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Updated on June 18, 2011

Natural laws and anarchy.

Not many people actually know David Tyree of the NFL in person, unless they happen to be football enthusiasts, or his own family members or his personal friends.

Yet, from a moral standpoint, he has made more admirers of ordinary folks, who saw an interview that took place on CNN News yesterday morning, when he came out swinging against "same sex marriage", the controversial social issue, which would make it possible for homosexuals to marry each other; man to man, and woman to woman.

The interview has spilled into the news this morning; although, it is a rehash of his previous conversation with another news outlet on the subject, and it deserves comment.

His argument makes so much sense in the light of a legislative bill that has passed the NY State Assembly, permitting same sex marriage and awaits approval in the Senate of that State.

The bill basically implies special interests wanting to change life as we know it. If that is allowed, there will be much confusion for everyone in the future. He ascertains to the fact that society must remain the same, with clear cut laws, to make it cohesive.

"this will be the beginning of our country's sliding towards, you know, it's a strong word, but 'anarchy.'..."; he says about the "new and unpopular law", among other things.

In other words, he maintains that marriage must be between one man and one woman; period.

The interviewer wants to know why he is using the word "anarchy"; and is that proper? To a whole lot of people; yes, it is.

The word anarchy means "a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority". (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

However, the idea can also apply to unconventional families; where there is a lack of natural authority by parents of the same sex attempting to raise children in their homes.

There will be anarchy due to the fact that, for example, if a child is supposed to bring his father or mother to school, and he or she will ask the question, "which one?"; for he or she has two fathers or two mothers; and if the incident occurs in front of his or her mates, the whole class breaks into a laugh.

Such confusion exists, and it is bound to create situations that conform to anarchy. The children will grow up, missing a whole lot of common ideals, such as marriage is, and will be between one man and one woman, for the sake of raising a wholesome family, with normal life styles.

Otherwise, people will be living in an anarchical society, as well as in confused family settings and not knowing any better, such as the difference between right and wrong.

Again, many people think that David is right on that score.


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    • cooldad profile image

      cooldad 6 years ago from Florida

      It saddens me that many people echo David's beliefs about same sex marriage. I was an athlete for many years, although not on a professional level. I was homophobic for nearly all of those years I played sports. Mainly because being gay is not accepted in hardly any locker rooms. As a male athlete, you don't hang out with gay men or ever talk about supporting gay issues. If you did, you would be ridiculed or beaten.

      Once I graduated college and finished athletics, I began working with some gay men and I actually became friends with some. I realized that there are really no different than me in many respects except that they have sex with men and not women.

      Male athletes are notoriously homophobic. From my experience it's because they are afraid to learn about and embrace a culture they have been learned to despise. Sad really. Marriage shouldn't be about genders, it should be about love.