of losses and the amount of fraud. In that crisis, the savings and loan regulators made over 30,000 criminal referrals, and this produced over 1,000 felony convictions in cases designated as “major” by the Department of Justice.

Today, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which is supposed to regulate the largest national banks, made zero criminal referrals. The Federal Reserve appears to have made zero criminal referrals; it made three about discrimination.

And what people don’t understand about the criminal justice system is there are roughly a million people employed in it — and of course, millions incarcerated in it."

Do an internet search with the name of any Wall Street or International bank, and you will find they have ALL been caught laundering $Billions USD. They continue to launder money with impunity.

As just one example, in 2010, after a whistleblower exposed another bank, Wachovia Bank Admitted to Laundering almost $400 BILLION for Mexican Drug Cartels. Nobody went to jail, and no individual was charged.

Ernesto Guevara Lynch with his parents

Ernesto Guevara Lynch 1928-1967

There are valid claims that there was no bloody revolutionary war in Cuba in effect, “General” Fulgencio Batista and Zaldívar conceded victory to the guerrillas in the beginning ..."Castro had no more than a total of 1000 support troops and 270 fighters opposing Batista's army of 4000-40000 men depending on the source." There is a possibility that the Cuban Revolution could have been a scam, but there is no doubt that there was massive deception.

Fidel's Executioner, by: Humberto Fontova,, October 14, 2005

Ernesto Guevara's real name was Ernesto Lynch. Ernesto Guevara was born to Ernesto Guevara Lynch and his wife, Celia de la Serna y Llosa, a well off middle class family, on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina, the eldest of five children in an Argentine family of Basque and Irish descent.

In 1953, Guevara arrived in Guatemala where President Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán headed a democratically elected government that, through land reform (Reforma Agraria) and other initiatives, was attempting to end the latifundia system. To accomplish this, President Árbenz had enacted a major land reform program, where all uncultivated portions of large land holdings were to be expropriated and redistributed to landless peasants. The biggest land owner, and one most affected by the reforms, was the United Fruit Company, from which the Árbenz government had already taken more than 225,000 acres (91,000 ha) of uncultivated land. This mission of "reform" which amounted to land theft, would be undertaken across Latin America. It is possible that Guevara didn't realize that they were essentially eliminating the biggest employers, existing and future investment of capital, and sources of income for nations that quickly became destabilized. Certainly those masterminding the plans had goals of destabilization of nations from within, which were accomplished.

In Guatemala City, Guevara met with Hilda Gadea Acosta, a Peruvian economist who was well-connected politically as a member of the left-leaning Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana (APRA, American Popular Revolutionary Alliance). She introduced Guevara to a number of high-level officials in the Arbenz government. Guevara then established contact with a group of Cuban exiles linked to Fidel Castro through the July 26, 1953 attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba.

On May 15, 1954, a shipment of Škoda infantry and light artillery weapons was dispatched from Communist Czechoslovakia for the Arbenz Government and arrived in Guatemala. The US government got involved. Che Guevara denounced US actions and the term "Imperialists Yanquis" was born.

1959: The Cuban Marxist Revolution was accomplished in Cuba. Despite the many indications of foreign undue influence in Cuba's regime change, the US, and the Western World, enabled the communist take over.

Che Describes Illuminati

The Celebrated Argentinian Sadistic Murderer was also a Racist.

Che Guevara’s 1952 diary:

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.”

“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

“Just as Jacobin Paris had Louis Antoine de Saint-Just,” wrote French historian Pascal Fontaine, “revolutionary Havana had Che Guevara", a Latin American version of Nechaev, the nineteenth century nihilist terrorist who inspired Dostoevsky’s The Devils.

As Guevara wrote to a friend in 1957, ‘My ideological training means that I am one of those people who believe that the solution to the world’s problems is to be found behind the Iron Curtain.’…He was a great admirer of the Cultural Revolution [in China]. According to Regis Debray, ‘It was he, and not Fidel who in 1960 invented Cuba’s first corrective work camp,’ or what the Americans would call a slave labor camp and the Russians called the gulag.”

Cuba is a police state and Che was its co-founder. Cubans “love” him the same way Romanians “loved” Nicolae Ceausescu and East Germans “loved” Berlin Wall architect Erich Honecker.

Cubans who display open hatred of Che, get arrested. When he was still alive, they were executed or herded into slave-labor camps. Everyone in Cuba “loves” him. It’s required by law. Woe to those who disobey State Security.

