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Cute Guy

Updated on January 1, 2010

Cute Guy

Guys often pay compliments to the well defined and beautifully created female body. What most of us do not know is that Ladies also admire certain physical attributes of a guy.

The male body is like a fine story in itself and every inch of flesh revealed is sculpted with grace. From his chiselled jaw line to his ripped torso then to his masculine hands and those strong but “oh so gentle- to- hug-you-with” arms. Every Woman ought to thank God or taking his time to construct what we would call a perfect investment in art that is a

They look too:
Guys should never assume that ladies do not admire our physical appearances too. They look at us as much as we look at them with the only difference being, how open they are about discussing the topic. A good looking guy is like a pure tonic for the female eye. They certainly enjoy browsing whenever they can and like us, they too have specific parts of our body that they pay more attention to.
Every girl reading this knows that i am been very fair and honest, let me see how many of you will have the confidence to write me back and tell me if this issue of a CUTE GUY is true. I know what are your likes so let me tell the guys.

A Woman’s cute guy is:
“A man who keeps up his hygiene and isn’t afraid to have a pedicure done regularly, this kind of guy is the kind most women die for.”

Men often refrain from moisturizing their skin, shaving certain parts of their bodies, taking care of their heels, hands, toes and elbows or even wearing lip gloss to protect their lips from chapping. These are all avoided and guys are quite secretive about them for fear of being associated with homosexuality if they spend too much time grooming themselves.
To me, it is right in every sense for a guy to be cute and good looking, so whoever feels that guys need not to groom themselves is just awkward. The kind of people i call VILLAGERS (Local champions).This concept is my own observation in women and i quote;

“For women, a man who takes care of his outward appearances is a man who will take care of his woman”.

Complimenting a guy.
Ladies, if i deserve it, well then tell me that i look cute. Don’t be the chaser anyway, but it’s nice to pay your counterparts a compliment every once in a while. It won’t hurt and it will just make his day.
Tell him that the color of his shirt highlights his eyes or the shoes that he is wearing look expensive. What about letting him know that you’ve recognize his new hair cut, which by the way gives him a much more youthful look? Guys like to feel real good too.Nothing is wrong with stroking our egos a little bit and you would be happy to know that you can make us blush.

So admire us and let us know your feelings, stop hiding it because we are the world.


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