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Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Its time to put this to rest.

Updated on March 5, 2016

Voting on Equal Rights? What has this country turned into?

Amended and updated

I was going to delete this article as outdated, but after listening to the GOP candidates and their threats to the American people during this 2016 election campaign i decided to keep it as a historical statement. When the candidates have made campaign promises to reverse same sex marriages, reinstate Don't ask Don't tell military policies, destroy Obamacare, make abortions for any reason a felony, and deport over 11 million people it became clear that these issues have not been resolved after all. At least not resolved in the bigoted mindset of the conservative faction of this nation.

It is apparent that denying same sex marriage, millions of people poised to lose their health insurance again, and reinstating discrimination in this country against minorities is more important to the republican party than the majority of voices of the American public.

So the original article that follows will remain published until after the 2016 presidential elections. If the GOP wins the presidency, then the re-write of this article will be extremely painful for the American public. If the Democratic party wins then this article can be retired to the archives of past ignorance.

The never ending controvesy

Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Again. Really?

Why is this nightmare returning?

Will the right wing nuts every get over it?

Will this controversy ever end? I am really sick of hearing this over and over again on the news.

And now it is back to haunt us once again.

The GOP leaders have vowed that as soon as they get back in power they will do away with this law and return to the good old days of "Don't ask - Don't tell".. ...Why would they want to do that?

It is a matter of subjugation. The forcing of 'subhumans' to return to a position of servitude, where they can be chastised and punished at will by their superiors - the REAL humans - the Christians who passed judgment on this inferior minority and propose to keep them at a status level beneath the "normals" in our society. They did not give up the fight to keep the black people as slaves, and still harbor that resentment in their black hearts, so freeing the gay community from oppression holds the same symbolic status for them.

Again, the politicians and religious groups are simply wanting to maintain the 'using' of the homosexual community as political fodder to further their hateful agendas by spewing the same old tired rhetoric.

This issue is really another one of those no-brain-er issues, (or it should be).

I remember listening to the same old stale arguments

  • about people of color, joining the military.
  • Then the same old tired rhetoric when women joined the armed services.
  • And again when inter racial marriage bans were were finally overruled.
  • And again when blacks were given the right to vote, and sit anywhere they wanted to on the buses, drink out of the same water fountains as whites, intermingle with whites in a restaurant, and use the same public toilets as whites, etc., etc.., ad nauseum.
  • Now we hear it all again, over and over, about gays in the military.
  • And the endless disparaging hate mongering against same sex marriages.

I wonder what group will be chosen next to be denigrated once the gay community finally acquire equal status. Of course it will take the next 20-30 years for any of those "equal" rights to fully take effect. Or never take effect, if some states continue to make their own rules that practice discrimination under the protection of the "freedom of religion" bullshit.

It has been a long hard battle, but hopefully truth and equality will eventually prevail. It saddens me that so many lives have to be destroyed in order to gain those basic freedoms that are promised to everyone under our 'sacred' constitution.

And will it ever really end? The same destructive forces that destroyed the lives of many of the black community is still lingering on at the fringes of society. And oddly enough some of that radical fringe opposing gay integration into mainstream society are from the same black community that went through it themselves. Ironic isn't it?

Gays in the military will have NO greater impact on anything than people of color, different nationalities, or women did.

Taking a stand against bigotry

There is one sure way to end this foolish debate if this policy that demoralizes men and women who are willing to fight to defend this country, continues:

  • I would recommend that all gay military, and all straight military who believe in equality for everyone, women, blacks and Hispanics (anyone who has been in this position of discrimination) stand united, as a group and tell their leaders that they are all gay, as well.

This would eliminate about 3/4, or more, of those currently serving to defend their country. After they are all thrown out of the services, then let those remaining foolish, and misinformed bigots go off to war and defend the rest of the nation.

With this massive reduction in the number of military, i think we would see some fast changes in judgmental attitudes being made.

I suspect, if the truth be known, that there are more people in this country that simply do not care about another person's sexuality, or sexual identity, than those that do.

Those that do are the loudest, less informed, and most bigoted minority that seem to fear changes of any kind.

These narrow minded and misinformed are the only ones that seem to be running this country.

  • Talk about special interest groups!!

It is high time that this governmental obsession with the sex lives of American people stops.

Enough guilt to go around

There is so much scandal going on in Washington, and each state, with our government officials, it is difficult to believe they would actually continue to maintain their staunch opposition to equality just to appease the religious factions.

  • The louder the screams of protest against anything, the greater the odds that those yelling have the same tendencies.

By screaming in protest, they feel as though they are cleansing their own thoughts and shedding their own demons.

These are those bullies we hear about, all grown up. They have only grown in body, but certainly not in mind, or intelligence.

These are perfect examples as to why religion has no place in government.

Obviously religious groups believe in hatred, and punishment, and judging everyone but themselves, and still have the audacity to say they are doing so, because their god hates homosexuals and those who fornicate.

This government, and the president, should be above this pettiness, and make sure there is equality for everyone, in this country, in every aspect of our lives.

Equality as defined in our constitution was meant for all people, and is not to be defined by the majority vote. Ergo, the concept of separation of church and state was born!!

  • The majority may rule in one sense, but it is written that the majority cannot vote to deny rights to other citizens in the minority.

Our founding fathers had much more intelligence, insight, and foresight than people of today. They knew that if religion was allowed to interfere in governmental business this very thing would happen. Nothing has changed since then, except this government has allowed those religious bigots to get their foot in the door.