He was killed in Bolivia by the army in 1967 when he tried to overthrow yet another government and replace it with a communist state.

Fidel Castro pins a medal on New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews

The American Media

Ironically the dead mass murderer has become an iconic hero, seemingly with the best Public Relations machinery in the world, the American Media.

“Fidel Castro has strong ideas of liberty, democracy, social justice, the need to restore the Constitution....but it amounts to a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic and therefore anti-Communist.” (Herbert Matthews, New York Times, February 1957.)

“This is not a Communist Revolution in any sense of the term. Fidel Castro is not only not a Communist, he is decidedly anti-Communist.” (Herbert Matthews, New York Times, July 1959.)

One day in May 1959, only five months after the triumph of Castro's “anti-communist” revolution, Castro's own Air Force Chief, Major Pedro Diaz-Lanz told his friend Eddie Ferrer, "I've got to tell the Americans and the world what's going on here and start the fight against these communists. Everybody seems asleep!"

A week later Diaz-Lanz resigned his post and declared publicly that Castro's civilian government was a hollow sham, nothing but a front (maintained with the then invaluable assistance of the New York Times) for Soviet-trained communists who were running the show behind the scenes, especially in the crucial functions of the military and police. Diaz-Lanz then bundled his wife and kids onto a small boat and escaped to Miami just ahead of a firing squad.

“To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude. Without your help, and without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.” (a beaming Fidel Castro decorating Herbert Matthews with a medal during a visit to the New York Times offices in April 1959.)

“Foreign reporters -- preferably American -- were much more valuable to us at that time (1957-59) than any military victory. Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force were American media recruits to export our propaganda.” (Che Guevara 1959.)

Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact Signed Under a Portrait of Lenin

Circa: 1939
Circa: 1939 | Source

Stalin, Hitler, and Castro, Introduced Slave Labor

In addition to mass murder, certain despots have too many similarities to pretend ideological opposition. The most common similarity is the establishment of slave camps.

In 2012, it was reported that Castro recruited Nazi SS Soldiers to train Cuban troops at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Fidel Castro 'recruited Nazi SS members to train troops during Cuban missile crisis' ~Telegraph UK 2012

Fidel Castro recruited former members of the Nazi Waffen-SS to train his troops at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, declassified German intelligence files show.

Few people know about the "Devil's Pact" between Hitler and Stalin at the start of WWII, also known as Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact, signed in 1939. Although the narrative of the war is that these to ideologies were in opposition, many actions prove that narrative to be another deception.

Russia wanted Bessarabia (Ukraine) and Eastern Europe and that is exactly what Stalin got after WWII was over.

The American media didn't seem to find any of these events newsworthy. Perhaps because it didn't fit the narrative.


This corresponds to a "criminal profile" of Emilio Izquierdo according to the cuban regime. It explains why Izquierdo was sent to the UMAP camps. profile literally reads: "This individual is a catholic and thus he is negative to the revolutionary pro
This corresponds to a "criminal profile" of Emilio Izquierdo according to the cuban regime. It explains why Izquierdo was sent to the UMAP camps. profile literally reads: "This individual is a catholic and thus he is negative to the revolutionary pro | Source

Havana's Malecon 1962: Czech weapons

A handout picture released by Cuban newspaper Granma, showing Cuban militiamen manning an anti-aircraft battery of Czechoslovakian-made M53 12.7mm quad guns at Havana's Malecón during the 1962 missile crisis
A handout picture released by Cuban newspaper Granma, showing Cuban militiamen manning an anti-aircraft battery of Czechoslovakian-made M53 12.7mm quad guns at Havana's Malecón during the 1962 missile crisis

A Gulag Nation 90 Miles of the Coast of the USA

To eliminate and punish those deemed unfit for his revolution while using them for free labor, Fidel Castro presided over a closed-door meeting within the regime’s hierarchy. The resulting plan was to create a network of concentration camps to intern the thousands of "unfit." First it was named "Plan Fidel." But Castro, cunningly, wanted his name out of it. It was to be called UMAP (Military Units to Help Production).

Castro ordered that his agents - at night - go house to house to apprehend at gun point all the males that fit the profile of what he called, "the scum of society" which meant anyone who didn't get in line.

Castro's thugs went through every city, neighborhood and city block, arresting thousands of men (17 years old and up). The arrested were taken to police stations with the excuse of checking their personal ID cards – cards that all citizens of Castro's Cuba are required to carry.

