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Cut and Dried III by Merwin

Updated on January 10, 2012

Be an encouragement to vote, to all that are eligible.

I copied this from what I wrote as my FB status...

If you are a citizen of this country then you are ordained by God as one of its Rulers...

Romans 13:1
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

This country was ordained by God to be ruled by the citizenry and according to the laws of the citizens, they elect people to represent themselves to pass more laws.

Each of us has a God ordained responsibility to make certain that those that represent us are doing it as they should.

I considered this worth repeating here in order to expand upon it.

There are those believers who are of the opinion that they should not be involved in politics at all, and they are certainly entitled to their convictions and subsequent actions, or lack thereof. But hopefully they that truly believe they have no business being involved in government are few, because what we all need is the mobilization of the voting eligible masses.

Here is another excerpt from my FB status...

Please ENCOURAGE everyone who is of age to register to vote... Independent, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, it really does not matter.

Q: What scares the hell out of Tyrants..?

A: When the masses start caring enough to do something... anything, especially voting.

It is the first step to regaining our Liberty.

I really believe that everyone needs to vote, but, do not attempt to coerce or cajole, rather, encourage them to vote.

It is their RIGHT not to vote if that is their wish... and yes, they still have the right to complain. But, if they may be encouraged to stand up and at the very least, be counted, then the tyrants may become afraid, and that, for the first time since our Revolution.

Ron Paul may not hit everybody's cord, but one cord he does strike well, is a cord of fear in the hearts and minds of those oppressors that wish to increase their power and thereby diminish ours. If it were for this reason alone, Paul should be supported. One might ask why is this so..?

Mostly because his message is clear and consistent and it speaks of our Liberties, and our National health. Because he is a lightening rod of our National, grassroots enthusiasm to wrest our country and Constitution out of the greedy hands of global corporate concerns. And because he generates a huge following.

Paul has become a starting point, not the end all, beat all solution... but a starting point, for every Constitutional point of view.

You see this movement needs a launching pad. It needs a motivator to cut through the myriad of too many choices, too many voices and too much camouflage making directions unpronounced, even confusing.

It has been this lack of direction that has pulled the rug from under Liberty for too long, It has been the confusion that has caused Paul's message to be buried and unrecognizable for too long.

Again... Paul is not the solution, he simply recognizes the value of our Constitution, it is this recognition that he encourages us all to have, that is the solution. The value of our Constitution truly is our starting point. Paul then, becomes our clear declaration to the power brokers, not that Paul is our solution, but that... WE THE PEOPLE are the solution, and our Constitution is our safeguard.

We have pitfalls before us, well established, well worn pitfalls. And probably the worst of these is misdirection. Again... too many choices to dilute our impetus and power. If our purposes become diluted... especially early in regaining them, then we become ineffectual.

So Paul is like the point of a wedge, he is clear, he has momentum, but he is only our beginning.

We must stand up in every corner of our wonderful country and represent our Constitution, and by doing so we represent each other. If we do not wish to run, VOTE for someone that represents your point of view, but at the very least represent our Constitution by voting.


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