Lets lop that foot off at the ankle and slam that door shut in their faces.

The same old crap

And here we find ourselves facing another presidential election in November 2012 with the neo GOP mentality of promising: (And in 2016 as well)

  • to return to D.A.D.T. in the military, making it illegal for gays to serve their country,
  • making women's rights a thing of the past,
  • dismantling Planned Parenthood,
  • abolishing and outlawing abortions for any reason,
  • forcing women to undergo ultrasounds they don't need,
  • threatening doctors who perform abortions with prison terms, fines and loss of license to practice medicine,
  • make homosexuality and same sex marriages a crime in the U.S. (these GOP campaign promises probably influenced Russia's recent ban on the gay population).
  • and more.

There is nothing like returning to the good days past when repression and oppression was the rule of the U.S. of A., and forcing archaic moral laws on people who have outgrown those idiotic religious laws.

What a world. What a country. God Bless America she certainly needs it.

D.A.D.T. Repealed

Don't ask - Don't tell . Finally repealed - but for how long?

Below is a list of all the senators and representatives by state, and how they voted.

31 voted against repeal. They were all Republicans.

This just goes to show who the bigots and obstructionists really are. These "public servants" were voted into office to serve the public.

They chose to serve themselves first.

A vote against this repeal is a vote against equal rights. You know those 'human rights' that everyone enjoys as a birth right - except for the 'sub human' groups that religions name as inferior.

Look over the list, see who your republican and democratic senators are. Please feel free to call them at 202-224-3121 and voice your opinions as to the way they voted.

For any of you that care about ''Equal Rights'' for everyone, please keep in mind that when you vote for these people you are voting AGAINST equal rights for everyone in this country.

People can always say anything they want to opine about (as we have that freedom of speech), but no-one has the right to take away, or deny, equal rights for all, or any part of, the people.

If you are of the opinion that you are better than someone else just because you disagree with their beliefs, don't like their color, or their religion, or anything else about them, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution and not worthy of belonging to a free society that boasts about equality for everyone.

We must learn to keep our religious beliefs out of politics and put them back into the dark recesses of those Religious Institutions where they belong.

If you do not know how your senators and representatives feel about certain issues, call them prior to voting, and ask, then tell them your opinion.

We are giving them way too much leeway to represent their own agendas instead of what is best for ALL people, not just the select few that those elected officials think are more worthy than the people they do not like.

If you voted for those people BECAUSE they are BIGOTS, then shame on you.

Whether anyone likes it or not, we are all born equal in the eyes of the law.

Religious beliefs have no bearing on anything, other than the subservient followers of those religions. And even more assuredly they have no place in politics.

Kudos to those brave individuals who dared to stand tall for justice and equality !!!

Boos to those who voted to stifle equal rights based on their ignorant religious beliefs !!!

Brief addendum:

In July 2013 the supreme court ruled DOMA unconstitutional.

The GOP's response was one of hatred and disdain.

They have loudly decried this decision and have vowed to re-instate it no matter how long it may take.

They will be using taxpayer money to defend this discriminatory law.

They have also avowed to overturn the right to marry (same sex) in those states that have already made it legal.

  • Another waste of taxpayer money.

This attempt to mandate morality by the right wing is ludicrous and absurd.

It still shocks me that in this day and age, there are those who still believe the outlandish assertions by religions that God's creations are somehow a sin.

We somehow teach our children that God makes no mistakes then turn around and call his creations "sins" against God himself.

Some people truly live in the dark ages, if only in their minds.

by: d.william 12/20/10

''Kudos'' and ''Boos''

Same Love - Same hate - Never ending


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      d.william 21 months ago from Florida Hub Author

      To leo gervais:

      I have no idea where this rubbish came from, but it is a perfect example of the idiocy of people who have been so completely brainwashed in their childhood, or who have deep repressive emotional disturbances. This kind of hateful rhetoric, used in the name of goodness, is indeed the most unholy of all babblings. If people really believe this carp they are in deep need of some serious emotional counselling. To repeat it in earnest is also a sign of deep rooted sexual deviance within the author. Sexual repression, can be extremely painful and harmful to the psyche if left untreated. Please get some help from a professional, before you harm yourself, or worse someone else. My prayers go out to you for your enlightenment and hope you can find the peace you truly need within your own mind.

      P.S. if you truly believe the words you wrote above, as being from the God that you worship, i do suggest you find another one with a little more benevolence than the malevolent god you currently follow. Good luck and God bless.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      leo gervais 1137 penn ave vandergrift pa 15690 21 months ago

      for i am not ashamed of the gospel of christ for the wrath of god is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousess of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness likewise also the man leaving the natulal use of the woman burned in their lust for one another men with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due and even as they did not like to retain god in their knowledge god gave them over to debased mind to do those things which arenot fitting being filled with all unrighteousness sexual immorality wickedness covetousness maliciousness full of envy muder strife deceit evil mindedness they are wispers backbiters haters of god violent proud boasters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents undiscerning untrust worthy unloving unforgiving unmerciful who knowing the righteous judgment of god that those who practice such things are worthy of death not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them romans 1 16-31

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks. I am looking forward to reading more of your own hubs. dw

    • Wintermyst profile image

      Wintermyst 6 years ago

      I totally agree. Thanks for sharing.