At the police station, they were thrown into overcrowded cells and later taken to secret police facilities, movie houses, stadiums, warehouses, etc. In those detention centers they were photographed, fingerprinted and forced to sign under duress a confession declaring themselves the "scum of society," in exchange for their release. The ones who signed were released until they were summoned to the dreaded concentration camps. Those who refused to sign remained in jail and endured physical and psychological torture until they did sign.

Many prisoners reported torture, rape, abuse, and "scientific" experimentation on prisoners. A 1967 human rights report from the Organization of American States found that over 30,000 internees are “forced to work for free in state farms for more than eight hours a day and are given the same treatment as political prisoners.”

Some prisoners who survived wrote about the treatments with experiments to cure "homosexuals", as one example. They tried to change homosexual orientation through so-called scientific methods which, imported from the USSR, consisted of insulin injections and the application of electroshocks, interacting with images of naked men, on the one hand, and naked women on the other. So the images of men became a punishment, and the images of the women a reward, the reward being not to be subjected to electroshock therapy. Former prisoners report the same depravity reflected in Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s experiments with dogs. Cuba became the reality version of the novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, the 1896 science fiction writer HG Wells, who's many writings involving the New World Order seem prophetic today.

The concentration camps were built in isolated areas of the province of Camagüey. They were like Hitler's camps, but without crematoriums. They have the electrified barbed wire fences, guards with machine guns and police dogs, etc. It was something never seen before in Cuba's history.

Unlike the French Revolution, the Mob Rule Persecuting Dissent lasted Decades after the Revolution.

Beginning in November 1965, people already classified were summoned to the camps. They arrived by train, bus, truck and other police and military vehicles. And so began the humiliation, suffering, torture and hard labor for those thousands of unfortunate men and boys. Many committed suicide while others died as a result of hunger and disease - with no medical attention - torture and execution. Many suffered solitary confinement, beating, rape and mutilation. The traumatized survivors remember that in the UMAP, "they never received humane treatment."

In July 1968 the name "UMAP" was erased from the camps. Castro's regime cosmetically transformed them into "Military Units." And all the paperwork associated with the UMAP was destroyed. New plans were created to continue confining young men discontent with Castro's communist revolution, selecting people for the same reasons as before. But this time they would receive a pitiful salary for their long and harsh working hours while living under very difficult and inhumane conditions – Castro’s lame attempt to satisfy international pressure.

This network of concentration/hard labor camps continues today as a way to repress and intimidate people, and to obtain cheap labor. Castro’s gulag network of camps and prisons is estimated at over 200 - before 1959, Cuba had just 4 prisons.

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom and before I leave this office, I must inform the citizens of their plight." ~John F. Kennedy 1961

President John F. Kennedy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City April 27, 1961.

JFK and Cuba

According to the History Channel, in March 1960, Eisenhower gave the CIA the go-ahead to arm and train a group of Cuban refugees to overthrow the Castro regime.

1961: Kennedy Inaugural, JFK is sworn into the Presidency and delivers his inaugural address, a landmark speech in which he urges Americans to seek out opportunities to serve their country.

1961: Bay of Pigs, occurred less than three months into JFK's presidency, a group of CIA-trained Cuban exiles attempted to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. National Security Archive revealed that the United States had begun planning an overthrow of the Castro government as early as October 1959. The invasion was conceived during the Eisenhower administration and inherited by President John F. Kennedy, who reluctantly approved its action but denied the invaders previously assured air support in hopes of hiding any U.S. participation. He could only have come to this decision based on advisors counsel. Who were those advisors and why was Castro's army aware of the plans, and had over 4,000 military men waiting for the defenseless Cuban exiles to arrive. The betrayed fighters numbered about 1,700 men. Of those, 118 were murdered, a1,202 were captured, and 360 wounded. Wikipedia

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK was shown photos of Soviet nuclear missile sites being installed in Cuba. To minimize Soviet power in the West, the president initiated a blockade of Cuba the following week. For nearly two weeks, the Cuban Missile Crisis will bring the world closer to nuclear war than ever before or after.

Dealey Plaza Where JFK Was Shot

Dealey Plaza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dealey Plaza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Source

1963: JFK Assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald shoots and kills John F. Kennedy in Dealy Plaza, located in Dallas, Texas where the president was campaigning for re-election. Few Americans believed that Oswald acted alone.

