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Updated on July 29, 2011

Let's adopt a new slogan.

Common sense is stitll a rare commodity in Washington D.C.; but that is all the people that are bickering over the debt ceiling need.

One side sees the country falling into a ditch, which is the deadline date of August 2nd., 2011, when America will default on making its debt payments; and so, it must do whatever it takes to avoid such an occurrence; while the other side surmises that it is an opportunity to do away with a government that is too left-wing to the point of it being socialistic.

The Democratic Party wants a compromise to deal with the debt ceiling crisis, but the Republican Party is engaged in finding a solution of bringing the government and its policies down before too long.

Thus, the two factions are not concerned about the same things, or they are more akin to strongly connecting with political ideologies; except that they are in the same forum and talking over each other's head.

The country then becomes a victim of circumstances, because nobody is actually making any serious effort to get it out of trouble; as there are those, who want it (country) to sweat it out, come what may.

President Barack Obama has done all he can to persuade the United States Congress of an impending fiscal calamity, and for it (Congress) to use every means necessary to avert it. The onus to do whatever it can then falls in the hands of the people's representatives, to save the country.

Yet, there are members, who are in the majority and wish that the situation will work in their favor, and force him (Obama) to be on the losing side; with him taking all the blame for the country's economic difficulties, and eventually becoming the fall guy, so to speak.

Presently, it is going to take a miracle for a compromise to be reached; however, it seems so simplistic to realize that, all there is left to do is to have Senate Mojority leader Harry Reid's plan to be laid along side the one being proposed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, and for a special joint Congressional committee to figure out how the two plans can be merged to resolve the problem.

Time is even running out for that window of opportunity, as die hard right-wing party members, who profess that they had been elected to come to the Capitol to stop the runaway spending of the Obama administration; and that they will choose to be strong headed and partisan, instead of being open minded for the sake of the country's financial future, are permitted to gain the upper hand. They are intentionally showing that they prefer to stick to their guns, and "let the chips fall where they may."

However, to many of us, "Our way, or the highway" attitude of their's must be set aside.

They have every right to stick to their party's policies; but at this critical moment, when all there is to be done is to have a little bit of common sense to prevail; and that, all they need to do is to put country before party, they must at least grant the country a chance to come out from under the current economic recession.

That will give them a breathing space for them to function properly, and be able to deal with other matters that are bound to follow.

The slogan now has to be one that says, "We can work it out" or "We will all win together or we will all perish together, for we are all in it together".

Allowing politics to run amok as usual will be dangerous not only to themselves, but to all Americans.


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