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Updated on August 23, 2012

There has never been any evidence of that happening.

The Republican Party's aversion for President Barack Obama's "... you didn't build that," statement has been bizarre, in that the reference or the objective of what the president was alluding to was not businesses, big or small, but on the background of how they have come about.

He was not even stressing on how people, who have built businesses, have been successful through their own efforts, because it was common knowledge that many businesses were just ideas, from the start, by someone or persons using the resources that they had to start them.

The president has brought the government in to pinpoint the fact that the "roads and bridges..." that every person used in his or her daily routine or to ply a business had played a big role in the background.

"...success is not a result of someone working hard or being smart and that if you started your own ...", the president had said. However, he did so in the middle of a sentence that went back to refer to the infrastructure that has always been the responsibility of the government.

Meaning, the infrastructure, including the Internet, was what he was pointing to and saying, "you didn't build that?"; and even that was phrased in the form of a rhetorical question.

Yet, that has become a slogan for the Romney/Ryan campaign to have those words conspicuously displayed on stage to indicate that Obama was lambasting successful business owners per se.

The economy, with which he has been struggling since 2009, has a leading role for businesses, in terms of creating jobs and thus reducing the high unemployment rate. Job losses were in their thousands, when he took over; 400,000 on the average, in one month; but he has managed to turn that around into gains of 70,000 jobs being created by the private sector.

He knew that jobs did not grow from nowhere. They were generated by individuals and companies, and he congratulated the private sector for "doing well," in one of his recent speeches; and so it was never his intention to berate successful business ownership, as the Republicans wanted people to believe.

That assumption was based on complete fallacy, as the president was misquoted, or that the comment, "... you didn't build that?", was culled out of context.

In fact, Obama has never attacked business people; and his administration has always encouraged small business entrepreneurship, by giving those starting new businesses, as well as present owners, the tax breaks and incentives that they needed to succeed.

Therefore, wasn't it about time that the Republicans stopped pushing on their supporters the notion that Obama was against successful businesses? Because the facts did not support that perfidious allegation.

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate wanted a topic to lecture his audience about, but he could not find any than saying, "You did build that," in opposition to Obama's misquote. However, that was an "old rag", and it would be best for him to abandon that subject, if he wanted the Romney/Ryan ticket campaign to gain any kind of traction in the few days left for the November 6th, 2012 presidential election.


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