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Updated on September 17, 2011

Speak to your friends.

It was a good thing that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has seen the light, that "copy-cat" riots in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, sparked partly by the unemployment of the youth, who have graduated College and could not find work, could happen here in the United States as well.

For the many years that he has been mayor, he has just been having it fairly easy, with the ceremonial responsibilities and a few other things that came with the mayorship. Some would say that he has done them very well, but that was not all he could do.

As, for example, he could help in the efforts of getting through some of the difficult problems the country was facing. The economy was sagging; and many people were suffering and could not make ends meet. There were gridlocks and stalemates on Capitol Hill; and they could be averted.

He has the power to face those people, who were stopping the present government from getting the acute unemployment situation in the United States to subside.

In other words, he knew what was going on in Washington D.C., that lobbyists of special interests, as well as some members in the U.S. Congress itself, were preventing President Barack Obama from signing a bill into law that would deal with the high unemployment. They were in actuality hampering the progress that the country's economy was making.

Otherwise, his complaint of what happened in Europe and elsewhere could happen here too, did not go far enough.

He himself, apart from his personal attainment for being rich, has not done any noticeable thing for the City of New York. He was still walking in Mayor Rudy Giuliani's shadow; as he (Giuliani) did everything that he (Bloomberg) was taking credit for.

The Times Square renovation, the Air-bus mono rail at JFK Airport, the stoppage of the squeegee situation that became a scandal and a disgrace to the city; and most of all, the handling of the September 11th attack on WTC, were achievements during the Giuliani era.

Or, show the whole world one outstanding honor that should be accorded the present mayor. ZILCH.

He should take it upon himself to confront those who were perpetrating those acts that were holding up the president's plans from going through Congress, for jobs to become available. His (Obama's) plan, which he recently presented to a joint session of both chambers, was still sitting idle. It was being held hostage by only a handful of Congressional Republicans.

Those people were the ones, who were deliberately paralyzing the U.S. economy.

He, Bloomberg, could get a good word in for his Republican Party friends in Congress to refrain from their insidious ways and pass a bill that would conform with the president's proposals for job creation. He was not doing so; and if not, why not?.

He would rather please those Wall Street fat cats and encourage them to take government money (T.A.R.P.); but he would not ask them to do anything about unemployment.

It was about time he got out of Giuliani's shadow and did something for, at least, the unemployed men and women in New York City; if not for all those who were out of work in the whole country.


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