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Cyber-Stalkers Beware: 5 Things Victims MUST Do When Being Cyber-Stalked

Updated on February 19, 2015

It Began with Canceled Services

I have been cyber-stalked since December 2012. It isn’t a pleasant experience. The actions are akin to cyber-terrorism, another method of terrorizing me via the Internet. Some days I am tough as nails; the next, I am emotionally distraught. Nonetheless, I have kept my focus on taking the proper steps to ensure my cyber-stalker is held legally accountable.

The process is arduous and tiresome, especially when my cyber-stalker lives in another state. Because of living in another state, my cyber-stalker uses every cyber means to try to disrupt my daily life. However, I am determined to take the proper actions to ensure my safely, sanity, and security. For those of you who are experiencing a similar situation, the following 10 actions are critical should you need to take legal action.


Did I say, “Document?” This is the most critical action you can take. Be it emails, posts to social media, letters, etc., documentation is crucial should you need to take your cyber stalker to court. Most cyber stalkers are cowards who hide behind a computer keyboard. They may send emails from several email addresses. So, it is important that you keep all those emails. Create a folder on your computer and save them. I strongly recommend you copy that folder to several locations, such as Google Drive or another cloud-based document storage service.

Documentation will be your redeeming quality should the cyber-stalker decides to get up front and personal.

Prison Time

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Action #2: File a Police Report

Our police departments are bombarded with so much and you may think your issue doesn’t warrant a police report. I thought the same; but do file a police report. Do so for every event. That’s what our police department is for, to protect and serve even if we are being stalked and harassed from afar. Cyber stalking is a federal crime. The more documentation you have, the better chances are you will succeed in getting your cyber stalker arrested and charged with a federal crime. If you have not filed a police report, DO SO TODAY!

Action #3: Hire an Attorney

Sometimes, a cease and desist letter from an attorney can be a deterrent. The key word here is ‘sometimes’. Some cyber stalkers will actually stop bothering you if they receive a letter from your attorney demanding they leave you alone. Even if this letter doesn’t stop your cyber stalker’s actions, it is another piece of evidence for law enforcement and the legal community to have when filing criminal charges against your cyber-terrorist.

Action #4: File a Complaint with the FBI and Your State’s Attorney General’s Office

As I stated earlier, cyber stalking is a FEDERAL crime! There are several cases of individuals sentenced to multiple years in federal prison for their cyber stalking actions. Cyber stalking is no joke! It is criminal, so take it seriously. Cyber stalkers are dangerous regardless if it’s a day or several years. It is obsessive and can most likely morph into your cyber stalker tracking you down and attempting to physically harm you, even murder you. Again, file a complaint with the FBI and your state’s attorney general’s office. This is your life that’s at stake.

Action #5: Tell Family and Friends

I am a very private person. I am also a resilient person. These qualities can be great; but they can also be detrimental. Once I began experiencing cyber stalking, I kept it to myself. I suffered in silence. However, once I told my closest friends and my family, I realized how much they were concerned and wanted to help. Do not live in isolation. Tell those closest to you. Let people know what you are going through. Should your cyber stalker decide to physically harm you, your family and friends will know whom to report to the authorities.

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It's Not Over!

I know it’s a scary thought to think there is someone out there who wishes you dead. Cyber-stalking, or Cyber-Terrorism, is very new to me, which I have been experiencing since December 2012. I have received death threats, pornographic photos, hang-up calls from various Google numbers, defaming online articles and videos about me, and more.

Victory is Mine!

Each year my cyber stalker gets more determined. However, I will not give up. I will continue to follow these five actions until my cyber stalker either stops or is sent to federal prison.


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