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Updated on June 20, 2011

No need for change.

Any attack on David Tyree of the NFL for expressing his views on "same sex marriage" will be considered inappropriate and uncalled for. He is a consummate football player, and nobody can ever take that away from him. Also, this is America, and everybody has the right to express his or her opinion on any subject, no matter what it is.

His argument surrounds the word "marriage", and his defense is that, if its meaning changes, then anything else can also change for society in future. He is not holding other people back from doing what they want to do with their lives. He is rather asking people to imagine how the world will be like, if a nuance in life, such as marriage being between one man and one woman, is allowed to lose its basic and real meaning.

The world will become morally blind to all sorts of things, and people will take advantage of the circumstance and destroy longstanding ideals, or what has been held as sacred by other generations and cultures for many years, because they disagree with them. He is advocating that people can do whatever they see fit to live happily in society; but desecrating marriage must not be tolerated.

In many people's view, a free for all environment will develop; and murderers, adulterers, pedophiles and all those who possess fiendish and demonic ideas will find ways and means to have their perverse and immoral conduct assimilated and to become acceptable in society. Such elements will have a field day, in plying their corrupt and depraved behaviors on society. In a nutshell, any type of deviant lifestyle will surface as being "normal"; and who can say that it is not?

Decent laws will lose their real meanings, because society has allowed them to be infiltrated by the use of escape clauses that will cause them to be ineffective. They will be diluted to fit the standards their advocates will envisage them to be, no matter how low and unethical those standards are.

Again, in short, there will be a breakdown in social norms; and complete chaos leading to nothing less than anarchy will exist. People will find it difficult to tell the difference between what is right or wrong. Mr. Tyree's only request is for people to take note of such scenario happening, if they are not careful.

Lawmakers, for example, must take heed not to be overzealous in dealing with something as important as marriage, and damaging it without serious thought. Man-made rules and regulations that govern upright societies will become meaningless or extinct; thus, the laws that set humans aside and far from animals will be unrecognizable. The original and basic animal instincts will return instead; and those traditions that make us to behave as humans will become hogwash.

The world will be full of "anything goes" societies; empty and void of good morals of any kind. Is that what people want? If so, then that is what they are going to get.

It must be recognized that marriage is a special institution all by itself; and it has to remain in that state. Therefore, if it is allowed to change in any way, shape or form, nobody will be able to tell whom his or her biological father or mother actually is anymore.

Civil Union and domestic partnership modes of legislature must be included the rules and regulations upon which strong and viable societies are based to accommodate other lifestyles; to enable people of different sexual orientations to remain as they wish. That will enable them to stay legally together; so as to do away with all the confusion that is being imposed on other people, who want to lead their lives in peace.

What society must realize is that, the whole issue of marriage is one which only level headed people must be left to decide. There will then be a common ground or a compromise or an agreement to be put in place for all citizens alike to observe, and for them to live along side each other in harmony.

Otherwise, there will always be conflict. For there are those who will oppose the title of "marriage" being conferred on any other sexual arrangement. These people strictly maintain that it must be reserved only for a relationship between one man and one woman.

For the most part, such opposition will come from many people on religious grounds; because that is what they believe; and who can blame them for being stubborn or even stoic with respect to the problem. A dismal situation will then be created; of course.

On the one hand, there are many reasons to adhere to David Tyree's plea of everyone leaving the meaning of marriage alone; yet, on the other hand, others will totally disagree with him. However, his ideology of leaving marriage intact, or as we know it, is the right approach to a very delicate matter.

It will stop the kind of warfare going on in present day society, to alter or not to alter the meaning of marriage.


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