Two days after being charged with the murder of JFK, Oswald was shot during an intended transfer to county facilities on Sunday, November 24th. Oswald was shot and killed on live television in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters. Oswald's killer, Jack Leon Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein), originally from Chicago, was sentenced to death. It didn't really matter because Ruby had an advanced, pre-existing lung disease, and he died of complications related to cancer shortly after being convicted of murder.

Within the CIA, the Bay of Pigs invasion of April 1961 was regarded as the "perfect failure." As quoted by Joseph Kennedy in 1960, "In politics there are no accidents". If it happens it was planned.

1960: Young Irish Catholic priest, Father Bryan O. Walsh spearheads Operation Peter Pan.

Operation Peter Pan

From December 1960 to October 1962, more than fourteen thousand Cuban youths arrived alone in the United States. What is now known as Operation Pedro Pan was the largest recorded exodus of Unaccompanied minors in the Western Hemisphere.

Pedro Pan was a program created by the Catholic Welfare Bureau (Catholic Charities) of Miami in December 1960 at the request of parents in Cuba to provide an opportunity for them to send their children to Miami to avoid Marxist-Leninist indoctrination, labor camps, and persecution.

After the break in diplomatic relations on January 3, 1961, the Catholic Welfare Bureau was authorized by the U.S. Department of State to notify parents in Cuba that visa requirements had been waived for their children. This enabled the children to travel by commercial flights to Miami.

Many notable people came from the Peter Pan program, which was a drama filled with tragedy, love and hope, and completely ignored by the media. Carlos Eire, who was a child in the program has written about those years in his book, Learning to Die in Miami.

As adults, many of the Pedro Pan kids have done well. Eire went on to become a professor at Yale and a National Book Award-winning author. Other Pedro Pan kids include former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez and salsa star Willy Chirino.

There's something else, Eire says, that most of the Pedro Pan kids still share, 50 years later. They're firmly opposed to any normalization of relations with the Castro regime, the regime that was responsible for breaking up their families and forcing them from their homeland.

After Years of Persecution against Catholics, Pope John Paul II goes to Cuba 1998

Religions in Communist Cuba

Roman Catholic

We know that Masonic lodges in Castro's Cuba were mostly protected, while many Christians were persecuted. We also know that while Cuba was a predominantly Catholic nation, Fidel Castro banned Catholics from government service.

Catholicism has historically been the majority religion since Cuba's colonization. However, Communist Cuba is no exception to the ideological clash between Communism and Roman Catholicism that was common in communist countries. After Fidel Castro's ascent to power in 1959, he imposed restrictions on religious activities such as Christmas celebrations, and in 1962 barred personnel of the Church from joining the Communist Party - following a communist tradition.[1]However, Castro's efforts were not as successful as in traditionally secular communist countries such as China.

When the Cold War ended, such restrictions were lifted and the atheist guidelines outlined in the Cuban Constitution were removed. Catholics have been able openly join the Party since 1990. In 1998 Pope John Paul II made an official visit to Cuba and met leader Fidel Castro in person. Castro honored the Pope publicly. Pope Benedict XVI visited in 2012, meeting both Fidel and Raúl Castro. Wikipedia

It appears from Wikipedia that there are eleven Catholic churches that remained functioning in Cuba to this day.

Judaism in Cuba

More than 24,000 Jews lived in Cuba in 1924, and more immigrated to the country in the 1930s. But during and after the 1959 communist revolution, 94% of the Jews left for the United States and other countries.[1] In 2007 an estimated 1,500 known Jewish Cubans remained in the country, overwhelmingly located in Havana.[2] Several hundred have since immigrated to Israel, even as Raul Castro has loosened some aspects of the society. Wikipedia

Jehova's Witness

From 1938 to 1947, the number of Jehovah's Witnesses in Cuba increased from about 100 to 4,000.[14] After World War II, membership in Cuba increased to 20,000,[14] and by 1989 there were approximately 30,000 members.[15] The movement was banned in Cuba in 1974,[15] and members have been imprisoned for their refusal of military service.[16] During the Mariel boatlift in 1980, about 3,000 Witnesses left Cuba.[15] They were forced out because "they continued to worship God in their own way." As of 2014, there were about 96,000 active Jehovah's Witnesses in Cuba (about 0.85% of the population). Wikipedia

In the case of Jehova's Witness, it seems the organization benefitted from Castro's Revolution initially, and then in 1974 they were also banned and likely persecuted.

