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Cyber Warfare, Psy-Ops & Online Crime

Updated on August 12, 2013

Cyber Crime

Computer hacking and cyber-crime are swiftly reaching epidemic proportions and have been all over the news and in the mainstream press recently.

Most publicly known about are the cases of UK hacker Gary McKinnon, who was arrested in 2002 for hacking into NASA, US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense and US Air Force during 2001-2002 and more recently the case of Ryan Cleary, who is accused of hacking into the UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency, Sony, Nintendo and the CIA.

Then there's also the News Of The World phone hacking scandal. Coincidentally both Gary McKinnon and Ryan Clearly suffer with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism. Although not well-known information Simon Cowell's US X-Factor network was also recently hacked into and in addition there seems to be a Twitter hacking craze currently taking place.

However, there is a much more sinister side to cyber-crime which is increasingly becoming more sophisticated.

Top internet security firm Mcafee warned in 2007 that cyber warfare was becoming a very real threat and one to take seriously. At least five nations are in possession of highly sophisticated virtual weapons that can be used to carry out cyber warfare, in addition to their nuclear weapons including France, China and Israel.

America's NSA (National Security Agency) are constantly monitoring global communications (as has now been admitted by whistleblower Edward Snowden) in order to detect such threats though potentially, if NSA was hacked into the whole of America could be brought to a stand-still.

Psy-Ops (Psychological Warfare)

In addition to the possibility of carrying out cyber warfare, the internet also offers the opportunity to carry out psychological warfare which is also happening now.

UK hacker Gary McKinnon was sucked into the whole Disclosure Project farce which, once you've dug deep enough, appears to be some sort of counter-intelligence program or CIA propaganda operation or maybe even be just a fraud or a hoax.

The Disclosure project may very well be some kind of cover-up or counter-intelligence operation and the whole psychological aspect of the UFO and extraterrestrial debate is designed to be confusing, it's supposed to suck you in - considering that Gary McKinnon suffered with Aspergers Syndrome which includes traits of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and a lack of empathy it's not surprising that he ended up hacking into the pentagon.

Banking and finance, medical, transport, education and government facilities are all prone to cyber attacks and this is just a minimal list.

America's electrical power grid is particularly prone to cyber attacks which could, potentially, cause a black-out throughout the US. Maybe it's not just solar storms and EMP attacks from space that America should be worried about.

By Sparkster


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