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Updated on September 9, 2010


Americans are divided on the subject of a Florida pastor setting the Quran on fire, on the anniversary of 9/11. A day that has brought so much grief to many families, who are even now struggling to put the despicable event behind them; and continue to grieve their loved ones indefinitely. They have perished at the hands of some lunatics, who have done it, as some reports suggest, to the glory of Mohammad and Allah..

It can be said that, it (day) has to be one "that will live....."; as one will like to fully quote F.D.R., but for the sake of not being disrespectful to the 32nd President of the United States of America, one will not. The quotation has to be his and his alone.

However, the idea to burn the Quran may sound derisive, it is not divisive, as far as the bulk of the population is concerned. It is the choice of one person to show how he feels about the Muslim world, and how it has remained so quiet to the point of being reticent, after such a dreadful act by people of the Muslim faith. It (act) has been connected to Islam for the past nine years, and it will remain so in the minds of many Americans for a very long time.

It can be said that, at least an Imam or any Islamic religious leader can come out and say that America has been wronged by the people who has committed that shameful atrocity in the name of Allah; yet, the din of utmost silence still persists; it is deafening.

So that, one cannot blame Pastor Terry Jones to perform what he thinks is right in response to the obstinate pride of Muslims to apologize for 9/11. Therefore, many will agree with him; including myself, of course.


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