The Episcopal Church of Cuba Doesn't Have a History of Persecution on the Island


The Sovereign holds the title 'Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England'


Episcopal Church of Cuba

The Episcopal Church of Cuba is in full Communion with the Church of England, which functions as the "Mother Church".

The name "Anglican" means "of England", and the Anglican church exists worldwide.The Anglican church is considered Christian, unlike Jehova's Witness and the various forms of Santeria, that are practiced on the island. The name "Anglican" means "of England" which is appropriate because although the Anglican church exists worldwide, instead of the Pope, the Anglican church ultimately is headed by the English monarchy. The Anglican church ultimately reports to Queen Elizabeth II. In 1534 King Henry VIII declared himself to be head of the Church of England.

The Episcopal Church of Cuba (Spanish: Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba) traces its origins to the foundation of an Anglican presence on the island of Cuba in 1901. It consists of forty-six parishes, and about 10,000 members. It is a part of the Anglican Communion though part of no ecclesiastical province, having the status of an extra-provincialdiocese within the Anglican Communion. As it is not part of a larger province it has no primate. Its governance includes a Metropolitan Council which exercises oversight "in matters of Faith and Order."

The British monarch has the constitutional title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The canon law of the Church of England states, "We acknowledge that the Queen's most excellent Majesty, acting according to the laws of the realm, is the highest power under God in this kingdom, and has supreme authority over all persons in all causes, as well ecclesiastical as civil." In practice this power is often exercised through Parliament and the Prime Minister. Wikipedia

Archbishops and bishops are appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who considers the names selected by a Church Commission. They take an oath of allegiance to The Queen on appointment and may not resign without Royal authority. The Anglican Church is also known as the Church of England. Their logo contains the mantra, "With a Christian Presence in Every Community".

The Anglican Church of England considers itself "One" and in communion with most worldwide anglican churches, they even call themselves Catholic, except the British monarchy functions as vicar instead of the Roman Catholic Pope. Publicly, there are statements that the Queen does not hold that title outside of England and the Anglican churches also function independently.

The major upheaval within the Anglican church regarding major changes in religious and moral dogma with issues such as homosexuality indicate that that the churches are directed by the Church of England, and internal documents prove this as well.

On 10 February 2010 the General Synod debated a Private Members Motion concerning the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

The question remains, why was the Anglican church seemingly free from persecution in Castro's Cuba, and how did the church grow to memberships that surpassed those of other churches under the regime?

Rockefeller and Castro 1995

Former President Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro meeting 2002 Havana, Cuba

Cuban Girl with German Tourist

Most tourists are drawn to Cuba by the sand, the sunshine, and the culture. But a few tourists - including some Canadians - are drawn by something far darker.
Most tourists are drawn to Cuba by the sand, the sunshine, and the culture. But a few tourists - including some Canadians - are drawn by something far darker. | Source

Contemporary Cuba: The Brothel of the Caribbean

Russia can no longer support Cuba, and Venezuela is collapsing. This would be an ideal time to demand reform in Cuba. The propaganda is in full force. Look for reports showing polls with support of normalization of relations with Cuba, business groups claiming benefits, and celebrities applauding on the sidelines. Whatever happens the truth needs to be told.

2009: Spring Break in Havana? Senate Proposal to Lift Cuba Travel Ban Ignites Debate

2010: Cuba’s most horrifying episode of child sex tourism resulted in a girl’s death

In May, 2010, Lilian Ramirez Espinosa, along with three other Cuban adolescents, was part of a sex party involving foreigners. Lilian ended up dying, though it’s still not clear how.

2013: Prostitution: Cuba’s Real Tourist Attraction

Despite travel bans to Cuba for Americans, we know that in addition to Canadian and European tourists preying on poor Cubans, the leftist elite in America have covertly visited and supported the island throughout the years.

On April 2013 Jay Z and Beyonce went to Cuba, around the time of their fifth wedding anniversary, which was highly criticized. This time the music moguls du jour visited the gulag nation shamelessly and with impunity. The images were used for propaganda purposes. It sparked discussion that the two might have engaged in tourist activities that are illegal under the U.S. embargo against Cuba. Under current law and regulation, travel to the island nation is only permitted under license. Look for that to change.

The gulag nation 90 miles of the coast of the United States is now the new normal.


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