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Culture of Hate

Updated on March 23, 2016

How do you feel about the 'political establishment' in America

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The political revolutionaries
The political revolutionaries

Culture of Hate

The old adage is true, you can't satisfy everyone. You will probably never find anyone running for any kind of elected office that agrees with you on every position, that's just a fact. No matter who gets elected you will be unhappy with something that they do. The choice is between who you think will do the most good and who you think will disappoint you more.

Disappoint. That isn't a word any of us like. Who wants to be disappointed? Nobody. What happens when you are disappointed over and over and over? Resentment? Distrust? Dissatisfaction?

Where does this dissatisfaction with politics become something much darker? Unfortunately I think we now have the answer to that question.

Violent confrontations at rallies and speeches should have never happened. You know what I'm taking about Trump rallies have turned violent. I don't see a problem with protesting a political event, that's reasonable. But trading punches is on a whole new level, a level we should have never reached.

So what caused this dissatisfaction, this hate? How can we prevent it in the future? What does this intense anger mean for political discourse as a whole for Americans?

Why the Hate?

What is it that is causing this unrest? The establishment? That seems to be what people are trying to rally against. Candidates like Sanders are leading a "political revolution" against the money and corruption in "the establishment." And Trump calls "typical politicians" corrupt, inefficient and immoral liars.

I don't think people are rallying behind "anti-establishment" politicians because they really believe in their proposals. Maybe some people are but I think a lot of the support comes because they aren't "typical politicians." Who even cares if Trump has almost no coherent policy proposals, or candidates for advisors? At least he isn't a "do nothing politician."

I think people are disenfranchised with the system as a whole. They are tired of politicians that make grand promises and then they can't deliver. They are tired of the corruption that seems to have a strangle hold on everyone who sets foot in DC. Nothing gets done, what does get done is often against our values. Any given day you could find a headline from Washington that will make your blood boil.

So what can we do to fix this problem? How do we fix the so called establishment? Elect someone different? Maybe, but I think we need to be careful here, we shouldn't support someone simply because they haven't let us down yet.


Usually that word conveys hope, not this time.

You don't see this happening at other politicians events

Making it Worse

There has always been anger and frustration with politics. But not like this, why?

Has the establishment crossed the line somehow to incite this rage? I don't think so. Have we finally grown wise to the game they play? We've all know for a long time, so that's not it.
Have external events made tensions higher? Maybe, but no one can really point to what issues are causing all this tension.

There really isn't anything different this year besides a hated front runner in the democratic race. And a bombastic Front runner in the republican race. Could they be the cause of this?

Maybe people are looking for something radically different than the corruption Hillary brings to the table which is turning them to Sanders "revolution." Fortunately Sanders campaign, and his supporters have been peaceful. They want to use the system to fix the system. While I might not agree with them, I would call this a noble goal.

On the republican side there is something much more ugly going on. I honestly don't see how anyone can't blame Trump for the ugliness we see in the presidential race today. Trump bemoans how his supporters can't make his protesters leave on a stretcher like the "good old days." What kind of message is that? He than offers to pay legals bill for anyone that cares out this thinly veiled threat. And that wasn't an empty promise he's actually looking into paying the bills for one of his supporters charged with assault ( Really? Are you kidding me?

Trump already preys on peoples fears in many of his messages. Fear is misunderstanding, misunderstanding can lead to hate. Trumps message is, let the rest of the world figure itself out while we hide from all the bad terrorist and druggies. Is this racist, I won't even bring it up because that isn't going to convince anyone that doesn't already hate him. But is potentially hate mongering. Couple this with him openly condoning violence, and you have a recipe for disaster.

And this guy says he's going to "bring us all together."


I think anyone can agree you aren't responsible for your followers actions. Just because you had a crazy person that supported you and they do something you would not approve of, that doesn't make it your fault.

But if you endorse these actions it is your fault. Trump through his words and deeds have constantly and consistently endorsed the violent behavior we have witness his supporters be a part of. This is divisive, disruptive, nasty, and most of all, irresponsible.


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    • profile image

      Titanslay 10 months ago

      How is actual violence not worse? Either way it's comparing apples and oranges, neither should happen and you should be outraged by both.

      Why isn't a few extreme individuals mod violence?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 20 months ago from Ohio, USA

      Why is it your example worse? And your example is not mob violence, it's a few extremists acting out. The mob violence is anti-Trump anarchists blocking public highways and invading private assemblies.

    • profile image

      Titanslay 20 months ago

      I mean, that's obviously bad, but actual violence is worse. and defending supporters that literally assaulted people at his rallies is just ridiculous. Trump wishes mob violence like that was more common, which is just awful.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 20 months ago from Ohio, USA

      They defended the criminal who was eventually impeached after he lied to a grand jury.

    • profile image

      Titanslay 20 months ago

      Did they essentially incite riots and than defend the criminals involved in the riots?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 20 months ago from Ohio, USA

      I think Hillary and George Stephanopoulos nurtured a healthy culture of hate when they attacked the women who accused Bill of sexual assault. There's nothing new here.