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Updated on August 1, 2011

Will the party change?

Whatever happens on August 2nd., 2011, the Republican Party will never be the same again. It will be ineffective in controlling its membership, and although, its core beliefs and principles will not dramatically change, they will have so much political drain on them, and as such will become illusive. Will it be a bipolar party or one with several aspects of corrective views congregating under the same umbrella?

Another question will be, what is the party's objective, with respect to being in opposition to the government at any given time? Will it be constructive, and will it be capable of the huge responsibility of governing effectively, when it comes its turn; and whether its leadership will be able to be in total control of its affairs, instead of allowing the lower rank of the party to become more influential in drawing up and/or deciding policies that will propel it (party) into the future?

In other words, nobody will know what the Republican Party stands for, rather than it being the Grand Old Party, whose ambition and the true meaning of its existence is to see that the government is not the ultimate power, but the people. That obviously is the main attraction of the party; but will it remain so?

The fear of that philosophy becoming sour will, however, be a subject for research by political historians, due to the infiltration of a new element of people, who have entered the party through desperation; and by using a unilateral and physical aspersion (the act of defaming) on its opponents out of baseless accusations, in conducting public discourse, which is now seeing the light of day.

The new members are challenging the old guard and discerning the ominous fact that it is about time for a new outlook of the party. Its (leadership's) views are archaic, and that it must learn to attack its opponents ferociously and leave them very little wiggle room for any type of compromise.

That happens to be a snap shot of the Republican Party, with the so called Tea Party activists, who have brought so much confusion to the talks about the United State government wanting to raise the debt ceiling to cover the national expenditure. They (activists) are taking a more noticeable stand within the main party.

They maintain that they have been elected to Congress on the premise that the government is overspending, and their responsibility is to get it (government) to curb that behavioral attitude, because it is doing nothing, but increasing the national debt, which will be left for future generations to tackle; and to them, that seems to be rather unfair in their estimation.

Yet, during the discussions, debates and the meetings in Congress and at the White House, the national debt, though a formidable factor affecting the country's economy, has not been mentioned even once.

That goes to show how out of touch the Tea Party is, with respect to political topics that need to be given immediate attention by lawmakers. Although, the national debt is important, but the issue that requires to be taken care of is, in the immediate sense of the word, the debt limit that is insufficient to afford the Federal Government a chance of not defaulting on its due debt payments; and therefore it must be increased.

Thus, the main issue continues to be America's default on its payments, which will throw its economy into a tailspin and cause other world financial markets to destabilize. With the U.S. being the largest world economy, the impact of default will be disastrous, and therefore it will be irresponsible for it (U.S.) to allow a default.

To start with, Investment capital will dwindle almost overnight, as investors will be happy to sit on the fence and wait for the danger of default to pass by. That will be to the detriment of the fragile American economy under the Obama administration.

Economists predict that the value of the dollar will diminish, and interest rates will rise to make all financial transactions costly for all kinds of industries and businesses, who are ready to expand and therefore will need loans to do so. They will be willing to hire more workers, but circumstances will make that impossible, due to the overwhelming restrictions that the financial institutions will have to impose on themselves ; thus causing unemployment to skyrocket beyond the present rate of 9.2%.

The outcome of such a disaster happening will not be a good one internally and also all around the globe. However, in all honesty, the people that must be held responsible for it will be the Tea Party members in Congress. They have managed to come up with a strange resistance that will prevent the government from paying its bills; a scenario that has never occurred before in American history.

Perhaps, they have surmised that by their own actions they will never come back to Washington D.C. again after the next batch of elections. Yet, the horrible fear about them is that they are prepared to take the country down with them. That fear is also being entertained by many Americans; and what makes that feeling so terrifying is that they (Tea-partiers) seem to be unperturbed. Let the imminent gloom swirl around them and they will be emotionally aloof, with much dignity, of course.

They must, however, be aware that their participation in American politics has so far been negative, since their dubious entry on the political scene in the lame duck session of the current Congress in the November elections of 2010.

Their aim, they tell us, is to stop government from overspending; but they have failed to prove their point. They have been using that as a pretext to remove President Barack Obama from the presidency; and that is what they intend doing.

The true fact is that America is involved in two wars against terrorism, which must be paid for.

Now, by all their activities, the Tea Party members are seen as opting for a government default; and let America suffer the consequences. However, is that the right thing for them to do?

Such an attitude brings their patriotism into question. Do they love America; or do they want to see the Obama administration out of power, come what may?

The latter part of the question is quite obvious, that they want Obama to go; but they have to think about the former part of it as well, as their collective action of permitting default by their "NO" vote in Congress to reach a compromise to resolve the debt crisis that the country is grappling with presently, will farther destroy not only America's economy; but also its international reputation as a bastion of integrity. If they do so, will not that be a real shame?

To the rest of us, America does not have to default. It must never happen.

So, what have they (Tea Party members) to say for themselves? The nation is waiting.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      The Tea Party is a very destructive force and the Republicans can longer ride that Tiger. It will split them apart or it will create an unelectable Presidential candidate. The Tea Partiers have been reprehensible in these debt ceiling negotiations.

    • GNelson profile image

      GNelson 6 years ago from Florida

      Most of us live in the middle and want to work. The lib/con thing is a distraction. We want jobs, we want our kids to have a better life, and we don't feel anyone in Washington is looking our way unless they want a vote. The Rebublicans don't know we exist and the Democrats are moving that way. We need some Independent candidates who will represent the rest of us. You know, those of us who don't own a bank or have a job as a CEO.


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