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Updated on October 18, 2012

Congressman Charles Rangel.

With all due respect, please, Mr. Rangel, do not support something that you know in your heart is bad.

Politics aside, Islam is not what people are objecting to.

It is the idea of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero
that goes to infuriate all peoples, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

We all know you. You have always stood against any type of injustice. The 9/11 attack was an injustice done on the human race by Islamist fanatics. Nobody is blaming all Muslims for the violence of a few of their members.

However, the few are those who still think that they can get away with such a diabolical act. Your support for the location of the mosque will do nothing but encourage them; the perpetrators of a heinous atrocity against all humanity, as the 9/11 attack has come to represent.


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