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DC Navy Yard shootout was ineffective, conspiracy or not

Updated on September 17, 2013
shooter Aaron Alexis
shooter Aaron Alexis
shotgun range (non slug)
shotgun range (non slug)

Shootout had to be a dud.

Where the DC Navy Yard shooting was an conspiracy or not, inside job, false flag will not be the issue with this post. To me it is about facts with details, which many conspiracy theorist and non-conspiracy theorist fail to do. The focus will be the 2 weapons used. Shotgun and a stolen pistol which Aaron Alexis got from security. It was said besides the unarmed bystanders in the food court, that he had a shootout with police. In the beginning news source claimed he had a military rifle, AR-15, but it was deemed to be untrue just as 2 other suspects. Both a pistol and a shotgun are not very effective in a modern shootout. Maybe in the old West but not the case. Reason is those are close range weapons. First look at the shotgun, it is heavy duty but only in close range. The farther away the more the pellets spread out but won't do much damage, whether bird (barely do any dame to human that far) or buckshot. About 20 yards is the most it could do in an effective manner. Even if the ammo was slug it would go farther but have accuracy issues. Now to the pistol he stole when he kill the guard. First off he would most likely not be able to reload so no more than 15 shot and that's it. No proof he took more from the guard but just the gun. A pistol can go farther than a shotgun but still is a short range weapon. In military it is the last line of hope/defense. It is not going to do real damage to someone wearing a vest or armor. It just doesn't have the power to do so. Being that he is experienced in the military, the Navy, he would have known that those 2 weapons were not going to cut it. Maybe he didn't care, but we will not know since I nor 99.99% of people were not there nor know him. This is just what the most of the news are saying.


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