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Newa Culture

Updated on February 28, 2010

Newa Drinks

Newa is a community of Kathmandu valley of Nepal. The Community spread to far villages of the Valley. The language dialect differs from place to place. It is spoken differently in Bhaktapur from that of Patan. Now a days new generation of Kathmandu city Newa community mix some English and Nepali words.

One can find original language in remote suberb of Kathmandu, like Kirtipore, Panga, Lubu and other small cities outskirt of Kathmandu city.

The Community has very good and testy food and drinks for feast in addition to day to day regular testy food.

The community has typical type of drinks called Aila (Whiskey) and Thown (Beer). The Aila is very strong and good in test, mouth burning even for a little sip of it. The quantity of the drink should be taken very little to be safe side. Thown is equally good in test, like honey for the first collected group. As it is very strong, second, third and fourth group will be mixed with the the first group. This is just a very brief to give idea, as it is not possible to explain all the process here.

The peculiarity of the Newa drinks is that one can not find in the market to buy them. If some one wants to test it one has to make a Newa friend who has such drinks. All the Newa can not make these drinks. Sorry part is that the knowledge of making these drinks is not passed on to the new generations as it should have been.

The Newa community has interesting culture. The community has typical type of dress for men and women.


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