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Updated on June 5, 2012

How could Cuomo be governor, nobody could tell. The man was too liberal.

Decriminalizing small quantities of marijuana should not be what the governor's office should concern itself about.

We all knew the effects of marijuana. It has made the children of poor communities to defecate on education. The public education system has victims of youths, because of the laxity in laws to control substances that were used for recreation at the start.

However, in many cases, what was recreational would become habitual, and the users became a problem for society, as they would end up not in schools, but in prisons across the country. Inmates, who were mostly African Americans would have their lives decimated, by languishing in penitentiaries, because of drug use; and their families tend to be dysfunctional more than other ethnic groups in the United States.

To make it easy for those people to carry small amounts of a stuff that was ruining them should be the last thing a governor should be thinking about. The issue has become a problem for law enforcement, but the way to handle it would be easier by going through the churches and forming task force organizations to monitor the situation and to deal with it on one person to one person basis.

African American youths needed help, but they were not getting any due to budget cuts in Albany, while somehow, programs for social development were available to communities "on the other side of the track", so to speak.

That has been the case for many years; yet, no governor has really taken a serious look at that. Instead, they have buffered themselves with community leaders, who would agree with such stupid suggestions, as the one being presently bandied around in New York state, that never worked.

If New York State wanted to do something realistic for African American young men and women, it should be using the pulpit, and by coalescing pastors and preachers into organizations that would be effective in discouraging the use of drugs as a whole.

Public schools were not for moral learning; but at the end of the day, directing children into programs that were wholesome and not too costly could be done via religious institutions. The YMCA could be given a boost for that purpose.

Making it easy to possess any type of delusional disorder drug, however small the quantity, would exhort more use and not reduce it, as experience has shown. That has always been irrational.

The criminal court system was choked with misdemeanor cases; but another way must be devised to redirect many of those people caught in it (system) than to make excuses for them, and pampering them with the notion that they were alright to have "small quantities" of marijuana, when there was proof that it would only make matters worse.

What mostly happened was that users were being taught to accept the unacceptable; a comfort zone has been created for them, and as a result, they would become more addicted and then uncontrollable, and that was why they were found filling federal and state prison cells in droves.

Many people have learned that, when things got tough for civil and political leaders, they turned to the church; and there was nothing shameful about that. Therefore, if African Americans were going to have any kind of help at all, the venue should be going through their religious institutions. Prison crowds would go down considerably.


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