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Updated on August 3, 2011

Expose it.

The debt ceiling debacle itself has cost the United States government millions of dollar.

If so, why should not politicians be held accountable for making the government to incur additional debt, besides what they themselves have accused the government of doing; thus the government has incurred so much debt, which was brought on by the overspending of the Obama administration?

Such extra expenditure, on the part of those politicians, who managed to incur it for any reason, would rather increase the National Debt; and if so, must not that be considered a crime by its perpetrators?

Or else, there would be a double standard scenario; one for the Obama government and another for the president's accusers.

Without the debt ceiling debate, which was started by Congressional Republicans, no extra debt would have been racked up in recent months. In other words, such extra debt has come about because of the unnecessary debate, in regard to the debt ceiling. It has been raised several times before; and there has never been any attempt by a group of politicians or any party to actually stop its process.

However, why was there so much fuss or argument about it only recently? It also came about at a time, when the country did not need it, because of the heavy drag that the country's economy was under. By all estimations it (economy) was going awry. So, why at that point?

Moreover, under normal circumstances, there were other important issues, which required immediate attention than the raising of the debt ceiling. So, why did it occur to Congress to devote so much time to deal with it?

Everybody was aware that the United States was already in crisis, due to the recent Middle East and North African uprisings, as they have affected the U.S. economy in many negative ways. It (economy) was struggling to come out of a recession handed over by the previous government, and its slow growth has become a national concern.

Plus the European economic bail outs of Ireland, Spain and lately Greece; the tsunami and nuclear mishaps in Japan, all causing world economies to become unstable, including that of the U.S., to say the least.

Gasoline and food prices were going up; thus the cost of living was climbing higher and higher each and every single day for the average person and his or her family.

It was therefore a mistake for any type of "home-grown" disturbance or altercation, such as the one surrounding the debt ceiling, to develop almost overnight and out of nowhere, and become a national confrontation; and yet it did.

Therefore, should not there be some questions to be asked about the sudden unfavorable atmosphere brought on by the raising of the debt ceiling debate, which would turn out to be so uncompromising to the detriment of the whole nation?

Was it done deliberately? In short, was it fabricated, because the Republicans in Congress wanted to create a fallacious political environment that would make it difficult for President Barack Obama to win his 2012 re-election bid?

They have said publicly that they would do whatever they could to make a second term an impossibility for the president; and could the debt crisis debate be part of a plot to help them achieve their objective planned to deprive him of another term? Was it a plot purposely designed to coincide and therefore interfere with the outcome of the 2012 general election? If so, would not that be against the law?

Some would say that the debate has made it easy for a great number of people to gain an insight into governmental affairs, which ordinary people did not normally do in real life. Yet, as concerned citizens, they should have the chance to engage themselves in civic matters, because they were there for their sake.

However much that was true, it was still beside the point; for it could also be said that it was a plot designed to interfere with the thinking processes of those, who were likely to vote in the forth coming general election. "Let us use this as part of our campaign strategy,", the originators of such a plot would have said to themselves. "It might change the course of history.", they would have added.

Again, it (debate) has been very costly, and it happened at a time, when the country could least afford it. It would therefore be a good idea to set up a panel to investigate its initial origination or cause.

Those who initiated it must be exposed to the general public, as it has done nothing, but caused a waste of precious effort that could have been used to galvanize support for something of greater value, such as internal House and/or Senatorial "seminars" on job creation; and of course, the reduction of the high unemployment rate.

By doing what the perpetrators did, if there were such people, they have caused a great disservice to the nation; and their behavior must not be left to go unpunished, if they were discovered and found guilty of committing such heinous and bizarre act, which constituted a crime from every aspect of the law, be it Constitutional or liberal.

Of course, a panel would also have its cost; but it would be worthwhile, if those people have plotted to put the country through an unnecessary aggravation solely for political reasons; and if so, they must be brought to justice, so that their behavior would not be repeated by any person, group of persons or agents of any political party.

Every ounce of such conduct pointed to the Tea Party members of the Republican Party.

What do you think?


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