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Current “Jobs Bill” is just an Unemployment Extension

Updated on February 28, 2010

The Road to Reality

This is where the "Jobs Bill" is truly headed.
This is where the "Jobs Bill" is truly headed.

We Need Real Jobs Not This Bill

Politicians are inept.  Both parties are clueless.  Proposing a $5,000 tax credit to hire employees is not going to create more jobs.  There MUST be a reason to hire an individual; there MUST be a legitimate need for the employee.  Unlike Government real business operates on a profit expectation.  Employees must justify their positions by producing products and services that result in a profit for the company.

All this current “Jobs bill” will do is end up benefiting the few industries who are already going to hire.  For those companies this is a “Windfall”.  A tax credit which is collected “down the road” after the tax year is completed and the tax paperwork is filled out will not result in an increase in hiring.

Employers are only going to hire people they actually need.  Employers are not going to hire, train, and provide benefits to employees they don’t need just for a $5,000 tax credit.  This is just another in a long line of failed proposals.  And small business doesn’t need yet another stack of Government Paperwork and forms to fill out.

The Government might as well just have a raffle and hand out the money… at least then it would go immediately into the economy.

This is just another welfare bill public assistance bill.  So why not just call it what it really is?  This is not job creation; this is another unemployment extension bill.

In addition to the tax break for hiring unemployed workers, the bill under discussion Thursday would extend unemployment payments for those whose benefits have run out, and would renew a program that offers the jobless a subsidy for health insurance premiums under the COBRA program.

There appears to be a complete void of thinking in Washington.  These handouts just increase the National Debt even more.

"There's a feeling among a number of the people that we've talked to and heard from is that this isn't really focused on the real core issue or the core concern," said Rick Klahsen, a tax expert at the accounting firm RSM McGladrey. "In a sense they are saying look, a tax credit isn't going to do me any good if I don't have the need to bring on a new employee."

Granted, those who are unemployed will be grateful for money to pay rent and eat, but this certainly is not a jobs creation bill.  This will hot result in additional hiring, because it doesn’t address the real problem… people don’t have money to spend, so goods and services demand is decreasing.


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